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  1. Frico

    My first videogame

    Interesting analysis I didnt know that Slender was so simple in design. I will take some of that article to make my game. Thank you very much!
  2. Frico

    My first videogame

    Thank you for your feedback! Let me tell you more about the game. You have to find the 3 keys and then the exit door. The laberynth has 4 quadrants. 3 keys are scattered randomly in the 4 quadrants. There will be signs to guide you to the exit. The scenario will be darker and Im thinking of adding some fog effect. There will be only one monster 'The ScareCrow' that will chase you along the laberynth and it will be more scarier as along as you get more keys. You can't be near him neither. If you see him you must run. Think about 2 bars. The first one for flashlight battery and the second one for 'madness' level. You lose when the ' madness ' bar is full. The madness increases if you are near the creature or if you are in complete darkness. For each key you pick up the game gets more difficult. The flashlight battery reduces faster and recovers slowlier the same happens with the madness level. I made a document where I wrote these functionalities and the development course. As I said the game is in progress this is just a prototype. Ive shown you the laberynth design only. The boxes are useless there will be interesting and scary objects along the laberynth that will give you the creeps. You are right, I wouldn't buy it as it is now too. Please dont fight. Thank you very much for your feedback. As soon as I progress I will be showing it to you. Im thinking to publish it in a few months or early on Google Play Store. Now Im trying to get the project noticed. Can you give me some advice? Again, sorry for my bad English. Im a native spanish speaker.
  3. Hi everyone! This is my first post. I'm working on a horror game in Unity. In this game, you (the player) are inside a laberynth. The aim is to get out of it and to accomplish that, you need to collect 3 keys that are scattered randomly. The thing is that you are not alone. You have a flashlight whose power decreases every second. While you are in the dark, your "madness" increases. You will have to escape from a 'monster' and collect the keys as fast as you can, before you get 'mad'. I've been programming it but it is still in 'alpha'. I would love any suggestion or ideas. What do you think? Could it be an interesting game? Also Ive working on the laberynth. It is in progress. I have to change and fix a lot of things. Ignore the flying boxes. (Attached video). Sorry for my bad English and Thank you! Alpha01NoVolume.mp4
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