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  1. Unnecessary Challenges

    I feel your pain, I just had 1 drive die about 2 weeks ago, then my second drive that had the OS on it died less than a week later. Fortunately though I had been doing Windows 7 image backups to an external USB drive, and last night with new HDDs in my box, Windows faithfully restored my image and all was saved. I highly recommend checking out this method, it is extremely easy to set up and cheap as well.
  2. Responding to Feedback

    Whats been happening with this Jeromy? Are you putting it on hold for the C# Workshop?
  3. I think a primitive form of artificial intelligence started this thread!
  4. [.net] Process Monitoring

    I've been writing a System Monitor for our production servers at work using C# and WMI via a web service. Haven't noticed any performance degradation on the monitored machines from doing this, and im polling CPU and process information every 5-10 seconds. So my recommendation would be to go with the built in WMI functions and classes.
  5. A simple way is in the scenario where the string is too long start a for loop at the max screen width and decrement back until you get a space character. At that point you cut the string and writeline it, then do the same with the remaining string (it'll be a recursive function) until you've written the whole text out.
  6. opening a file using a string?

    You'll need to use .c_str() on your string filename:;
  7. [.net] C# Program Slowing Down

    I'd need to have a look at the source code to get some ideas.
  8. Noob overall question

    There is a couple sticky messages in this forum that will help you get started with tutorials and software to use.
  9. C&C needed on WIP modeling anime, (nudity)

    Can't get to the website
  10. Help with class definition

    Can you show us your .cpp file?
  11. The Long Hard Road To Black Jack

    Coming up with the "right" list of classes is always tricky when you first start. There is no correct answer really, depends on the application and its functions. You are going down the right track though. My only suggestion would be that money wouldn't be a class (what methods and attributes do you have that warrant it?). I'd make the amount of money a player has just an attribute of the player. The dealer is probably going to be a specialisation of player (inherits from). You'll need some classes for handling the representation of your game to the users (eg graphics, input etc). There are many good books/documents around that can help you identify classes, methods and attributes for a problem domain.
  12. messing with images

    Im thinking the problem would be with your routine that displays the image. It needs to be able to handle images that aren't a neat power of 2 size. You could either pad it out during this resizing routine, or do it in your drawing routine.
  13. DLLs

    Well, a .lib is still gonna end up being "included" each time. Its linked into the executable at compile time (hence the static term). Whereas the .dll is external to your executable and is dynamically linked at run time.
  14. How do you get the debugger to look for mem leaks

    Another vote for Paul Nettle's memory manager. On my first shootem-up game I wrote a few years back it helped me get from about 1000 memory leaks to 0 :) If you put it in early and keep checking it's output after every test run of your application you'll be able to catch any leaks pretty easily.
  15. 2-D Graphics Book

    Quote:(and please, don't put yourself through the pain of trying to develop games in C#, its a business language made for speed of development not quality of code) I don't think you can say that the quality of code is worse in C#... all depends on the experience and skill of the programmer.