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  1. Finnished 3d mmo games from help wanted?

    well theoricly a mmo also never finishes development :p
  2. No more MMORPGs please...

    i don't see the point in rambling about mmorpgs yes the are those games the current trend and everyone wanna do then, so what? what you expected? 6 years ago it was fps and the reasoning was the same Commercial games are hard, period. and because of the server hosting issue, mmorpgs are naturally of commercial nature(or at least donation) at least with a mmorpg one can put it online and go commercial on its own, without the fight for publisher and shelf space of other games (of curse the same also apply for other kinds of online games as well) imho, mmorpgs have a long way to go, most mmorpgs seems to be a copy of each other. if someone think that can make a game thats different, let them try geez
  3. World peace: Is it worth it?

    Quote:Original post by owl Quote:Original post by Yann L Without the continuing quest for world peace, there might actually be no world anymore. Which would obviously solve the problem... Brilliant. Violence is imprinted into mankind. I've discovered myself, after erradicating every piece of inhibition from my being with alcohol, feeling a really deep pleasure before the opportunity of a fight. Sex is a toy compared to that. And I'm by far NOT a violent person. thats WHY we make games, better a guild fight in a mmo than a real one on streets, gamedevelopers for a peaceful world!
  4. Hail Canada!

    lucky guy, i'm still trying to find my way out of here :PP
  5. China now has anti satellite laser weapon

    well im glad i live under the south pacific anomaly :)
  6. WoW Guild gets nasty

    i think that 6/8 hours a day not only too much but also,unhealthy(go RSI!) but also, i don't know how competitive wow can be, i wish i had that much time :PP either way the other rules ain't nowhere that bad, in fact i wish i had some of them in a few guilds i played with in some mmos :P
  7. Bit of an unfair court order to YouTube.

    i can imagine being that the judge was forced "change opinion" either by: 1) large amount of cash 2) threat from someone 3) reprehension from a higher up(that could happened because the higher up of 1 or 2, while simply could be someone higher up that has some common sense, i highly doubt it)
  8. on my first day in my cs pascal class,also first time we ever saw a computer there, i coded text mode space invaders,mind you that i actually don't know pascal
  9. Let's see... How original can you be?

    this one i actually wanted to pull out gautlet online, hundreds(maybe thousand) of levels and everyone on them no different channels or servers, would be really interesting to see what would happen
  10. Sad day for Sony?

    the biggest problem of the dreamcast was the lack of a phantasy star that kicked some final fantasy ass, they sure could have pulled it out(just keep it away from sonic team), only god knows why they dint
  11. Bit of an unfair court order to YouTube.

    I'm so tempted to make a cicarelitube.com now :/
  12. Bit of an unfair court order to YouTube.

    geez seems like they really took the easy way, i cant open youtube without a proxy now
  13. Bit of an unfair court order to YouTube.

    forgetting that cicarelli ever existed seems a much more tasteful option :P
  14. When the fuhrer says "we is the master race"...

    belive it or not that still showed on TV here when i was little
  15. Noob Test

    tried to play that, but the only two commands that i found out that work were "read" and "quit" :/
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