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  1. You shouldn't need to worry about which client people will use for interacting with git. Github Desktop is just one GUI for interacting with git and github. I personally do not use it for example. As long as your code is uploaded to then people are will be able to clone it with whatever tool they like using!
  2. Why? (I've yet to form a view / I'll wait to see how they work in practice)
  3. That's pretty awesome - can there be a way to pin (at least 1) custom stream to the top-right corner where the default "Unread Content" stream sits? Use-case is that if I create a stream that suits me better as a default (and I have!) then I would like easy access to that stream instead of the site-provided default. Otherwise my "go to" custom stream is buried in a dropdown menu 2-levels down (which is slightly too unforgiving of my sloppy mouse usage). Overall I really like the direction the site is going!