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  1. Thanks Chuck. It's 2d I'm aiming to work in. I got so far using RenderDevice, but then got stuck at using DeviceContext when trying to apply effects. As per here: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/52689169/using-sharpdx-image-effects I basically need the 'framework' code to enable me to display the above via .net desktop applications.
  2. Hi - can anyone provide this? I'd also like the device/context (or whatever it's called precisely) to be setup so that I can also render further images/text and geometry (rectangles mainly) on it. Hope someone can help.
  3. stigzler

    Recommend a simple .net 2D library

    Fair point. I'll be a little more explicit. It's basically, going to be a remake of this: It was made by layering multiple transparent winforms to display images, videos, gifs, text etc. Problem is, it's GDI so slow and cumbersome. It needs to be a desktop app, as emulator FrontEnds will send it game and system names and it will construct a controls layout, alongside other kinds of layout (marquees, game info etc). Thus the desktop app, as other software will need to send it command lines. Lastly, preferably, I'd also liek the ability to overlay other applications (e.g. emulator displays or the such) as a kind of 'pause' menu where you can select various game related info (controls, bio, music, instruction manual etc...) Thus the need for more powerful 2d drawing. Hope that serves to specify a little more.
  4. Hi all, I'm adrift on this one + going round in circles after 2 months! I'm looking to develop an app that presents multi-media layouts to end consumers. The app will allow editing of these final layouts, so must be able use techniques to draw grids and boxes around elements. In short, it needs to be able to draw: Images Text Video Simple geometry (rectangles, lines etc) Preferably, would also like: Image and text effects such as drop-shadow, blur and outline PDF display GIF display My preferable language is vb.net, but I could always move to c# if absolutely necessary (gotta make that painful journey one day!) I've tried all-sorts: ShardDX, SlimDX, monogame, gorgon, skiasharpe, DeltaEngine, SFML, Veldrid All fall short or get too low-level too quickly! The closest I've gotten is via SharpDX, but I must admit I'm lost with all the technicalities and I got stuck at applying effects to bitmaps (my code-monkery led to my populating the backbuffer via RenderTarget, but image effects appear to leverage RenderContext, which I have no idea how to integrate into my RenderTarget approach (see HERE). Of course, the irony is I can achieve all of the above via GDI+ and winforms, But naturally, this is incredibly slow. It does feel like I'm getting the closest by using low-level directx approaches, but the main problem is, I just can't get my head around the concepts (fine individually, but get stuck at how they all bind together!) so, 2 requests: Any ideas or guidance? (libraries that I may have missed; answers to the points I'm getting stuck at; directx guidance) I have the feeling that once some core code is written around the above, the rest should be straightforward. Does anyone know of anyone providing coding services around SharpDX? Thanks all,
  5. Pah. Monogame turned out to be a dud. I'm going to need to be able to render user-set fonts and images, but mg doesn't appear to accommodate this very well, as you have to load all your resources in first via building them (thus removing user-set fonts etc|). Also, you can't even render a basic 2D rectangle. Grrr... this is all very annoying..
  6. @Auskennfuchs - thanks, man. Yeah - I've played with unity before. I'm wondering if that's a bit heavy for what I need (essentially it need to be a windows app first with some graphical capabilities). I'm jst looking into mono at the moment, as this seems more of a .net app first with additional graphical features (as per here)
  7. Hi folks. I'm a hobby coder who makes apps for retro gaming purposes (see here). Given it's a hobby, I use vb.net. I'm looking to develop a new app to hold all games controls for all games on all systems (a bit like controls.dat for mame, but for all systems). It will also be able dynamically show layouts for each game from game assets. These layouts should be able to contain video, pdfs, text files, images and text with effects (like drop shadows etc). Weirdly, all of the above are achievable via winforms and gdi+. However, of course, this is sooooo slow. So I thought I'd brave the world of DirectX in .net. And this is where I'm coming unstuck. Looked into lots of different potential solutions (SFML, mono, xamarian...Win2D looked ideal until I realised it's only available for certain versions of windows and on wpf only) and in the end it looked like it came down to SharpDX and SlimDX (as I still wanted to be able to use windows forms for other backend parts to the application). So, it transpires both are shocking when it comes to documentation and help and both are virtually dead. I got so far with SharpDX, but then got stuck on how to display video and images on the same display surface (see this post here). I'm not sure where to go next - can't find any present support for SharpDX. Raw DirectX seems way beyond my level of comprehension( as the SahrpDX concepts illuded me a biot - especially when it came to differences between video and image rendering) So basically, what would be the most accessible way for me to place images, videos, text and pdfs on a rendersurface, whilst also having some rendering performance?
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