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  1. I just clicked on the 'Cancel Subscription' button, this means I wont be renewing GDNet+ at this time. Why? for many reasons, most of which are personal, no I'm not getting out of games (not yet), no I don't hate GameDev, I quite enjoy it, actually. I'm just trying to evaluate where all my money, or lack thereof is going. I work in the gaming industry, and I haven't been able to afford an xbox360... and I've been wanting a new computer of a decent laptop for a while now but somehow, I never have enough money. So I believe I need to reduce my expenses as much as possible, then identify where the money is going and then decide where I want to use it. Plus, I have more bills now than I used to, hell, the gas bill up here is like $80... Anyway, I'll be back (will my journal get deleted? that would be crappy), hopefully soon. Cya.
  2. VisualLR

    It's getting ridiculous

    Quote:Original post by Ravuya Quote: I think if consumers begin to demand stuff, they may get it. Or the sky marshal will get up from his seat and put two through you for causing a scene. They already had a couple of spurts around '03 where people with mental illness were running around on the plane and the air marshals used arguably excessive force to restrain them. Hmm, I was thinking more prior to boarding... while making reservations, "Hi, I want to buy a ticket to Kuala Lampoor, please install a tap of ice cold beer on my sit, I'll fax you a list of the rest of the things I'll need to make my $2,000 ticket worth its price" Seriously, why are plane tickets so damn expensive, they no longer serve you meals in a lot of flights, if they do, they charge you for them and even then you get a sandwhich because small plastic disposable knives have been catalogued as weapons of lethal capability. It's really not too difficult to get airlines to give you stuff, on one of my flights to Canada the airline screwed up with my ticket, which resulted in me waiting an extra day to fly, I asked to speak to the manager when I was checking in at the counter and told her how badly I had been treated (slighty exaggerated, but not too much) and that the only thing that would make me fly with them again would be for them to bump me to business class. She was a bit reluctant at first, but agreed in the end. If your airline rubs you the wrong way, demand an upgrade! You might get it, and you know what? in business class, you get warm nuts. No, not THOSE you perv, ... you gotta pay extra for that.
  3. VisualLR

    It's getting ridiculous

    Did you come into the plane wielding the axe? I'm sure that would've fun.
  4. This just in! Terrorists were planning on using clothes as explosives in airplanes, from now on, everyone must fly naked! Ok, so it's not an actual headline, but at the rate it's going I won't be surprised when full cavity searches are "standard procedure", hell, they already fondle old ladies, cause everyone knows that grandma can be one mean terrorist. When I was a kid, I used to love flying in an airplane, now it's one of the most deplorable things you can do, even worse now that I won't be able to fight with damn dehydration by bringing my own water or gatorade in, I'll have to drink the 0.42 oz. of soda they give you. Screw that, if you're getting on a plane, demand that the airline have a large bottle of chilled gatorade waiting for you inside the plane, I think if consumers begin to demand stuff, they may get it. We should all as the world community use the money we would've otherwise spent at the duty free and fund research into teleportation. Anyway, enough ranting, I gotta go to work
  5. VisualLR

    Je suis fatigue

    Merci! Je suis un debutant etage numero un.... je parle un peu et ecrit un peu moins... hehe, I hope that made some sense... thanks for the correction, I won't forget =)
  6. So between the baby and the new job I don't really get a chance to do much lately. Work is going great, there's plenty of it and I'm having fun, though I am tired; I haven't been working what I consider long hours yet, but I've definitely been doing a big of OT, which is fine because I really like the game I'm working on (did you see EGM's cover this month?) I've been thinking, but I can't seem to decide... I would like to make some more money on the side, sempesoft.com is not generating as much as I thought it would (or hardly any at all), so should I bother making a small puzzle game for the pocketpc, it would be something I could make fairly quickly, and sell it, or should I continue with SGE and the game I've been planning.. which I also plan to sell one day, but it'll take more time to get there. It's a tough decision, because I have so little time to spend on this (although it's getting better, we're getting the hang of the baby). Anyway, that is all for now, it's 8am and I gotta get ready to go to work. Oh yea, I never though it would be this f'n hot in Montreal, it's been so hot and muggy that I'm actually looking forward to winter. Finally, a few days ago I ran into a programming issue that I wanted to share, check it out here: site I could definitely use some opinions, I haven't been able to spend much time figuring out what's going on. Oh, and the french lessons are going well, hence the title (btw, e does not work on the title)... hehe ce tout, au revoir
  7. Thanks =) We couldn't be happier.
  8. I neglected to write a post about a great milestone in my life. I am now the proud father of a little baby boy, who I hope will be impressed when his brain develops enough to understand what his dad does for a living. His name is Luka and he was born on June 26th, which happens to also be my birthday, he has a really cool birthdate 06/26/06. Here he is, notice how his hands have perfect keyboard posture, he's asking "is that a laptop?" He was not thrilled when I told him I couldn't bring the xbox to the hospital. His mom is healthy and practically recuperated and he's doing great, and we're all sleeping very little, but it's ok.
  9. Guatemala is among the top 10 happiest places on earth according to this: http://www.happyplanetindex.org/list.htm I guess it would be for me if there was a game development or large software development industry (which I predict there will be in 10-15 years), and if there wasn't as much violence and terrible governments that keep the country poor and underdeveloped. It's also not the case that there is so much violence, there probably is the same amount of violence in other places in the world (LA), but it's in a much smaller country/city, so you're affected more directly. It's a pretty nice place, the weather is awesome most of the time, really nice tourist places to go to, very welcoming people, good schools, lots of cultural diversity and a city that's growing too fast for its own good. Anyway, I gotta go make games now... I've lingered here too long.
  10. VisualLR


