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  1. alnite

    Learning deep learning

    Not expert on Tensorflow, and I heard it is quite complicated to learn, and that's why they are making the 2.0 version which seems to be in RC right now. Many start learning neural network by training a simple XOR function. I think the XOR function teaches some fundamental principles of machine learning, the "gotchas", and basic training methods. You can definitely build a simple NN code yourself with backpropagation. For minmax games, you are applying the same concept but the input to your neural network is your board configuration and the output is how much it "likes" it, typically within the range of [0, 1.0] based on your activation function. Then you apply the same principle in minmax trees and pick the path it favors the most based on the tree's depth. The training for minmax games however is different than backpropagation. All machine learning requires a learning path, to know where to go. It is easy to train XOR function using backpropagation because 1 XOR 1 = 0, and we can tune the network to get as close to 0 as possible. Minmax games, not as easy, because what's the best move? Who gets to decide it is the best move? If you have a robust preexisting AI as a benchmark that you can use to train your NN with, feel free to use it. Otherwise, you can also train with evolution. I have trained a minmax game using evolution against a random CPU (a CPU that just picks a random move), and whichever NN with the most points scored over N number of games get to "breed" with random mutation. It yields some decent results, enough to beat me.
  2. Technically possible, so just a matter of business negotiations and hashing out little details. Most likely what would happen is just a player's profile that's importable, but not so much the in-game character stats/items/skills etc. Doing so require a more tighter integration/synchronization between the two games. Changes in one game may potentially break the other. So it makes the games more prone to crashes and errors.
  3. Wasn't there a DirectX equivalent NeXe? When did you join? Either late 1999 or early 2000. Lost the original account, and created this one in 2002 I think. What brought you here? Tutorials, and the only game developer community I could find online. Why do you participate? I was pretty active back. Lots of things going on here: ATI sludge ads, Hot Chicks thread, old timers antics. It's just force of habits now that I check back once in a while.
  4. Professionally-done animations are all using animation tools. You should not hardcode animation deltas in your code. You are already having issues animating one object, what do you think is going to happen when animating hundreds more different types of objects?
  5. alnite

    In Game Time?

    I highly recommend using a simple integer to keep track of the number of seconds since the epoch of your game, like the UNIX timestamp. All you need to do is to increment/decrement this number by however you want. Only do the conversion to actual year/month/day when you need to display them to players. gameTime = 0; // the beginning of time in your game gameTime += 10000; // fast forward 10000 seconds later gameTime -= 10000; // travel backward 10000 seconds before
  6. That makes sense. I wasn't thinking what the routers need to do to broadcast the packets.
  7. Wouldn't the data be delivered at least twice? One to the server and the other to the rest of the clients? Compared to the broadcast IP, the packets are automatically broadcast to other clients.
  8. Something I just thought of recently, if you have a lot of clients connected in your LAN network (say over 100), would sending your packets to the broadcast IP (assuming it's not blocked) be more efficient vs having each client send packets to every other? I would assume so because each client only talks to and listens from one IP, rather than having to iterate through all other clients IP addresses, but I'd love to hear your thoughts.
  9. alnite

    (Updated) Struggling With Remembering What I've Learned.

    Sorry, not accusing you of being lazy. Looking up for samples is fine, and in cases where you actually need to use the sample code verbatim, I'd suggest to avoid copy-pasting it directly, but rather, type in the code yourself. In other words, don't use Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V at all. Put the sample code side-by-side with your text editor, and write them yourself line by line. This somehow helps your brain better than just straight-up Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V Code written in simple plain English (or whatever language you comfortable speak). It is not meant to be compilable. There is no formal structure to pseudocode. It is up to you. Example of a pseudocode would be: for each item in inventory if item value < 10 discard item else check for item size if item size > screen_size resize item You can work out your own logic without worrying parentheses, quotation marks, variable names, etc. Once you think the logic is right, you can convert every single line of the above into actual C# code.
  10. alnite

    (Updated) Struggling With Remembering What I've Learned.

