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  1. MKeiN2

    SporeX v0.1 out

    After more than a month long break in development I've finally finished 3rd playable version of my little multiplayer game. It's definitely playable now. The game is multiplayer-only so at least 2 people should be online at the same time to play a match. There are dummy accounts with all tanks unlocked; Login: 1, Password: 1 & Login: 2, Password: 2 Testing would be hugely appreciated. Any suggestions, questions & notes would also be hugely appreciated. If your client crashes an error_log.txt should appear next to it. Be sure to send me that! If server crashes or becomes unstable it'll be taken care of ASAP (within a day usually). Be sure to check out the website for more info: https://sporexalpha.com/
  2. Well, i use LibGDX, which, as far as i know, uses Box2D as a 2D physics engine, and Box2D lights seems like what you are asking for.
  3. Well, in my most intimate dreams I believe that cyber-sports have a real future, - i expect that the competitive aspect in gaming will progress greatly and one day, perhaps, for example, sc2 tournaments will be as popular as tennis championships (idk if they already are).
  4. MKeiN2

    Floating poing luminosity

    Why not to tweak it a bit? To see what value looks nicer in your specific case.
  5. MKeiN2


    For me it's always a matter of opening IDE. Every single morning i struggle a lot with this simple task, but once i'm done i can't help but code till the evening. I guess that's because i enjoy what i'm doing.
  6. MKeiN2

    SporeX - v0.1

    The game i always wanted to play.
  7. MKeiN2

    Control over the game

    Well, i am not quite sure you would call this a sandbox game, but i am personally in love with The Stanley Parable.
  8. MKeiN2


    Album for SporeX
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