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  1. i think this should work main.cpp.sln
  2. visual studio 15/17 and 32 bit
  3. yes the same thing happens on both and thank you for helping me so far i really appreciate it
  4. this happen when i try static linking
  5. sorry it took me so long to respond i just go frustrated and left my laptop alone for a minute. but this is my problem i set up everything right and followed all the directions on the website but i think the problem is that i did extract the right file to the right place.
  6. i am having a really hard time setting up sfml with visual studios and have try a number of sources already and was wondering if somebody could help me out
  7. itachii

    i need directions

    i was planning on using unreal engine for with visual studio would i still need a library or should i just use visual studio by itself with a library
  8. i just finish learning c++ a month ago and did a couple of projects like a calculator and i want to start making games where should i start and how do i gain experience i really want to make 3d games but that can wait as i enjoy 2d game too
  9. itachii

    Money or passion?

    i watch a documentary on notch and it was 22 minutes long and he said something in there that made me smile he said "do what ever make you happy" i you want more money just do mobile dev i guess and if you want to make your self happy make pc games
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