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  1. It has been debated in the past whether loading compressed files could be faster, due to the fact that file access is usually slower than the CPU decompressing. Obviously this advantage has been diminished by modern solid state drives, however the issue remains that there is some trade-off. The variety of media types that your program will encounter imply you can hardly make any assumptions about how to optimize the process. Physical drives could be slow and fragmented, SSDs might not care how your files are layed out, etc. I don't think there is much to gain by optimizing a low-level process that takes a while anyhow.
  2. Yes, it's called a directory. What is it you actually want to achieve?
  3. Prototype

    Game development is not easy?! Motivation!

    Another disgruntled game designer whose dreams have been shattered by a thing called obligation. Let's all stand for a moment of compassion and remember the awesome games he never was to make. Stay strong, buddy!
  4. These are the kind of things where regular expressions come in handy. On linux I would probably use something like sed, but many editors and programming languages nowadays support regex as well. If you're not comfortable with regex you could always write a simple script in the language of your choice. However the bottom line is always; can you whip it up quicker than just going into zombie mode and cut&paste the damn thing?
  5. You're welcome, nice to hear you got it working. Unfortunately there is no way around this, as no algorithm can guess how you want to align your different-sized sprites. You just need that extra piece of data. So you'd have to incorporate this in your sprite editor / file format, or use one that supports it out of the box. Good luck!
  6. Instead of drawing from one of the corners, define an anchor point for each sprite frame and draw your sprite from that relative position. Somewhere between the feet is often useful, also for ground collisions etc. Hope this makes sense.
  7. Prototype

    Blending skin textures

    I'm quite sure just baking the texture will be a lot easier than mocking around with individual shader images. It's really nothing more than creating a new UV channel, map the object, create a blank texture and hit 'Bake'. This technique is also very useful to generate normal maps, lightmaps, pre-rendered caustics and what not. Not to mention the ability to render detail textures from high-poly models. All in all I guess enough incentive to investigate this feature. Also, I would advice against using Cycles for rendering textures, since you will need an awful lot of samples to get rid of the noise. The internal Blender render will usually do the job smoother and a lot quicker. On your last question; I don't think you will be able to reproduce the complete skin effect by using some blending operations in paint. The data is intended to work with the sub-surface scattering algo, and thus does not actually represent final pixel colors. You might be able to get it to look reasonable but I don't think it is worth the hassle and surely will provide for a tedious workflow.
  8. Prototype

    Blending skin textures

    You should be able to bake a full render into a new UV Map. Google for 'Blender Texture Baking'. HTH
  9. Prototype

    The daily WTF - time to laugh at me

    That was con, which was a DOS device designation for the console and could used to pipe character streams to a local file. Since it behaved like a directory, it could be abused when running a webserver. That's how my little NT webserver became a Russian FTP warez server back in 1998.
  10. Prototype

    The daily WTF - time to laugh at me

    Try compiling a project named 'test' on some *nix, and wonder for days why your application has no output. Then you learn prefixing commands with './' is never too much hassle.  
  11. That makes little sense, why would there be a need for keying if you have full alpha at your disposal?
  12. Prototype

    WinAPI Combo Box wont show

    Sorry, my bad. So does the combo actually show and then, what's your WndProc look like? Perhaps you can display all incoming messages and see if you are missing something. You could also use tools like Spy++ (if that's still around:)) to monitor window messages. HTH
  13. I don't think you can do color keying with AlphaBlend(), at least not without an alpha channel. Perhaps you are looking for TransparentBlt. HTH
  14. Prototype

    WinAPI Combo Box wont show

    Just a quick guess, but you are passing NULL for the parent window in your combobox' CreateWindow function. That should probably be the handle of your main window. Otherwise you will have to specify the error more precisely.
  15. It seems you are iterating along the children of 'Root', while the data you are looking for is sitting one level deeper. So you would first need to grab the Planets node and iterate over that. You could also get the Planets node directly by using getElementsByTagName() or similar (I'm not that familiar with TinyXML).
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