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  1. Community College or Online School?

    I don't think in the end your success is going to depend on your education. I think most companies are going to be more interested in what you can do rather than your academic history. Having something to show you are able to do the job is a lot more interesting to employers, like projects you've worked on or any shipped games you were involved in. Anything to show your commitment and passion for the work will help. Communication skills is also essential, not everyone realizes how important the impression you make on others is
  2. should be as simple as transforming that local point to the models world space: p1 = localPoint * modelWorldMat; p2 = worldPoint; draw([p1, p2]); in the vertex shader, you'll have to then multiply the points by the cam1 view mat and the projection mat outPos = p * viewMat * projectionMat; where viewMat is CAM1's view matrix, and p is p1 or p2 EDIT: so your CAM2 position is the world point, and the "local" point is the direction CAM2 is facing? normally camera's are specified in world coordinates, so the direction should already be in world space p1 = CAM2.position + CAM2.direction * lineLength; P2 = CAM2.position; the direction a camera is facing is usually a unit vector, so if you want a longer line you'll have to multiply that vector by a scalar, like 10 if you wanted the line to be 10 units long
  3. You definitely don't want to use the time. I just reread your original post and you said you keep track of the first time the user opens the app. there's only around 80 million milliseconds in a day, so it's highly likely that you will eventually have multiple people with the same id, especially since apps are open most often during certain times of day. I suppose you could use the datetime or epoch, that would be better, but still could result in duplicate id's if you were to say promote your game, and a bunch of people started playing your game that day. Also, where would you store that id? when they reinstall the app, or clear the app data, you'll probably lose that id unless you save it somewhere else on the phone Could you clarify what you plan to do with the ID? Does the ID have to be the same every time the user comes online? or do you expect the ID to change every time they open the app? You don't want the user to get a new ID when they reinstall the app, but what if they change phones? can they get a new ID then? Maybe a simple login system with username and password when they come online would do the trick, that way they will have the same ID no matter what, and you won't have to get information about their device or anything like that.
  4. A Common Thread

    Again with the "you people" thing... racist. I can't help that I was born a mere human
  5. A Common Thread

    i have to ask, what is Rube? Sound like lube. Is there a link to it or something? It sounds over-hyped, and we all know where hype leads. No mans sky? (I actually enjoyed no mans sky for a couple hours when it first came out, but there were a lot of unhappy people that had high expectations) Also whats with the "you people" stuff Kavik? are you not part of the human race like everyone else here? I'm actually curious if you think your from a country nobody else here is from, or if there's something else that separates you from us. Is it possible your failures have something to do with your attitude towards others? I get a not so faint feeling when reading your posts, that you might actually think your godlike, and every human on earth is too dumb to realize how jaw-dropping amazing you are
  6. Guids are one thing you could look into. So they have to be able to get an ID while they are offline and not signed up. If they are offline then it won't really matter what their ID is until they come online. Once they are online you can assign them a new ID that is unique throughout everyone else that is online. I'd use an integer as their ID. when they sign up, give them the next available integer. that can be their user ID, so even when they are offline they will use that ID. If they need to get an ID without signing up, maybe do something like a session ID, so once someone connects online, they will get the next available session ID. again if they are offline the ID won't matter what it is, only when they come online. One last thing you can do is get device specific information, like the hard drive serial number plus mac address plus some other hardware serial. This would of course go into your platform dependent section of code, since each platform is going to have different ways of getting this information. once you have that string of serials, just md5 hash it or something to get a normalized string so everyone uses the same string size for their ID. I wouldn't use the time they started the app with, because it would be possible for multiple people to have started the app at the same time in their local machines time
  7. I don't think there's a whole lot of difference between opengl and d3d11 perfromance on windows. At least I've never noticed anything that stands out. I suppose you can precompile d3d shaders, but cannot precompile opengl shaders, so start up times could maybe be slightly improved. Also i'd say the code to set up is easier to do with d3d. You don't need to check all these specific features to see if they are supported like you need to in opengl (although you might just use a library that does all the checking for you). There's a lot of really old opengl resources out there for learning, so that's another check against starting with opengl in my opinion. with d3d, you just need to look for anything with d3d11, or d3d12, depending on what your trying to work with. The separation between newer and older iterations of d3d is more distinguished than the versions of opengl (and should you use the glut or glew or glu libraries for opengl? or should you use something else? or not use any of those?) I don't know much about metal, but d3d12 is similar to vulkan in that they are both "closer to the metal". They make no assumptions as opengl and previous iterations of d3d do. This means more work for the app developer, but allows you write the graphics system so that it fits your particular app more specifically, which can get you major gains in performance if done right than if you were to use an API that tries to do more for you. I believe Metal is similar to vulkan and d3d12 in that way?
  8. If your starting out, I don't think a wider device range is going to be that important. most of the time your using the os you feel most comfortable with to develop on and for, while your learning A lot of people learn the basics of 3D graphics by learning the API's, so i would just jump into one of them honestly, he'll learn about all that stuff when he gets there. For example, to draw a triangle on the screen, you don't need to know how to multiply matrices or work with quaternions. You don't even need to know how to work with shaders right away, just copy the one line shader functions to start with. Not that some theory wouldn't make it a smoother ride or anything though. I know it's already said, but i'd suggest starting with D3D11, It's a cleaner API in my opinion. Once you learn that you can easily learn OpenGL anyway, they have very similar concepts
  9. Removing Youtube Tutorials

