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  1. EndLessDreamsnCream

    Clueless on what to do?

    @CaptainVG Hey there! I'm Jill and to me it sounds like you need a partner in order to bring your ideas into fruition. I'm from NJ but I'm unemployed and seriously interested in finding a project to dive into. I've had two companies of my own so I am familiar with the in's and out's of starting and running a business. I say if we can dream it than we can surely make it happen. As far as your condition goes, we all have our own conditions and while I am familiar with your condition and how much of a bummer it can be I am here to tell you that in my corner we would not ever allow your condition to over power you. Where there's a will there's a way and that is just a fact of life. So if your ready then definitely reach out to me. Hope to hear from you soon.
  2. EndLessDreamsnCream

    New Game Development Help Needed

    Hey there!!! Sorry for the delayed reply I just saw the notification in my email. Anyway I checked out your GDD and its impressive to say the least! Looks to pretty awesome and I'm now excited to see the end result! Tell me how can I become apart of this project? I have both Unity and Unreal engines and while I'm not an expert designer I am most definitely unemployed and bored beyond belief so there wont be any issues as I can literally work on anything.I want to exchange contact information. Of course not on here lol. Please email me and I can send you my phone number that way if your ok with that. jillnkate2019@gmail.com hope to hear from you soon.
  3. Hey to all!! My name is Billy and I have a game/world idea that I want to very much bring to fruition. It would basically be a new world where anyone can live out their fantasies. Sort of a "Westworld" if you will except my world would focus mostly on stimulating ones private area senses to induce a strong Orgasm. Theres so much new technology and we can now make this happen. Im open to ideas and open to joining other developers who need help with anything. Hope to hear from you guys soon.
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