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  1. Prototype

    Github and Viruses

    That's not an open question, it's simply 'no'. It could however trigger a vulnerability in the software used to open it, as we've seen with the JPG decoder in GDI. That's why it's important to protect your software from buffer overruns and such. I think the major reason GitHub has this in place is to prevent liability claims, after all you could theoratically download an infected executable with their service. You'd still need to run it yourself in some way though. There is no magic in your file system that lets downloaded files do anything.
  2. I don't understand it either. It seems logical that you need a place to store that extra data if you want more than just a position. Do you have some hard restrictions on your data model? Otherwise you could perhaps store that information separately.
  3. I'm not sure if I correctly understand the problem, but I suspect you want to store the input data as vectors instead of points. Then you can always compute a local velocity. Basically what Zakwayda said.
  4. Prototype

    Github and Viruses

    I've never heard of this problem. Do you mean like embedded executables inside the repo or something? Other than that I don't see how you could contract a virus from downloading a bunch of text files. Frankly, I have never used any antivirus software at all, besides perhaps the standard Defender on Windows.
  5. Prototype

    Choosing Which Computer to Use with Visual Studio

    Pick the one you feel is most comfortable for longer sessions of text editing. Unless you are doing cutting edge work you don't really need a high-end computer for coding. Most of the time it will be idling with you staring at it anyway.
  6. The problem is not delta times, it's the lack of basic understanding how his program works. It's useless helping someone patch a square wheel. People have taken plenty of opportunity to tell him what's wrong with it, and also that glut - being an event-based framework - inherently sucks for game development. Nothing of that ever gets reflected. Not succumbing to ones stubbornness is something different than not wanting to help.
  7. There is no progress, Phil. You haven't paid attention to anything people have suggested. Why is that?
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