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  1. Ultima Onlines Graphics...

    I know it's limited to roughly 7k polys on screen, but with pre renders you kinda eliminate that all together.
  2. Ultima Onlines Graphics...

    would be nice to see an iphone screen clustered with characters all doing different things and running smooth. Didn't think it was something this generation could do.
  3. Ultima Onlines Graphics...

    What about something like the iPhone though. Or other mobile platforms? psp can handle an incredible amount, but the iPhone it couldn't handle 50 140 poly models on screen at the same time. But what if they where pre rendered, like in UO? Would mobile platforms benefit from something like that?
  4. Ultima Onlines Graphics...

    Great info, curious if you have some examples of it being better optimized today?
  5. Ultima Onlines Graphics...

    Curious if anyone remembers the original UO, before it got hacked, sliced, and diced to become whatever it is today. 2.5d, but I am curious, the models and animations themselves, where they done in 3D and then saved out as images and then animated that way? If so, how did they account for all the gear/item changes with each of the animations? Wouldn't they have had to redo all of them for each item/piece of clothing? Just curious, not exactly sure why. Thanks to anyone who knows more then I.
  6. Skate/Skate 2

    completely forgot EA uses motion capture.
  7. Skate/Skate 2

    Quick question for those who are more intelligent then I. The animations in skate/skate 2, where all of those animated individually and then attached to code in the physics/game engine? Or were the character models coded so that when you hit a certain set of buttons/joystick combo the model does a certain thing? I don't know enough about how engines/physics work to answer this and googling it wasn't helping me any. Thanks in advance to anyone who can provide insight.
  8. Skate Engine?

    Promit, thank you, yeh I have actually learned quite a bit about engines, just from reading the history of the torque engine and how it has expanded over the years. I also have looked into the euphoria engine, quite something, really nice AI work. The torque engine is really looking quite attractive right now because it has a very solid online function built into it, on top of providing a slew of features we were looking for right off the bat. This is going to be quite a fun learning experience for me and I thank everyone again for the information that has been provided.
  9. Skate Engine?

    Last I checked dev kits and game engines are two completely different things and investors are VERY strict with what they will allow us to use their money for. If you wanna point out my errors, or my lack of being able to communicate on a subject I know relatively nothing about (game engines that is), that's your call. Eedok, it looks like torque might be a good solution, or at least a good place to start with research wise. And it is also extremely cheap, WAY less then what we thought we would need as far as engine costs. Last I remember reading anything about engine licensing was 5-6 years ago and the pricing was in the 100k+ range. If anyone else has more information please share it.
  10. Skate Engine?

    Product page won't load for it, but maybe you can educate me a bit on the gameplay/level editor. That can be coded from the ground up and added to the engine I assume?
  11. Skate Engine?

    We are targeting PC only right off the bat as we don't have the funding to get the dev kits on top of design the game itself. And as for the game modes, isn't that something we could add in as needed? Or would it need to be set up in the game engine from the get go?
  12. Skate Engine?

    So much for the privacy of PM's eh? The main things we find attractive about the engine are the large playable world, with little to no load times, the physics (mainly how realistic the gameplay actually is, not sure if this is a function of the engine itself or the work of skilled animators), the controls (use of both analog sticks is crucial), the gameplay modes, especially the online gameplay. Some things that it didn't have as well, such as a level editor that is easy to use and learn for anyone. Hope that helps a bit. I know this is a very serious community and I am simply looking for guidance. Not trying to be a jerk or sound like a novice. I appreciate the help and I am not trying to take industry secrets from anyone, just trying to get pointed in the right direction and learn as I go. I have never headed up a project always been on the back end of it and never actually dealt with the engine on any real level so I am new to how they work and how to describe what exactly it is we are looking for. Again I appreciate the help and any further help. The more questions people ask the more I will learn so I thank you all.
  13. Skate Engine?

    eedok, sorry should have used the quote function.
  14. Skate Engine?

    Not trying to steal anyones ideas so to speak. Just inquiring.
  15. Skate Engine?

    Sent you a PM in answer to your question.