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  1. DrGUI

    New Alien Animation

    Cool. I assume the animation in game will be smoother hehe.
  2. DrGUI

    Painted Red Ship

    That ship is sweet.
  3. DrGUI

    New Ignus Design

    Certainly a good modelling job too
  4. DrGUI

    Image Archive

    I thought the fourth Ymorpha ship that you say you really liked was brilliant! Could that be salvaged or retextured?
  5. DrGUI

    Ignus Ship By Johnny

    Looks groovy, and different from all the other ships.
  6. DrGUI

    New Mining Ship

    Good good, very very goood
  7. DrGUI

    A few more ships.

    You're just too good at modelling and texturing for your own good! Don't let me find out where you live!
  8. DrGUI

    A few more ships.

    SWEET yeah! I was wondering though whether the blue glow in the bottom picture was being clipped at the edges. If you have glow maps for all your ships then it would be better to put the glowing into your glow map IMHO Keep up teh gud work
  9. DrGUI

    In game screen shots from my brother

    Very nice.
  10. DrGUI

    Guess the artist.

    An anisotropic brushed steel shader would look could probably but it depends if you have tangents in your models and whether it would be visible and worth it [grin]
  11. DrGUI

    An Alien

    That looks suspiciously like the Alien from the film Alien and the Alien vs Predator games and the Alien vs Predator film...make sure it's not copyrighted or patented... It looks good though! Did you make it yourself?
  12. DrGUI

    Pause Feature.

    Yes, you could just pause it when you go on to the menus (haven't seen new GUI yet as I've moved to a better computer (XP and 2GHz!!!!!!!) and I need to download the new version :)) I know what you mean, but it's usually my mum :P
  13. DrGUI

    Bank of America just purchased the company I work

    Oh - and it might be a good idea to choose a font for your website consistent with your in-game font if possible :-)
  14. DrGUI

    Spinning Spinning Spinning

    'Tis either the input from your joystick or your function remapping joystick input to rotation acceleration or something...could try printing out your input values to the debug panel to ensure everything's fine!
  15. DrGUI

    Conversation in RPGs

    I think scrolling text is fine, but I'm silly so I couldn't use the VCR buttons inituitively (I haven't watched videos in aeons!) and I think it would be better if you had a little slider for the speed, drag to the left to stop/pause it and drag to right to get it over with in half a second if people don't want to read the text. This would also solve my problem of the half speed being way too slow and having to race to read the text on normal speed (and I've always read a lot of books and learnt to read at an early age so I think I can read quite fast - much faster than my dad...btw are you meant to be able to read all the credits at the end of films? Betcha they just skim it past to satisfy their contract...meep I'm rambling...) If possible, I would be boring and like all of the text on screen at once and not moving [grin] but that may not be doable I know. Hope that helps! ~Will rate for pie~ Mmmmmm...pie Vegetarian of course [grin]
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