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  1. Hard work is done, or so I thought

    Link to the game?
  2. King Of Pirates DevBlog_1

  3. Making Certain themes accepectable

    If the point isn't to explore themes or say anything meaningful, then do you really need to have potentially controversial content? If it's just a war game with no message behind it why not just use adult soldiers and avoid the potential problem?
  4. Why Is Animation so Under-utliized as a Medium?

    Both CGI and animation in general are incredibly common, you may need to explain what you mean a bit more. Why do you think animation is "a children's medium"?
  5. Article approval?

    Hi Tamara, so sorry about that, it seems your articles slipped through the cracks somehow. I'm on mobile doing school drop off right now, but I'll take a look and get back to you.
  6. Looking for a farming game

    Maybe Stardew Valley? The NPC interactions may unfortunately be a bit beyond them at that age though. I don't know if they have any suitable farming games, and they don't target Windows (they make mobile apps), but Toca Boca make excellent apps for kids - they're all paid up front apps with no ads or IAP - if mobile and up front payment is ok, maybe have a look at what they offer. My 3yo loves Toca Nature (alter terrain, plant/cut trees, collect food, feed animals), and Toca Blocks (sort of a 2d Minecraft-ish thing). //EDIT: They have a farm app that may be worth a look! Hope some of that helps!
  7. Crazy Seas Devblog #1

    Looking forward to seeing your progress, there's always room for more pirate themed games!
  8. Crazy Seas Devblog #1

    Sounds really ambitious, I hope your network programmer is up to scratch!
  9. Introduction

  10. Wow, any ban let alone a shadow ban for disagreement in an off topic discussion is really abusive!
  11. Your "rough model" is better than I could do!
  12. Funding strategy

    You might be interested in this recent article discussing a very successful Kickstarter, which the author largely attributes to their demo.
  13. Looking good!
  14. Meats back on the menu boys!

    Haha, yes, a couple of typos there! Looking forward to seeing what you come up with!
  15. Newbie Approach Thoughts

    There's also Construct 2 or 3, Stencyl, Unity with the Playmaker asset, and Unreal's Blueprints, amongst other options.
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