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  1. niteice

    billboards in quake 3 bsp

    I'm assuming you're loading shaders and this is the case for "deformVertexes autosprite" and NOT autosprite2? If so, I can post what Q3 does, that will have to be tomorrow as I don't have the source in front of me. I'm willing to annotate it, as it WILL warp your mind if you attempt to jump in cold.
  2. niteice

    Mac OS X woes

    use getmntinfo(3) and check which volumes are MNT_RDONLY. That's just for starters, if you need the actual media type (and not just assuming read-only is a removable drive) then use iokit to get info in the specific device. The basic idea is to ask iokit for the media type for the BSD device name.
  3. niteice

    Interested in Quake 3 Modding

    QuakeDev is probably your best bet, there were a few more back in the day but many have gone under.
  4. niteice

    Quake 3 Loading Problems

    you don't have pak0.pk3 from the demo.
  5. I solve this problem by dlopen()ing libGL.so and then dlsym()ing the extensions I need. Finding libGL is a task unto itself but this tends to be more reliable.
  6. niteice

    xml vs c++

    I can program in XML, can't you?
  7. That source code builds gamex86.dll, which is a majority of the lower-level game logic - for the most part physics, entity interaction, AI, and the scripting interface. The script language cannot call arbitrary functions in arbitrary DLLs. However, that is why you have the source code to the game DLL - you can add functions to be called from scripts. There's virtually no documentation, but I'll give some hints from what I remember: - idEventDef has a lot to do with exporting functions to scripts. - the EVENT and CLASS macros have a lot to do with the game's RTTI information, which is used to export classes to scripts. - look up Script_Thread.cpp (I'm not sure on the file name...you'll know it because it has a load of idEventDef definitions at the top) for all of the core function implementations. The most I can also offer is a suggestion on how to follow the code. Search for script function names you're familiar with and look at how they're implemented - I believe you need to define an idEventDef separate from the function, but writing the function is trivial. Again, this is, to my knowledge, not documented anywhere, just what I remember from browsing the code.
  8. niteice

    Runtime linking shared objects

    I do it like so: 1) Build application and libraries with no mutual knowledge of the other existing outside of shared header files. 2) Manually place libraries into an easily locatable directory (i.e. data/lib/linux-amd64) 3) At runtime: a) Get the current directory (i.e. /home/niteice/oe) b) Concatenate the expected directory (i.e. data/lib/linux-amd64) to the current directory (you now have /home/niteice/oe/data/lib/linux-amd64) c) Concatenate the library you want (i.e. renderer.so) to the path (you now have /home/niteice/oe/data/lib/linux-amd64/renderer.so) 4) Open the library and get pointers to the functions you want Quite easy to implement and platform-transparent to boot.
  9. Are you afraid of piracy? If your game is useless with only the exe, why not just give out a new one?
  10. niteice

    AngelScript on the iPhone

    It's ARM.
  11. niteice

    Fantastic contraption, anyone?

    Mind the gap (could probably be simplified)
  12. niteice

    Obama or McCain?

    Unless I misheard terribly, didn't Palin claim that Obama supports carpet bombing of civilians? That's a hell of a sound bite if I heard one tonight.
  13. Yep, that's how I did it. Look into the lua_Debug structure. I don't have access to my code right now but I'll post tomorrow.
  14. niteice

    IDs versus Pointers

    I use IDs as a hash table index. By generating the same hash for the same criteria, and limiting the range of possible values, they can theoretically sent across the network and serialized with no penalty.
  15. niteice

    Awesome racing games on the PC?

    TrackMania Nations is quite a good game, and the free version (United Forever I think...it has many names) is widely-played online. It has arcadey controls and physics, but not to the point of losing realism. The custom track community is quite large too, you'll rarely see the same track twice even on different servers.
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