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  1. Sorry, not sure what's gone wrong there, but we'll get those fixed up ASAP.
  2. jbadams

    New Unity3D UI and just general musing.

    Good to see you around here again!
  3. jbadams

    Some new mechanics

    Looking good, the jump limit is an interesting way of making things more interesting! I think between that and the moveable boxes you've got the building blocks you need for some good puzzles.
  4. jbadams

    DOOM: Skeletal Animations & Dynamic BVHs

    Impressive progress as always!
  5. jbadams

    Fragment’s Moonrise | #22 The Lesser Dragon of Frost

    Looking good, keep up the great work!
  6. Those sort of games are usually referred to as "hyper casual", which may help you to search for resources/information specific to those. Are you wanting to create the game yourself, or do you want others to create it for you?
  7. I would do it as a physical card game. Get some blank index cards and a sharpie to make cards, and some big sheets of paper you can draw on to make a play mat, and try it out. With this setup you can create or edit cards on the fly, add or remove featured from the play mat, etc. and very quickly try out different ideas. If you can find the fun of your core mechanic with simple index cards, you know it's definitely worth the time and effort to create your real game with fancy artwork, etc.
  8. Interesting concept, that could be pretty cool if you can execute it well! The rap battle seems to be the core mechanic of the game, I would probably try to prototype that and see if you can "find the fun" before sinking effort into supporting mechanics like leveling up by hanging with buddies, etc.
  9. jbadams

    sprite collision

    Where is the code for checkCollide()?
  10. jbadams

    sprite collision

    You've told us what you want your code to do. You haven't told us what it actually does? So, does it work? If not, what does it do incorrectly?
  11. jbadams

    win32 breakout

    Yes. People are allowed to downvote you, and you've been told previously not to drag your own discussions off topic by posting about it. If you think there's a problem that needs moderator attention, please use the report link (little flag button in the upper right of posts) to get help rather than making off topic posts. As you've now made this particular discussion off topic, I'll go ahead and close it. You're welcome to post again, remembering all of the advise you've been given over time about asking smart questions, giving all needed details, staying on topic, etc.
  12. jbadams

    drawing triangle

    Down votes happen. They're (currently) a part of how the site works. I can't speak for the person who down voted you, but I suspect in this case it was for asking a somewhat poorly formed question: "I have worked with this function but it still does not work" lacks details that are really needed to help you: what are you expecting to happen, what's actually happening instead, etc. People have advised you more than once in the past how to ask better, more detailed questions so that others will be able to help you. It is my determination as a moderator that this downvote is therefore not unfair or abusive, and we will not be reversing it, warning the member in question, etc. We do that only in very rare cases where it seems the system is being used unfairly. Down votes can provide a hint that someone thinks you may be doing something wrong, phrasing things impolitely, or similar behaviours, but if they bother you my advice is to simply ignore them. Please don't drag your own discussions off topic asking for a moderator every time someone down votes a post. ...and now, as we're quite off topic even after moderators have removed a number of unhelpful replies (and a couple of members have self-censored their own posts), I'm going to close this particular discussion. You're welcome to start a new one if you still need help Phil, but at this stage I'm not sure what others could do to help you with this particular question short of writing the code for you. If you do want further help, remember to provide the details people need to help you.
  13. jbadams

    open ended gangster story game idea

    Moving you to the Game Design forum, as this isn't a question, comment or feedback on the site.
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