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  1. Moving you to the For Beginners forum, as this isn't a writing question.
  2. You may be interested in this blog:
  3. jbadams

    I have recompiled everything!

    Is there any particular reason you're using such an outdated development environment? Visual Studio 6 is a whopping 20 years old! Newer versions of Visual Studio are freely available, and there are other alternatives also freely available. You'll likely find trouble getting help with such outdated tools, and there are some serious compatibility issues.
  4. Unfortunately because they have a range of different issues we can't really employ an automated fix to the whole archive. There are a range of common problems in them though, so I've got a semi automated solution where many of them can be fixed relatively quickly once problems are identified. In addition to fixing them up as I gradually work through, I'm making sure the corrected versions are submitted to Wayback Machine to ensure there's a correct version somewhere if anything goes wrong in future.
  5. I'll take a look over the weekend and see if I can get that fixed up.
  6. jbadams

    Game Creation Time

    It depends on the jam. Many of them -- especially those done online as Ludum Dare is -- are free to participate in. Others may charge a small fee to cover any costs associated with the event; in-person ones, for example, may need to cover the costs of facilities, electricity usage, etc. If you're interested in taking part in a jam, this calendar lists many of them - just check the web pages to see if there are any special requirements or costs involved. I mostly mentioned them to provide an example of what developers can produce in a very limited period of time, but I do also highly recommend giving them a try.
  7. jbadams

    Advice on increasing sales

    These screen shots on your Steam page aren't especially exciting - especially the first dark one where I can see hardly anything. I would strongly consider replacing these with more interesting images. Likewise, spending time in your video on what appears to be the same scene isn't very interesting (I was watching without sound if that makes a difference). Make sure your marketing materials (screenshots, videos, etc.) are showing the most exciting parts of your game, and keep in mind that what's exciting or interesting for you as a developer may not be interesting or exciting for a player. Maybe that dark screenshot shows some cool feature you were excited to add to the game, but it's not visibly interesting to a potential player. Spending time and effort developing your game is of course the main priority, but either you or someone else do need to be spending time and effort on marketing as well if you want to attract players. Check out Pixel Prospector's Marketing Guide for Game Developers, and the 'Indie Marketing for Noobs' articles in the GameDev Unboxed column.
  8. jbadams

    Game Creation Time

    Are you aware of, or have you participated in any game jams? A couple of popular ones are Ludum Dare, and Global Game Jam, both of which take part over a weekend. Keep in mind that the expectation is that these games are shorter experiences and aren't necessarily feature complete, but take a look at some of the games people are able to produce in that time frame. Really, the answer to your question depends on a number of factors including your definition of 'simple', your level of skill, and the amount of time you're able to put in. Hope that helps!
  9. jbadams


    Hi Eric, welcome!
  10. jbadams

    Advice on increasing sales

    Can we see a link to your game on Steam? It will help if we can see the game and how you're describing it. Have you tried any marketing other than sharing the trailer on YouTube? Do you have social accounts for the game, have you sent out press releases, etc.?
  11. jbadams

    How Do I run garageband on Windows 10 ?

    Approaching it another way, you're obviously a fan of garage band. What specifically do you like about it? Perhaps we can recommend an alternative with similar features to whatever it is you like about Garage Band, which will be easier for you to get working on Windows.
  12. jbadams

    Mobile Kids Coloring Book Mobile Games

    My daughters (three and five years old) both have colouring apps on their tablets. I specifically looked for an app that didn't contain ads, as that was a deal breaker for me; in addition to the risk of accidental purchase or following some link and getting lost, I couldn't be sure about the content of the app. I wanted something where I could pay a small amount up front with no ads or iap, and I didn't want an ongoing subscription just for a little app to distract my kids. They like to choose and work on different pictures, but do also sometimes re-colour ones they like. It's very important that the app be simple and intuitive. 5yo can figure out more complex things within limits, but 3yo gets confused and either gets upset or rage quits if anything is non-trivial. You definitely don't want a "busy" UI. As described above, I usually let them play these when I need to make a phonecall or do some work around the house, so they need to be able to play by themselves. It needs to be simple to undo mistakes. 3yo is still developing hand eye coordination, so bigger and fewer buttons are better. I muted the music, so I can't give advice on what would be most suitable other than that you should provide an option to turn it off.
  13. Sounds like you've learned some valuable lessons from your earlier projects, good luck with this one!
  14. jbadams

    Tower Defence first video

    Looks like you're making good progress!
  15. jbadams

    Dev Blog - Space Defender: Unreal Engine 4 Drag and Drop

    Thanks for sharing!
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