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  1. Bosh

    2D into 3D Model

    I meant like 3DS Max or Maya as modeller. But, is it possible to do with just taking a walkaround of an object in real life and a digital camera?
  2. Is it possible to take a couple dozen photos of an object and then have a 3D modeller build it?
  3. Is it possible to install pieces of Windows XP? The eudcedit.exe file in my System32 folder won't open properly. The execute won't even give me an error, it just opens the program, and then quits as soon as you see something. I don't know how to fix this, but if you have any suggestions, please help. (For those of you who don't know, it's a free font editor from installed on Windows XP). Thank you.
  4. Bosh

    Random Numbers

    Slowly but surely, we are discovering the all the secrets of the world. Look at the whole string theory thing. (The videos are well done for educational stuff). It defines something that was blasphymy several years ago, it may also define the "randomness" of quantum mechanics.
  5. Bosh

    Random Numbers

    Do random numbers exist in real life? Einstein said things are predictable, Bohr said things are random on a small enough scale. I'm with Einstein. If you were to roll dice the exact same way, at the exact same point, you would get the same exact numbers over an over again. Everything in life can be done with math.
  6. Isn't the mesh.clean method required before you call the generate progressive mesh function?
  7. Bosh


    Isn't there some kind of Device.processvertices method (Device::ProcessVertices)?
  8. Bosh

    Building a ship simulator

    What do you mean by a ship and a tugboat. Are you using bounding boxes for collison? And the rest would be just physics. Have everything have mass and the rest can be done with math.
  9. How do the pointers in C# work. I'm not talking about using the "unsafe" keyword, I'm talking about when you take one variable and set it equal to another. An example is when I use PositionedNormalTextured vertices, if I set A = B. When I change B, A gets changed as well. I'm wondering how I would use this to my advantage. My goal is to just have a couple of Devices (direct3d) instanced in several classes.
  10. Bosh

    [.net] .NET message loop

    Wouldn't that be counterproductive? In order to stop ram from leaking, you make your processor constanly send messages to the application queue.
  11. Bosh

    [.net] .NET message loop

    Application.DoEvents() is bad. I read somewhere that it causes memory leaks or some other problem. There is some dll you can download that is a wrapper for standard c++ messaging. I think there is one in the DirectX SDK inside of one of the more complex examples. I'm thinking the LOD one, but I'm not sure.
  12. Bosh

    Voice Communication

    Just use the DirectSound.CaptureBuffer class. Capture the sound from the mic, and every few seconds or so, see if any data was added (I believe it has a minimum sound level). If so, then hit the CaptureBuffer.Read((start point), typeof(byte), LockFlag.(something), the amount of bytes to read. Send the byte array you just read to across Windows Sockets and have it just write into a Buffer on the other side. If you want to do it for a game, send a Vector3 and then the bytes and write into a Buffer3D.
  13. Bosh

    "Predictive" Collision Detection?

    There was some way to take the dot product of the two locations (or maybe it was direction/velocity vectors). Anyway, it comes out as positive on one frame, and if it goes to negative on the next frame, you had a collision. Look up "tunneling collision" it may be in there somewhere.
  14. Use quest3d. It hasn't failed me yet, and it works well with animations (physique only).
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