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  1. black jack

    well thanks to kseh I am working on a text based c++ black jack game. I am not posting a blog because I want input from those in the beginners forum, like josh petrie and kseh. I am learning a lot about c++. I don't want to post private messages because I want others to see my post.
  2. well kseh I am working on my black jack game, I am making good progress, I am also learning a lot.

  3. drawing sprites

    thanks kseh, if I have any questions I will ask you.
  4. drawing sprites

    well first I am going to start with a text based blackjack game.
  5. drawing sprites

    well I started a blackjack game using text, do you think I should try again?
  6. drawing sprites

    I wanted to do something with graphics kseh
  7. drawing sprites

    where do I get more info on game loops?
  8. drawing sprites

    kseh I give up on space invaders it is just too hard, instead I am working on a tank based combat game
  9. drawing sprites

    thanks kseh, I am reading a college level text book on c++ and doing the exercises in the backs of the chapters, maybe this will help to understand the fundamentals of programming in c++. This is very large text so it will take some time to get through it. however I will still will work on my space invaders game. I will try to use the sleep function instead.
  10. drawing sprites

    well thanks for all your help lactose , I am sorry you have given up on me,
  11. drawing sprites

    well I like to program just for fun. I want to work on a simpler project. do you have any ideas?
  12. drawing sprites

    I want to ask a simple question, how did you guys get so good at game programming?
  13. drawing sprites

    well maybe I should do something simpler I have done pong and breakout, maybe space invaders is too complex.
  14. drawing sprites

    well I cant get the num variable to work with the chrono type. here is my code, the num variable gives me an error, "expected a ';'" error. auto timeStampPrevious = chrono::high_resolution_clock::now(); cout << "drawScene_bug()" << endl; auto timeStampNow = chrono::high_resolution_clock::now(); auto elapsed = timeStampNow - timeStampPrevious; cout << chrono::duration_cast<chrono::microseconds>(elapsed).count() << endl; auto num = 100; while (elapsed > timeStampNow - timeStampPrevious) { chrono::duration_cast<chrono::microseconds>(elapsed).operator-=num; cout << chrono::duration_cast<chrono::microseconds>(elapsed).count() << endl; }
  15. drawing sprites

    here is a very simple counter algorithm, am I on the right track with this code? int main() { int count = 10; while (count >= 6) { cout << "draw_bug" << endl; count--; if (count <= 5) { for (int i = 0; i <= 4; i++) { cout << "draw_bug_two" << endl; } } } system("pause"); return 0; }