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  1. elviras9t

    Algorithm Radix sort discussion

    GPU version of radix sorting (with native NVIDIA Turing support, compute).
  2. I created this post due another radix sort post for CPU. This is Radix Sort for GPU. Able achieve 900 Mkeys/S, and sorting 8 million elements in 9.3ms (on RTX 2070). Written on C++ with Vulkan API and GLSL. Based on bitfield and warp hacks. For understand this shader code, need very good knowledge of bitfields and GPU subgroup. For NVIDIA, also need knowledge of subgroup partition extension. Github source code: https://github.com/world8th/RadX Classification: Radix Sort (LSD) Stable: yes Parallel: yes, vector supported Bit width: 8-bit (Turing), 2-bit (other), can be changed Device type: GPU Also, how to get fastest GPU radix sort ever?
  3. Need LunarG, driver compatible with Vulkan 1.1 (prefer RX Vega, may work in NVidia Pascals 1070 and higher, but I had no tests long time). Need by "bat" file compile shaders (you can open text editor for "bat" if paranoia giving up). I never tried to build in Linux system, with Linux have difficult to search Vulkan capable drivers and distributive. Bit update: I added helper files for playground with gltf models.
  4. I publishing for manufacturing our ray tracing engines and products on graphics API (C++, Vulkan API, GLSL460, SPIR-V): https://github.com/world8th/satellite-oem For end users I have no more products or test products. Also, have one simple gltf viewer example (only source code). In 2016 year had idea for replacement of screen space reflections, but in 2018 we resolved to finally re-profile project as "basis of render engine". In Q3 of 2017 year finally merged to Vulkan API.
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