    I was able to get the mesh to draw properly, but I stopped right before I started converting the skeleton and animation data and I havent been able to pick it up. I had some time this weekend, but I just couldn't get myself to do it, so I decided to rest, I need it, my wife is going to give birth any day now and we're all anxiously awaiting the big moment. Anyway, I'm cooking, so I gotta go check up on the sauteed shrimp & potatoes, it's my own recipe, yum. cya.
  11. So I'm working on getting importing models with full skeletal animation support. I've been doing this for the past couple of days, but mostly I had just been evaluating my options. First I gave Cal3D a try, setting it up was a pain; I'm not fond of DLL's, not for something that's not a plugin to an existing application, I know they're useful in some cases, but if I can avoid them I'm happy, I actually forgot what was the ultimate reason why I decided against it, I didn't like the way it was coded, I didn't like how a model was broken up into many files, just too many negatives. In the end, I decided to go with Microsoft, I mean, I'm already using Direct3D, so why not use their file format? It took me about 20 minutes to get a hacked in animated character (that completely bypassed my entire rendering architecture), and now I'm working on actually making it conform to the architecture; here's the first thing I saw when I compiled: This is actually better than I expected, I expected my computer to die a horrible death, but instead I got that! So it's all good, it just means somewhere the data is getting read or written incorrectly and it's jacking up the indices, or the vertices. Shouldn't be too bad to figure out. Alright, I'm going to keep at it because it's pretty exciting. Cool, just a few minutes after writing this post I found my error, I forgot to account for the index buffer stride, so after quickly fixing that: Now, I know that looks weird, but, that's just because I have only converted the geometry over, I completely ignored all the transforms, so every "submesh" is being drawn at the origin (everything has the identity matrix as its transform), so now, it's only a matter of getting the right transforms for each submesh, then I'll have to also get the frame data for the animations and get the bone information as well. If all goes well, I'll have an untextured, skeletal animated model tomorrow, making it textured is the easiest part, all I need to do is load the textures into the manager and save the handle in the submesh's material, it's so easy, I'll leave it for last.
  12. VisualLR


    lol! "long live Ra" made me laugh a lot =)
  13. I thought this was pretty funny, so I decided to share it... I can never go near that file again, I do not wish for it to eat my brains. *edit: I had the wrong image before...
  14. VisualLR

    Not Dead.

    whew! that's the best news I've heard all day! =)
  15. VisualLR

    wth gd?

    Ok, so something bothers me about gamedev. When I released EasyShots, I sent an email to announce it in the news section, I know it's not strictly a gamedev tool, but *I* use it to take screenshots of my works in progress, so I thought gamedev readers might be interested; my news never got posted, I wasn't happy, but I thought that perhaps gamedev is just trying to seem like a more _industry_ portal, I mean most of the news that get posted are industry news; but anyway, I didnt even get a response saying "sorry, we wont run your news, we are trying to stick to industry type things", which I would've understood... but I did not complain, I just kindly let it slip. But now... I saw that currently there are only two prices posted for 4E5, so I thought I'd give up a license of EasyShots to every contestant; I sent an email to the link they have on this page with my offer, this was on either friday or saturday... maybe I'm not as patient as I should be, but at least send a "we're busy but we'll get to you..." reply. My offer still stands, albeit "unofficially" for now, if any of the contestants is interested, send me a PM and provided that you can with a link to your entry and I'll happilly hook you up. EasyShots is great for taking IOTD screenshots, btw.
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