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  1. Fulcrum.013

    How to avoid bugs

    you just need to study high math and other related math-based areas for 5 years fulltime. calculus and linear algebra is just a preparation for studing math related to programming. After 5 years university course you will be ready to start study game development. Anybody who says that programmers can be trained faster just lie. Programming language is just a pen intended to describe how to solve mathematical tasks to computer. So it imposible to programm without understanding background math. Also it is will help with bugs. Most bugs comes from misunderstanding or not enought understending of task. So only tool to avoid bugs is improve undestending of mathematical background.
  2. Fulcrum.013

    Worst time of your life as an indie

    Why to call it whorst? It is just a very interesting rest. Really you just do something that you love to do. Othervice it have no sence to become gamedever nother indie no employed, or ever to become a sofrware engeneer at all. Really i guest worst time is time when i do something other than writing complex code, designing levels, characters, etc. I mean sleeping, shopping, house cleaning, cooking etc.
  3. Fulcrum.013

    The Total Beginner's Guide to Game AI

    I guess autor have to study a "beginers guide" of AI himslef first . I mean at least university cource of automation control theory, theory of games and theory of descigins.Becouse it imposible to talk about realtime AI without undestending term "real time" and basics of game theory like saddle point theorem.
  4. Where same it show a whole array contents? I am using VS 2017 with default preview options. For C++ it shows array definition only, but not a contents for similar arrays (somesing like "statc const unsigned ArrayName [Array Sze]" )on both definition with hidden (rolled up) initalization and reference points.And , as i am remember, previous versons (at least 2013 and 2015) has do same.
  5. Why not to move shaders binaries to binary resource?
  6. Fulcrum.013

    Moving circle to Aabb collision

    Add a 3-rd dimension. By other world add a time as fird axis. As result you will have a 3D AABB alligned to t axe and capsule for circle, Intercection of witch will give accurate coords and time of impact.
  7. Fulcrum.013

    Combine 2 Physics objects

    Rotation/scalinf/shifting of equations is just a basics of linear algebra that widely used into analitics and computation geometry field. It is a main tool used to perfom objects transformations into 2D/3D and other D spaces. Im not used mesh modeling since seen solid body modeling at 2003 . Hybrid curved body representation always have a glide surfaces that can be transformed to meshes with preordered complexity an precious normals and surface UVs/tangents and so on.
  8. Fulcrum.013

    Combine 2 Physics objects

    Inertia ellipsoide position and orientation depends from body's mass distribution only. So ellipsoide have his centre in centre of mass that in general case not match a model space origin and general inertion axes rotated. Homogenous spheres, boxes, capsules, cylinders, boxes, ellipsoides have a center of mass at its geometrical center, and like a cone have main inertion axes alligned to sides/rotation axe. But for other kind of shapes like as for compound or heterogenous matherial shapes inertion basis not match model space basis. Like centre of mass match a symmetri planes for symetrical bodies, general inertion axes always lies in the planes of symmetri. It whay most of animals and moving machines allways symmetrical - to keep at least one of general inertion axes into same plane with forward movement direction. Also capsules, cylinders, ellipsoides, cones, parabaloids an other quadrics can be represented by same matrix, but with other set of factors, and as result rotated and shifted, like as any equation. To transform any equation it require to substitute vectors of new basis to variables of equation and then open the brackets and calculate factors. It is what actually transformation matrices do for linear equations. For quadric equations it work little bit complexive and require 2 matrix multiplication. Just higher power equation usualy not represented by matrix becouse used much rare than linear and quadric equations.
  9. Fulcrum.013

    Combine 2 Physics objects

  10. Fulcrum.013

    Combine 2 Physics objects

    Matrices is just a other form of representation of quadric equation https://nb.khanacademy.org/math/multivariable-calculus/applications-of-multivariable-derivatives/quadratic-approximations/v/expressing-a-quadratic-form-with-a-matrix Mirtich like any other math and physic guys use a matrix representation for any equations where it possible, becouse it much shorter then polinomus. Some kind of asymetri may come from rotations respectively to other point than center of masses, for example for joint rotation. So to find a inertion moment for shifted center used a rule of aхis shift that together with rotation of ellipsoide represented by extended 4x4 matrix, that is form of representation of full quadric equation that have all factors nonzero.
  11. Fulcrum.013

