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  1. ReyGates

    Impetus News #2

    Hi @Awoken, Yes, that is the concept art for the game, thank you
  2. ReyGates


    Similar to every RPG, player can farm, loot, upgrade, do quests, etc. To make it better, player is given a choice to recruit/spawn/tame monsters/mercenaries, there will be micromanagement in this game, player will be able to take control (give orders) his/her armies. Why is it tactical RPG? Player will be facing monsters in real time, means monsters spawn right on the field/map, they are able to choose to fight/run away from the monsters, and the micromanagement.
  3. ReyGates

    Unity Impetus News #2

    We still working on Dungeon Generator, To do next: Player spawn point Monster spawn point Next dungeon portal
  4. ReyGates

    [Week 1] Impetus News #1

    Hi jbadams, yes we are making RPG game
  5. We still design our games, this is the feature: Capture / Eliminate Monster Monster Collection Daily Quest & Daily Reward Dungeon Conquest Leveling System Crafting System Building System
  6. UPDATE Update System I have just finished the back-end programming for update game data using unity asset bundle, Firebase?!! and setting some Google Firebase Features for login in Play Games Service, storing user data (Money, Username, etc), and store game data for update (asset bundles). Offline Mode I made some code to handle game if it is has no internet connection. Lighting System I try to research 2D Dynamic Lighting System with Normal Map and other methods. Animation I put some 2D animation for lighting system research. Assets My Game Artist still busy, so I still try to make the graphic assets for research purpose, I really do not want to hurt your eyes 😉.
  7. ReyGates

    Unity Nyasar Feature Update

    Weather System I am currently working on the weather system that can affect cold, so the player need to find warm place to sleep/stay .
  8. ReyGates

    Typing Battle

    Typing Battle is a word typing game on Android Platform, Where you can compete high score with other player around the world. Next update: Player can compete in real-time multiplayer and multiple power up will be added if we can buy some pizza and cup of coffee.
  9. We are trying to design our new features: -Tons of Power up -Realtime Multiplayer -Questing System -Reward System Give us some luck, and some coffee if you like the idea
  10. ReyGates


    Album for 18122018
  11. ReyGates

    Typing Battle

    Album for Typing Battle
  12. ReyGates


    Album for GROWT
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