    I don't think you should be doing this if your not enjoying it I do like the idea of a database people can vote for tutorials and resources, along with providing what they think is good or bad about it though. Could be useful to some
  10. I hear these are pretty good D3D11 tutorials for beginners ;P https://www.braynzarsoft.net/viewtutorial/q16390-braynzar-soft-directx-11-tutorials
  11. you marked the thread as dx11, did you mean dx9? Also, what exactly is the problem you are facing? do you get errors? does the model look different than you expected somehow? Try loading a simple cube in the .x format first, debug and check that the values you parse from the .x file are what you expect. Always start simple
  12. since your using d3d, visual studio has a graphics debugger which you could use to check all the values on the gpu, like constant buffers for example. You'd also be able to debug shaders too, to make sure your getting the values you expect within your shaders click debug->graphics->start graphics debugger then press the print screen button to take a snapshot of a frame. double click that frame and it'll open up the graphics debugger
  13. I would start by taking a look at the data rates you'll be able to get from the various protocols (hdmi, dvi, displayport). Then look for monitors that could even support that kind of refresh rate Looking at it, it looks like DVI can do up to 4.95Gb/s. HDMI can do up to 18Gb/s, which means at 4k it can do 60fps. DisplayPort is quite a bit better, so would probably be your best bet. right now, version 1.4 can do up to 32.4Gb/s, which looks like it can do 4k at 120fps. i'm sure you won't be using 4k, but these are just examples. the next version of displayport is supposed to be able to do up to 40Gb/s, and eventually it hopes to get to 64.8Gb/s These are just things i thought about to google. As far as monitors go, I'm only able to find them up to 240 Hz, but you'd probably be able to find something more by googling or talking to a company that makes monitors I like the idea of a spinning monitor, If you get this working please post some videos EDIT: Quick search, looks like the nvidia gtx 1080 and 1070 only support up to 240Hz
  14. Rip internet 2017-12-14

    Just get a VPN, there's nothing they can really do anymore that will stop the internet from being really free. Even if this passes I don't think it's going to be a permanent thing. i'm sure it'll eventually get rolled back. John Thune, a republican (they are not all for it), is asking for supporters of net neutratlity to come up with a way to keep it from being repealed constantly like it has. I still have high hopes
  15. Where to start… MMO to single player

    sounds like he just wants to play the mmo offline?
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