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  1. Gnollrunner

    The Han Solo Movie and the Star Wars Franchise's Direction

    Sorry but to me the whole thing struck me as completely stupid. While there are some holes in the old films they weren't so glaring for me that I instantly rolled my eyes when watching the movies. No soldier is going to throw away his perfectly good ranged weapon so he can have melee combat in the middle of a shooting war. That's suicide. Furthermore they wouldn't even be carrying a bloated useless weapon like this into combat. You would carry a backup hand gun (like they do now). That fight should have been over in a couple seconds with Finn being dead. Again, the only way the Jedi/Sith get away with it, is that they are so incredibly skilled they can block incoming blaster bolts.
  2. Gnollrunner

    The Han Solo Movie and the Star Wars Franchise's Direction

    "maybe" sounds like a hand-wave again. We didn't see storm-troopers in any of the previous movies walking around with melee weapons. The point is to get away with even wielding a hand to hand weapon as your primary on the battlefield and not instantly being killed, you would have to have super human skill and/or abilities. Therefore it can be assumed that Kylo Ren had the requisite skill.
  3. Gnollrunner

    The Han Solo Movie and the Star Wars Franchise's Direction

    And if you think about it that makes no sense either. Unless you have the uber ability that a Jedi has you can't use a hand to hand weapon to against ranged weapons. It would be ridiculous to arm any storm trooper with such a weapon. You are using bad writing earlier in the movie the justify bad writing later on . Note the army doesn't use swords. They have some nominal training with knifes for emergency cases but likely few soldiers will ever use it in real combat. If you are going to use a melee weapon you would need to be able to block every shot coming at you and maybe even deflect some back.
  4. Gnollrunner

    The Han Solo Movie and the Star Wars Franchise's Direction

    Again if he's moving normally doing melee combat in my book he isn't seriously wounded. This is what I mean by hand-waveing. And so is the following: We don't assume things that aren't in the movie and have no history in the series. Troopers aren't trained in blasters. Light sabres have always been a specialize weapon for force users. I see no reason to make some giant excuse for gaping plot holes and lazy writing.
  5. Gnollrunner

    The Han Solo Movie and the Star Wars Franchise's Direction

    Yeah I've heard this like 50 times now , but the fact is if they wanted to make him look significantly injured they should have done so. Besides the occasional grunt he looked pretty normal. Even after Vader took a hit from Luke he was still able to defeat him and Luke had some training. It also brings up the point of why he was even able to get shot in the first place with his force powers. Finally if a healthy Kylo can kill a bunch of top level guards trained with light sabers, a slightly wounded one certainly should have been able to take out one untrained lackey in no time. To me the excuses made for the massive inconsistency in the film are a lot of hand-waving.
  6. Gnollrunner

    The Han Solo Movie and the Star Wars Franchise's Direction

    Seriously.......He can stop a blaster bolt in mid air yet he can't even properly dispatch Finn. That fight should have lasted less than a second. I guess different people have a different level of tolerance for these things. I know it's just a movie but it should make a bit of sense.
  7. Gnollrunner

    Let's Collaborate On An Engine With Mobile Editor

    Personally I think you will ruin your eyes a lot faster working on a small screen than a big one. I'd rather work at my desktop and then go exercise at the gym or play sports for my health. Your mileage may vary..........
  8. Gnollrunner

    WHO recognising 'gaming disorder'

    I personalty think quality of life is in fact diminished in most cases where people are obsessed with something.
  9. Gnollrunner

    WHO recognising 'gaming disorder'

    I think people get addicted to all sorts of things. I have defiantly been addicted to MMOs in the past. However I also have been addicted to programming. I remember on a few occasions my boss walked in and found me still working at my desk in the morning and said "GO HOME!". This wasn't a project that was late or anything like that. It was just something I got engrossed by. If you class everything people spend in inordinate amount of time doing as a "disorder" then possible 20 or 30 percent of people in modern societies have some sort of disorder.
  10. Gnollrunner

    Planet Generation Plans

    I really don't, I'm just kind of winging it. I'm basically doing the same thing as marching cubes except with prisms. The hard part is really the LOD transitions. I think surface nets or dual contouring does that better but then you get other issues you need to deal with. I haven't found any magic bullets. I'm using octrees with chunking such that all cells in a chunk that have any geometry must be at the same level AND neighboring chunks can at most have one level difference. Even with that, the edge conditions are a pain. I worked out an algorithm that seems to work but I'm still debugging all the cases. I have table look ups with pointers to little subroutines that handle various cases. It's a lot of code, but I'm tying to avoid a lot of ifs.
  11. Gnollrunner

    Planet Generation Plans

    Somehow the prisms still seem simpler to deal with though.
  12. Gnollrunner

    Planet Generation Plans

    Looks neat. In fact I'm working on almost the exact same thing However I'm not sure you can divide tetrahedrons evenly. You can get four new ones on the corners and then you get this sort of odd center space. In your picture it looks to me like you divided up the faces of the original tetrahedrons which you can do easily, however chopping up the insides might be tricky, however if you figure out a good way to do it, it would be way cool. I decided to use prisms, just because you can make an octree out of them like you can a cube. The down side is you can't go all the way to the center of your sphere and also the inner ones are a bit smaller than the outer ones. But if you build your geometry around some reasonable band of the world it shouldn't be a huge problem, and also it gets rid of the problem of geometry looking different in different corners of the world like you would get if you generated your world in a simple subdivided cube. I had an old version working a few years back but it just used height-maps applied to a subdivided icosahedron based simplex-noise. However it did let you walk around a huge planet without generating any data in advance.
  13. Gnollrunner

    The Han Solo Movie and the Star Wars Franchise's Direction

    I thought Star Wars 7 and 8 sucked so bad I didn't bother seeing Solo. This is from someone that stood in long lines to see the original Star Wars 4 times way back when it was first released.
  14. Gnollrunner

    The Battlefield V "Historical Accuracy" Controversy

    Nobody said you didn't have a right to discuss whatever you like. I just think nobody is going to fundamentally change anyone else's mind but go ahead and talk until the cows come home.
  15. Gnollrunner

    Size of C++ polymorphic objects.

    Yes of course. I imagine malloc has to do this for every allocation. However this is more of a specialized heap for this game engine. It contains a lot of other little features like integrated reference counts and smart pointers, some built in container functionality that uses multiple inheritance, the ability to find the specific heap an object is in from a pointer to that object, and most importantly simulated 32 bit 8 byte aligned pointers under a 64 bit architecture.
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