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  2. Katta

    Having trouble with an audio file

    .rar is an archive format. You'll need to unzip the file using something like winrar, and then extract the music files.
  3. Katta

    Super-PI thread REBORN!

    44 seconds to 1 million. Pentium M 1.7GHz, no OC, with 512 MB of RAM of whose speed I know not.
  4. Katta

    Quicklaunch Utility Bars (Windows)

    I just use the default windows QuickLaunch filled with six of my most-used applications. My desktop is used as a temporary file dump for installs and downloads, I clean it out once every few weeks when it gets about a third full. That's about it.
  5. Katta

    Christmas Gifts

    My girlfriend and I turned Christmas into a 40 hour day. We did christmas eve at her parents house, went back to her place and talked/dozed until about 7 in the morning, then realized how early it was so we stayed up some more and then went to 8:30 christmass mass at her church, then we went to my place and wrapped my presents, went to my moms house for christmas doings there, and ended the day at 10:30 that night with me dropping her off at her place and going back to mine to catch some really needed sleep. I got to be the cool big brother this year by giving my younger brother a DVD player (my mother saw this and exclaimed, "Hey! How do you rank?") and my other brother a headset and a promise of three months of xbox live once I find a store that sells subscription cards that are compatable with a regular xbox. I got this from my mum (exactly what I asked for! get what you need/want by asking for only one thing... :) and by being hard to shop for to start with). A nice buck knife from my brother caleb, and some misc other items from the rest of the clan. Pretty good all together. Just getting to spend a lot of time with my GF in some very natural family atmosphere's was the best though.
  6. Katta

    Help me find a movie!

    You're talking about North By Northwest, starring Carey Grant.
  7. Katta

    Sony PS3 Price Cut

    Quote:Original post by Nemesis2k2 Those figures only include Japan and North America, not the rest of the world. At any rate, it certanly seems a lot has changed in Japan since march. I find it interesting to note that the figures I linked to however (which come from Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft, not the actual retail outlets), indicate that in march the PSP had made 10 million software sales in Japan, yet the retail sales figures indicate it's less than 7 million to date. Sony likes to publish how many units it has shipped ... to stores. Not how many units it has sold. For all we know 8 million of sales are still sitting on Gamestop shelves.
  8. Katta

    argh! DVD, HD-DVD, Blue Ray

    You certainly do love your DVD's. ! ! !1one.
  9. I use a laptop with a 14" screen and a resolution of 1280x768, and I think it's great. Hedos' picture puts a new light on how much space you are wasting, too.
  10. Katta

    argh! DVD, HD-DVD, Blue Ray

    Quote:Original post by Sandbar Why can't there be one super duper ultra edition with the works, no region encoding, and thus easier for the collector who ends up with 5 editions of the same movie, just cause the next one released is better or offered features that didn't exist on previous versions.[lol] Regular Edition: $20. Widescreen W/Specials Disc: $30. Collectors Edition: $30. Directors Cut: $25. Re-release Remastered: $20. Super Duper Ultra Edition: $50. Guy spends $50 on Super Edition. Guy spends $155 on everything but full-screen edition. Which do you think makes the movie industry more?
  11. Katta

    argh! DVD, HD-DVD, Blue Ray

    I stopped buying DVD's over a year ago. For the price of a basic edition DVD and a single Blockbuster rental I get all the movies I can possibly watch through Netflix. I'm actually going to downgrade my subscription from 4-at-a-time because I can't watch them fast enough. I trust that Netflix will have HDDVD and Blu-Ray when it comes time to buy one of those, and at that time I'll purchase the format that has what I want. By the way, why on earth would you want to re-purchase your existing collection? Maybe there's one or two 'extra special' DVD that you might like to watch over and over again in 56" HD glory, but other than those few movies... why bother?
  12. Katta

    Made the switch to Opera

    Last night I made the switch from Firefox to Opera. Firefox has always been a close and trusty friend to me, even when it was not even Firefox, but Firebird and all other sorts of crazy names. But upon downloading Opera I fell in love all over again. There's some things I don't like (tab bar underneath address bar please), but the last bit that convinced me was last night when I started a torrent download... and it downloaded within Opera. Now that I like. My firefox icon is now a funky O.
  13. Katta

    Ultimate Frisbee - Laying out

    I have to disagree Andre. Oftentimes a dive will score you a catch that otherwise you would have not made because, if done properly, a layout is faster than simply running. You're using both the full jumping power of your legs as well as gravity to increase your speed. Not to mention sometimes it's really hard to catch a Frisbee that's three inches off the turf while running full tilt. The layout gets you closer to the ground while maintaining your current speed.
  14. Katta

    Ultimate Frisbee - Laying out

    I find that, in the heat of the moment, you don't notice much. If you're out 'practicing', yeah, it's going to hurt. That's because you're thinking about it too much. When playing the game you just 'do it', without thinking. Then there is very little pain. For me anyway. Your post signifies that you are indeed, thinking about it too much.
  15. Katta

    what console are you going to buy?

    I'm getting a Wii. I want an 360, but I can't justify that much money when I want to build a new computer as well. Besides, the Wii looks like so much fun.
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