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    Even better

  2. Boku San

    Type Traits, Part 1

    I guess this is a little late, but would this happen to be the same functionality provided by the "DTI" (Dynamic Type Information) class described near the beginning of Game Programming Gems 2? Looks like it is. (Again, sorry this is so late, I would normally have asked in #gamedev, but I don't care to wait for Washu to be done with...whatever he's doing.)
  3. Boku San

    Say, friend, and read entry

    Where's your post about politics? You Un-American JERK! Oh wait...you're, uh...Canadian, right? Or was that somebody else...?
  4. Boku San

    I've been hiding something

    ...What does your name mean? Aren't you like, not 23 anymore? And I know you are NOT 3, because I have a nephew who's 3, and he's not too bright in the upperstory, if you get mah drift. Anyway, I read this, and everybody is reading your djioaurnyal.
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