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    Xpert 11: Anyone up for a soccer match?

    Great to see all these new people! The more teams we have the better. It'll be a lot of fun this season. Congrats to Sweet Hack (jjd) again, they're the only other team to be here from the beginning of the league besides me, and jjd's really built a good team.
  2. Texas Brigade

    Ever wanted to manage a football/soccer team?

  3. Texas Brigade

    Ever wanted to manage a football/soccer team?

    Anyone? It's a lot of fun to play. It's also free and doesn't take much time from your busy schedule!
  4. Here's your chance then! The GameDev League on the football manager site Xpert Eleven is looking for new members for the 12th season of the league. In Xpert Eleven you manage a football side; you pick your lineups and tactics for each match, buy and sell players, and try to develop your side into superstars, as well as a couple other tasks. Basic preparation for each match doesn't take much time, maybe 5-10 minutes, although the obsessed among us certainly can take longer fine-tuning everything. The matches (our league holds two a week) are run through a simulation engine at the appointed time, and whenever you feel like it you can watch through a textual progression of the game. Check out the site for more info. If you're interested in joining up, register on the site and apply for our league, which has a league ID of 47992. Last season, the Middletown Knights, run by myself, managed to take a 35-34 point lead over TrapperZoid's Lamington Lemmings for the league championship. Emmanue Deloget's Black Socks came in third with 29 points. The GameDev League has run 11 seasons over two years since its founding by Dave_Lovegrove in January of 2006. Texas_Brigade (myself) is the current league admin, and Emmanuel Deloget is the leage assistant.
  5. Texas Brigade

    You reading this?

    I just discovered this journal a day or so ago, so now I'm reading it. Looks like a fun game!
  6. Our good staff member Emmanuel Deloget, manager of The Black Socks, won the 10th season of The GameDev League on the football/soccer manager simulation site Xpert Eleven. The top of the table was crowded, with three other teams within four points of The Black Socks's 49 points. Congratulations to him and all of the teams in the league for a good season. We're always looking for new managers, both to field new teams and take over old ones who's managers have disappeared. The site if free, and until you get hooked on it like several of us, doesn't take much time to maintain. We've managed to keep this league going for ten seasons and we'll have been playing for two years later this month. I encourage anyone, especially all of our football/soccer enthusiasts, to give it a look! Site: League ID: 47992 Once again, congratulations to Emmanuel, and hope to see ALL of you next season!
  7. Texas Brigade

    Why yes, I would love to try on some gear...

    First, that's just completely kick ass. That rifle is huge. Second, I think we have the same pair of glasses. So much that I actually noticed that they look similar.
  8. Texas Brigade

    GameDev.Net's xperteleven season is finished!

    Come on...someone has to think this funfest is a worthwhile thing to try out.
  9. Texas Brigade


    I think the elements are fine, but I don't know if I've got the time for it at this point, but I might try. I feel like someone was watching Charlie the Unicorn when they thought of the pony idea.
  10. Texas Brigade

    GameDev.Net's xperteleven season is finished!

    As the League Admin (Emmanuel's the assistant) and manager of the league champion Middletown Knights, I agree with everything he said. It really is a great game, and the developers are quite active; we've seen several improvements in the gameplay in the past few months. And don't worry about not being competitive for the league title at the start. If you manage your team right, you can get competitive very quickly; we have several teams that have demonstrated that. If we get enough people, there will even be a second division, where all the new teams can compete against each other and develop into a powerhouse team that can challenge anyone, without getting pummeled by an established team first. P.S. We've got two existing teams needing managers, one moderate fixer-upper and an abandoned championship team that's still in pretty good shape. Sign up quickly to have a chance at these teams!
  11. Texas Brigade


    Awesome library. Interesting that there's a book on spacecraft from a time period that hasn't passed yet. Maybe you know about this already, but if you have a Barnes & Noble near you, check out the discount section. It seems that 50% of it is awesome military books. I just picked up "The Official Military Atlas of the Civil War" for $20 (normally $70). I almost gave in and got a comprehensive book about aircraft carriers and one about the history of forts and fortifications too. Oh, and a question from that entry with the first spaceship montage in it. Are numbers 6 and 7 based at all on the P-38 series? That just jumped into my mind first thing when I saw them.
  12. Texas Brigade

    Hahlo Peoples..

    Quote:Original post by Prinz Eugn *if you can spot me in the one of the pictures in the slideshow, I'll give you a cookie. Trick is, what do I look like? Back row, fifth from the right. You posted that senior picture of yours a while back. You look pretty distinctive so I remembered. I like oatmeal cookies, but not tracking cookies. Can't wait for Dogfight. I thought Angels 20 was pretty awesome.
  13. The last football (or soccer for us Americans) match of Season 8 of The GameDev League on Xpert Eleven was held on Saturday, and Trapperzoid's Lamington Lemmings took home their first league title, with a 12-2-2 record. In Division 1, Spintwo's team Les Rois was even more dominant, going 13-2-1. Congratulations to both of them! Now that we're in the off-season, it's the perfect time to get in on the game! We've got several people who have had to quit, so there are some good teams that need managers, including a team that's won two championships! The game's a lot of fun, and it isn't much of a time commitment unless you want to make it one (I personally manage three other teams, including one in a public league). If you're interested, the site is and our league ID is 47992. Hope to see some applications!
  14. Texas Brigade

    Minesweeper or Solitare

    Quote:Original post by rip-off Freecell. But if I have to choose between minesweeper and solitaire, I'd go for minesweeper.
  15. Texas Brigade


    Sucks about the academy rejection. I really hope you get in next year; at least you could be the oldest C4C, which you could use to your advantage. I like the pictures, especially the retirement ones. My dad is retired Air Force as well, but he didn't get hosed down (he was a dentist and medical administrator). We actually visited the academy last summer on a road trip (and stayed in the AMAZING DV quarters there) and it is beautiful. And huge. I don't guess they let you land on their strip when you visited, right? Good luck with your game!
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