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  1. Gnollrunner

    Newtonian physics & spacecraft control

    Yeah I guess I kind of was, LOL! I figure NASA does it but .... well .... I'm not NASA, so you're right it might be a bit unrealistic. I can do some basic stuff myself. I mean I'm sure I can calculate the final orbit height and speed based on a given gravity. However getting into the orbit, especially with a specific orbital plane is beyond my knowledge. I was thinking maybe there is a way to first orbit and then correct the plane. I imagine NASA must change satellite orbits somehow. The only thing I kind of remember is the Hohmann transfer, but that's really an altitude change.
  2. I was tying to figure out what to do with my procedural planets and for an initial step and I wanted to fly a spacecraft in and establish a low orbit around my world starting from some distant point and initial velocity. I know how to set up the gravity and I think I can pretty much do manual controls that will simulate Newtonian physics. However what I'm looking for is some software or algorithms that let me establish the orbit by controlling thrust in the right direction at the appropriate points in a trip towards the planet. So I guess the software would accept something like starting position, starting velocity, desired orbit height (I'm assuming circular for now) , and desired orbit plane. From there it would give me firing points, duration and trust vectors needed to for the orbit. To make things simpler I'm assuming infinite fuel. I figure NASA must do stuff like this all the time but I haven't been able to find something solid on how it's done. Perhaps it's too complex, I'm not really sure, but I thought I throw the question out there anyway.
  3. Gnollrunner

    Yet another graphic engine

    Ha ha,...... Well ...... nobody will accuse you of not having ambition
  4. Gnollrunner

    How Linux Community Steals Proprietary Assets

    There is no requirement for anyone to replicate the worst behavior on the internet. In general anonymous communication tends to get more heated because of it's nature. I think most people (including myself) have been guilty of bad behavior at times. However it's not something to strive for. I'm an American but I actually live in Russia and the vast majority of people here treat me well. There are low lifes in every country. If you want to associate with them and act like them, that's your choice. However I know that most people in Russia interact on a daily basis with a reasonably high level of civility. In general, you can choose to ignore the few that don't. And BTW I hope this burning hamsters stuff was simply a bad joke. Because to me that's way cruel.
  5. Gnollrunner

    Simulate The "No Man's Sky Effect"

    Yeah I agree. It does look great indeed! In my case I'm going to focus more on detailing a single planet for now. I'd like to do trees and rivers in particular. However I love seeing this stuff move forward on all fronts. Thanks for sharing.
  6. Gnollrunner

    Simulate The "No Man's Sky Effect"

    Wow cool! Do you know if it's height mapped or is it fully voxelated with caves and stuff?
  7. Gnollrunner

    Simulate The "No Man's Sky Effect"

    Well I think (hope) I can make it work seamlessly from my work so far. The farther you go down, the more detail you need but at the same time, you render less area because of the horizon. Also I think modern CPUs are faster than they sometimes get credit for, especially when you can make use of your cores efficiently.
  8. Gnollrunner

    Simulate The "No Man's Sky Effect"

    I've heard you can walk around them too, but l also heard they aren't so big (like really planet sized). But for that game it probably makes sense. I'm guessing they are procedurally generated, but they save the changes in some sort of override database. At least that was my plan. I should probably play it just to have a point of reference.
  9. Gnollrunner

    Simulate The "No Man's Sky Effect"

    I do this in my code but of course it's in it's early stages compared to NMsS. I don't think it's a "trick". It's s just a good LOD system. I've done this twice (for height map & voxel terrain). Speaking about terrain only, you either have to generate it from procedures as you go along (this is what I do) or pre-generate your data and load it in as needed from disk. For voxels it can be tricky. I don't zoom in yet (will be in my next entry after l take care of a few things), but check out my blog to see the LOD in action.
  10. It might literally be something in std:: vector that's turned on during debugging. Did you try stepping through it and looking for #ifdef statements? This is one of the reasons I still use my old container classes. Stuff like this never happens, and if per chance it does, it's easy to figure out the problem.
  11. My guess is it's in the compile options in project settings, but I'm not at my computer at the moment.
  12. Another thing to look for is conditional break points. I usually end up just modifying the code itself if I need one.
  13. Gnollrunner

    How to program smarter??

    Still...You program in C# Unity every day. I program in C++ DX11 everyday, haven't programed in C# in years, and never used Unity. I'm sure you know some things I don't.🤔
  14. Gnollrunner

    How to program smarter??

    I was more speaking in terms of general program options. Any C#/Unity specific stuff I'll defer to you on.
  15. Gnollrunner

    How to program smarter??

    He can easily move Attack and/or other functions to MonoBehavior and rename it to MultiBehavior, or alternatively create more interfaces. There are a lot of options.
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