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  1. Well I figured out all these commands before I won: run, walk, get, take read, type , remove, open (finally!). I hate text games.
  2. A Pong clone I worked on during the summer. Too bad school started... More info here if you're interested. By the way, the source code is available, but I wouldn't look at it. It's probably really bad coding as I am a newb.
  3. Perhaps you forgot to take positivity and negativity into account? You have to figure out which way the tank is facing first, then set the correct direction (for example: positive in x, negative in y)
  4. Waffles
  5. Quote:Original post by GrumpyAndTired Quote:Original post by Benjamin Heath Quote:Original post by GrumpyAndTired Too bad you didn't dieWTF? Thanks... Really, I apologize for real. I am just sick of life and going to end it now. Does "it" refer to your life or your actions? Food poisoning is usually quite painful, so if you're on the ground and crying, then you probably do have food poisoning. One weird thing is that about 12 hours passed between your meal and the start of your vomiting (and the rest). Go see a doctor and good luck.
  6. Quote:Original post by Way Walker Quote:Original post by kadaf It seems to me that the farther I've been venturing into my (engineering) education, the more and more useless my calculator have become. Things simply get too theoretical to contain any numerical stuff. At my university there have been no restrictions at all, we've even be allowed to bring laptops to exams, in which case calculators are rendered pretty useless. For the latest 3 years, my Ti89 have been permanently installed in my kitchen, and has only been used by me and my roommate to calculate how much we owe each other for beer :) The funny thing is, every once in a while, they do actually ask us to calculate something for some real system. I just kinda stare blankly at them from atop the ivory tower... What? Numbers? That's so high school... Ugh, I hope they find a balance in wherever I'm going. Like in AP Physics II, our tests are pretty much all concept, so we don't need a calculator, but for our homework, the TI-89 really helps, especially for solving huge trig functions. I guess I'll be needing to memorize those trig ids soon...
  7. Oh man, I hope whatever university I enter let me use my Ti-89, because I am soooo dependent on it now... I don't ever memorize my trig identities and derivative/integral rules because the 89 does it all. Anyway, the Casio FX-115MS is probably as powerful as you'll get for a scientific calculator. I don't think it does matrices (those aren't THAT hard to do by hand), but it can do a bit of calculus!
  8. When I was in elementary school, we were kinda "encouraged" to play rough. The coaches would always join our dodge ball games, and they throw pretty hard. I got injured several times, but you know what? It made me a better both a athlete and person. They trained us 5th graders really hard, and I reaped the rewards with a 20:00 min 5k time. I placed 4th in my age group in the Fort Worth Cowtown 5k, which was a really big accomplishment for me. The coaches actually got mad if someone cried without a really valid excuse, like a broken bone or blood. I miss those days...
  9. Visit distrowatch.org. Most linux distros are free.
  10. I remember having 10 v. 10 nerf gun wars when I was in 5th grade... It was in a word, epical. The only problem was that we had to keep on buying new darts, which drained our allowence money pretty fast.
  11. Quote:Original post by Chokki Q: Which version of Linux should I install on my old person? A: Gentoo. It takes both objects the same amount of time (around infinity hours) to accomplish anything.
  12. Quote:Original post by Gabry Hyrule I concur, school is bad for your mental health. This is the reason I'm programming: because it makes me proud to pwn an English teacher in exam with, for example: State two use of the semi-colon: -To mark the end of a statement. ex: foo = 5; -another use I don't care about... Some classes are important, Math, Physic, French, English, Biology. But hell, do we need "Geography"? or "Ethic and Culture of Religions"? or "history"? or... (this is the funiest imo) "Personal and Social Formation"! Anyway, just remember you can't escape your school... and try to learn stuff on your internet (I learnt trigonometry, matrices, vectors, etc. last year, and we're bound to see these subject at the end of the year, next year and in CEGEP (after highschool, before university)). Cheers... Gabry Hyrule It's actually "state two uses" not "state two use." Also, a lot of Americans say that Americans are stupid, showing everyone through polls and other things that we Americans don't know anything about our politicians and geography (see the Invade Canada thread). Those same Americans are saying that we don't need to learn those things! I used to think that some subjects at school were pointless and not useful. But now, I realize that they are very useful indeed. Useful, that is, if you want to sound intelligent and educated. Yes, you can sound intelligent and educated without actually being "smart", though most of the time, people of higher analytical can tell that you're simply TRYING to sound intelligent and educated. I usually just silently laugh at them. I also agree with the fact that a diverse interest is very important. I'm on my last year of high school now, and I enjoy every class I'm in, from European History to Calculus BC. A tip: if you're still in high school, always try to take the AP version of the course. I'm in 7 AP classes now, and I'm enjoying the challange. I can't picture myself being in a non-AP course. I can't stand the level of intelligence and arrogance in there.
  13. I would write a book about all the future inventions. That way, whenever these inventors come along, they'll read my book and they'll be like "OMG THATS HOW IT WORKS!" So then when a time machine is built, they will go back to the middle ages to take me back into this current day, which will be exponentially more advanced than what it is today, and crown me supreme dictator-for-life because... I can tell the future. I won't have to PROVE to them that I can tell the future because, well, they've already built a time machine! But then again, what am I doing in the middle ages if the time machine wasn't invented yet?
  14. Quote:Original post by bschneid
  15. Just use Photoshop (or GIMP or whatever) to edit your photos. Add some better lighting here and there and perhaps some sun rays.