    Combine 2 Physics objects

    It shape always ellipse. If you calculate inertion moment reapectively to all possible axes its values will draw a ellipsoide. It is not alternative, it is same. Matrix define a rotated ellipsoide and consists of factors from rotated ellipsoide equation. It used to make calculations using basis not aligned to general inertion basis. For basis aligned with general inertion basis ellipsoide is not rotated so any factors but its 3 values placed on general diagonal is zero. It is why general inertion axes and general inertion momentums called general.
  12. Fulcrum.013

    Managing a growing project

    You have to use a decomposition to ommit it. Just devide a whole tasks to tiny separate subtasks, each of wich solve a problem of its competence by universal way. It allow to ommit remaking of similar mechanics and eliminate unnesessary dependences and then construct complexive mechanics from its simple bricks. Open-Close is one of principles that help to make decomposition proper. Gang of Fours also have lot of very usefull concepts, but of course described not all possible tricks into its area. But general concept of any of its techniques - is to analize fields for dependences and similarities and determine zones of responsebilities for components and interfaces of interoperation and data interchange before develop a code. It allow to minimize or ever complete avoid refactoring, becouse minimize components dependeces,and also significantly reduce code size .
  13. Fulcrum.013

    Combine 2 Physics objects

    Inertia allways expressed as ellipsoide. It come from analitical mechanics, not from engine limitations. Each body regardless of it shape have a 3 general inertion axes so it have 3 inertion momentums respectively to each of general axes. So if you make a tensor from its momentums, it exacty match a tensor of ellipsoide quadric. It why inertion tensor also known as ellipsoide of inertion.
  14. Fulcrum.013

    Defining AAA

    CADs uses it to triangulation. Each face firstly tasselated to quad facets that have equal side size into UV space and aligned to UV axes of underlaying surface. Then after cutting it by face edges it join quads with respect to given anguzar tolerance. Just CADs usualy use hybrid representation where kind of some underlaying surfaces is known. Usualy it use planes, general quadrics, and torus for predefined kinds and NURBS for rest of surfaces that not fit to predefined categories. So for most of surfaces curvature is known and constant or ever zero at least into one direction. So its just uses precalculated trades to join squads for most faces - ti is from anisotropy come. Looks like it is huge difference that makes quadrogonation possible for CADs - it uses quadrogonation on per face basis, where each face have only underlaying surface and limited by edges that is a intersection of underlaying surface with other surfaces of body, and uses quads that alligned and equal respectively to curved UV coordinate space of underlaying surface, but not equal respectively to general Cortesian coordinate space and not aligned to edges.
  15. Fulcrum.013

    Defining AAA

    Of cource many clever guys nowaday researching ways to shift from triangles to more flexible primitives. And everybody have his concrete goals and perspective how to acheive it. Someday somebody of those guys will make a revolution into this area. CADs using quadrangulation for triangulation of curved faces at least for 25 years. And it easy to do becouse CADs uses surfaces with rectangular UV space only. It mach simplier to do in case you have geometry features switchable. It just require to switch features of with same view angle/screen area size tolerance and move it to texture space. Anybody know that SolidWorks has made a revolution into CADs field at time of its initial release. But only conceptually new that it introdused was a stripe of model features that allow to switch features on and off and edit its definition. Catmull clark based on uniform b-splines and subdivision surfaces. similar extension T-splines makes for NURBS. Anything that based on splines is a kind of crossection modeling. Only difference is how to make crossection, becouse subdivision surfaces based on idea similar to de Casteljau algo. Glue modeling uses brushes to affect a set of crosssection curves at time. It is fast to do, but complete inaccurate and result most likely have no options to make it parametrically adjustable. Instead of it CADs uses precious individual crossection modeling, that still complete ajustable for resulting model. But organics usualy require a huge set of crossections, that again have huge tweaks-sets to be adgusted. Looks like it just required a field-specific algoritms that accounting dependenses of neighborhood cross-sections to group and adjust it by less complexive field-related set of parameters. CADs usualy concentrated on have a common-usage tools "into box" and leaving implementation of fiels-specific tools that use its common geometry tools to extension-makers.
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