    How long have you been programming? This is a common problem among new learners that they cannot form basic logic when tasked to write the code from a blank slate. Especially nowadays with the massive availability of code on the open source and stack overflow. People have gotten lazy. Practice writing your own code (do not copy-paste from sample or open source) is the only way to do it. Start with pseudocode. It helps in forming the basic logic without dealing with syntax details, then convert your pseudocode into real C# code.
  11. alnite

    Games and blockchain.

    Not a blockchain expert, but this is the inherent nature of blockchain. Since all ledgers are public, everytime somebody makes a transaction, they get added to the chain. The chain will grow and eventually gets really long, and transactions taking longer and longer since everyone must verify them. If it's short and fast, that means no one is using it.
  12. alnite

    Streets of Rage 4...OMG!

    Oh man. Looks like I have my reason to buy a Switch. And Blaze should be a milf by now.
  13. alnite

    How much longer can Trump/Trumpism last?

    You are saying as if we had other choices to choose from. We were presented with two choices that neither was good. Hillary and Clinton Foundation with her history of receiving illegal political contributions, corruption, and being huge allies of the media. Bernie Sanders, which I thought should have won the Democratic primary, got burned by the DNC-Clinton-MSM mafia real good. Why are you presenting the election like it was black and white? Many people didn't like both Trump and Clinton. Even the Republicans were surprised Trump could win their primary. I listened to the local Republican talk show during the primary (disclaimer: I am NOT a Republican), and whenever they got people calling in, they would ask them who they would vote for. Some say Kasich, some say Ted, and very very few would admit they'd vote for Trump, which was received with snickers and laughters like it was a joke. This was among the Republicans. He was never popular to begin with. Now that he won, the party just had to shrug it up and back him up. Kinda like having that dumb colleague in your office who happens to be the CEO's son, who keeps writing bad code and badmouth everyone. You sat there, sigh, and fix his crap. In a company, you can just quit, but you can't just quit your political party because you too got way too many friends in the party. I feel like that's the state of the Republican party right now. No, they don't really like Trump, and they don't always see things eye-to-eye, but there are things they come to agree with and that is the DNC being a crybaby post election. If anything, the DNC's witch hunt, accusation, Russian collusion (which really was an oversight by Obama because he was underestimating Trump), calling Trump voters racists, insults, antifa, all of these behaviors are making them closer to Trump even though they didn't like him in the first place. The Democrats are more obsessed about Trump than the Republicans! Why can't they just suck it up, and vote better next time?
  14. alnite

    How much longer can Trump/Trumpism last?

    It's usually one aspect of a particular leader that people follow. What that aspect is different per individual. Some people say yes to abortion, but no to illegal immigration. Some others love guns and the 2A, but also welcomes illegal immigrations. The people that stand in between these policies, that don't feel like they belong to either, are the ones swaying left and right, and receiving the blunts of insults from both parties. Just because you voted Trump doesn't make you a racist or a Russian bot, who loves their guns, rednecks, hates the gays and the mexicans, and so on. Yes, those people exist, but that's not 50% of America. Sometimes it's just one tiny teeny thing he said/did that made people voted him. Not his whole life or persona. Remember the red-sweater Ken Bone? He, at least when viral, admitted to leaning to support Trump's economic policies. Was he a Russian bot then? So, really, stop with the labeling. The Democrats love to say "If you voted for Trump, then you must also be racist." And the Republican side is no better, and has their own stupidities. I think anyone who exercise a bit of critical thinking won't like both parties. Left side is correct on certain things, right side is correct on these other things. For most people, it's never 100% commitment to a party unless you actually work at the DNC or GOP (i.e. politics is your career).
  15. All Javascript client code can be viewed by users. The only tool you have is code obfuscator, but that really doesn't change much, only add an extra layer of inconvenience. edit: You actually do want to use obfuscator, or minifier as some people call it. Since it compacts your code, remove whitespaces and trim names, it can significantly reduce download time and thus make your game load up faster.
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