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  1. I have a Pentium D 820, and during POST (I rebooted to check) it tells me it is 64 bit compatible.
  2. LOL

    Did anyone else think of Boo from BG (even though he is a hamster)?
  3. I like, albeit as others have said, the cymbals. Perhaps quite them down but have an erie(sp?) echo to them a bit. And the violin (I believe it is) I like.
  4. Samurai. Got all of the stuff. Just need to not bring the Iaito along. weapons + alcohol != smart. Perhaps a cardboard tube for the penny arcade factor.
  5. A good friend of mine was playing WoW with me. He started dating a girl. She didnt like me 'stealing him' from her with WoW. Suffice to say he ended up canceling WoW. I lost my pally.... an so few good ones too... Girls = 1 / Wow
  6. So I guess I should fill up my tank when I leave for class in an hour or so? Edit: Sorry for being off topic and whatnot. I know a few guys in my guild (WoW) that I have become good friends with. I am hoping they will be alright.
  7. First, my cousin, who lives in Tennesse (yay Bible belt), came out about two or three years ago. Feels he is a girl. His religious parents arent too happy. Neither were mine. I was shocked and disturbed, but had enough presence of mind to not say anything. I eventually came to terms with it and have been one of his few 'supporters' even though I am nuetral about the subject. So to the guy saying something about friends amd relatives, just thought I would pop in and say hi. Max_Payne, most everyone in real life is going to be shocked and disturbed given the frameset that we are raised with. Hopefully during their surprise they do not say anything that ruins the relationship between you two. I wish you luck, and try not to rush things. I would also think abstaining from surgery would be better than rushing it and getting it botched.
  8. My first kiss was in first grade. I was poking her in the side. She told me to stop or she would kiss me. I kept poking. I got a quick peck of a kiss on the mouth. I just wish it was that easy now adays. My first real kiss was with the only girl I have dated yet. I guess she liked it. She was short of breath afterwards. She was wonderful. We broke up. Do I really need to specify the reason? As for us why we all say our girls are wonderful but crazy, perhaps it is because we are more logical and analytical than your average person?
  9. I would say the lower lip and the nostrils on your model look a bit bigger than hers.
  10. Yeah, I know. That's why I am stashing away cash for something better. I believe it's a V6. Finally got the oil leak fixed, albeit the transmission is going out on it. I should be hiting 150k miles tomorrow.
  11. I drive a '92 Plymoth Voyager Minivan. WITH A PEELING HOOD. Now I am sure it would be sweet if I pimped it out with a new paint job, plush carpet, a drop down dvd player/tv to watchand a nice couch like bench in the back. ...and the scary side note is that I beat almost everyone off the line.
  12. I saw that back a long time ago... I am thinking middle school? at least five years. Still amusing.
  13. I figured as much for that. I still do need a TV though. Debating going cheap for now and getting something nice when I have more funds, or getting something decent now that would be a TV to throw in the bedroom later in life.
  14. You also have your DVI and HDMI cables. HDMI = DVI + audio. DVI is 1080 lines of resolution. Composite is your red white and yellow. I am looking at getting this TV with my employee discount. I could use it as a computer monitor too.
  15. I just wet my pants... And I have been replaying the game over the past few days since I have no internet connection except for here at work (which means no WoW till Earthlink elects to grace me with there presence T.T).