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  1. TechnoGoth

    The end is Nigh

    I didn't do much in the way of dev today. A couple of minor bug fixes and a small tweak. But the contest is nearly over and after my site went down and I managed to get it back up and running again. I just focused on art work. I did picture panels for the short storm the castle adventure. After that I end up drawing the above to scene's which won't make it to the contest but will be in a later edition of the game.
  2. TechnoGoth

    A long two days

      I'd like to think I'd find the time to continue working on this project as I do like it and its fun.  I'll need to find away to split my angularJS controller into multiple files though. Its over 1000 lines long as it is.
  3. TechnoGoth

    A long two days

    Its been a long two days working on this game, and I'm now pretty burnt out on the project. Since my last update I've: Draw the artwork for the nursery and rat kings lair. refactored the code and fixed a bunch of typos Added a simple combat system. Added the first continuous adventure. Added the ability to include choices in a popup. Scripted up and tested one large room and one small one. Added fast mode to skip to action resolution. The nursery proved to be a lot of work to build. With adding new functionality and scripting up events and actions its taken hours of work to implement. The Rat Kings Lair was less then that but it still took ages with bug fixes and testing. So where does that leave things? Heading into the weekend I'm officially burnt out and won't have time to add much more in the way of content. So I figure that I'm going to leave the dev where it is for now and just work on adding some additional art work and giving it a final polish. As it stands the game ends after you fix Princess Ballerina. I was going to include an aMAZEing mini game but I won't have time. And to develop the game further requires another big overall to add in the functionality to switch between the different character so they can work together. That and I'd have to think up new content. If I'd gotten around to the Bad Girls Room would have included section inspired by this:
  4. TechnoGoth

    Day 3

    [color=rgb(40,40,40)][font=helvetica][background=rgb(247,247,247)] Well I started late, after trying to think up an idea I decided to make a little sim game. Not sure how much time I'll have to spend on it though.[/background][/font][/color] [color=rgb(40,40,40)][font=helvetica][background=rgb(247,247,247)] Check out the first room, and my limited artistic ability.[/background][/font][/color] [color=rgb(40,40,40)][font=helvetica][background=rgb(247,247,247)] The Last Toy in the Toy Box[/background][/font][/color] [color=rgb(40,40,40)][font=helvetica][background=rgb(247,247,247)] Road Map:[/background][/font][/color] More Rooms: The Nursery The upstairs hall. The bad girls room The dark attic The creepy staircase The living room The deadly kitchen The scary basement Two more toy characters that can be found to joy teddi on his quest. Puzzles Problems Challenges More Story Multiple Endings Well the time is already half over and I've only managed about 5 hours of work. Not sure where the game is going yet. But I'm thinking two good endings Ending 1 - Teddi and friends escape the house. Goal build some kind vehicle that they can use cross the endless lawn to world beyond. Ending 2 - Save the house. Harder to achieve requires removing the curse on the house and braving the harder areas like the attic and basement. Still trying to figure out what 2 toy friends to add they should each be unique and provide ways of solving problems that teddi can't solve. Thinking of a broken ballerina doll which you repair with an arm and leg from a toy soldier. Any suggestion for the second friend?
  5. You're right, sorry about that I've reupload the zip file with the missing CSS files.   I'm glad you liked the article.   Ya, you could definitely use AngularJS to build a turn based game.You'd probably want to use some of the more advanced features of the framework and included a back end services but api calls are pretty straight forward to include in your methods.
  6. Ahh yes the shady world of app reviews sites. It does seem that most app review sites out there are just set up to con developers out of money.  Most of them only seem to have paid reviews with hazy promises of increased traffic to your app.
  7. TechnoGoth

    Wow! MDA Works!

    Sounds like a really valueable exercise I think I'll try a similar thing to see how my game mechanics will play out try and see if it will in fact be fun. Altough, you could always try turning you computer game into pen and paper rpg/board game. But I have no idea if that makes it easier or harder to publish.
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