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  1. Looks good. One feature suggestion I have is to allow sorting of tasks in the main window by all of the fields. Currently you have sorting by task name, details, and date (by clicking on the corresponding column header), and you should allow this for all fields. I see that you allow sorting by others through the "Tasks" menu, but that is difficult to use quickly.
  2. janoside

    Skybox "popping"

    The shader is very simple and doesn't seem to have any glaring issues. I would make sure that you are passing the correct transformation information from your application. I strongly suspect this is the issue.
  3. janoside

    mdx2 is it real or vapor?

    Last time I tried to use it (before the December 06 DXSDK) MDX2 would throw a TimeBombException every time I tried to run my application. Needless to say that prompted me to move back to MDX1. I don't know if it will be supported in the future, but I wouldn't recommend starting to use it right now.
  4. In order to perform instancing of Direct3D Meshes the way I want to, I'd like to replace the DrawSubset method with my custom implementation. I have looked through the forums and saw a couple of implementations which are very similar to what I have. Unfortunately, when I render my scene with this replacement implementation, none of the meshes are visible. I ran NVPerfHUD on the application and all of the draw calls are still being made (evidenced also by an identical framerate for either implementation). Does anyone have any idea why my custom implementation would result in nothing being rendered? My implementation: AttributeRange attribRange = mesh.GetAttributeTable()[id]; device.VertexFormat = mesh.VertexFormat; device.SetStreamSource(0, mesh.VertexBuffer, 0); device.Indices = mesh.IndexBuffer; device.DrawIndexedPrimitives( PrimitiveType.TriangleList, 0, attribRange.VertexStart, attribRange.VertexCount, 3 * attribRange.FaceStart, attribRange.FaceCount); Any ideas are appreciated.
  5. Are standard C# compilers required to evaluate conditional expressions within an "if" from left to right? For example, is it possible for the following code segment to throw a NullReferenceException (because of the .ToString() call)? object x = null; if ( (x != null) && (x.ToString() == "string") ) { // do something }
  6. janoside

    what can you tell me about this PhysX thing?

    Search the forums. There's already a lot of discussion on the topic.
  7. janoside

    [.net] C# sorting an array of strings

    Create a custom IComparer<string> type. It should look something like this: public class StringLengthComparer : IComparer<string> { public int Compare(string s1, string s2) { if ( s1.Length > s2.Length ) { return -1; } else if ( s1.Length < s2.Length ) { return 1; } else { return 0; } } } (Sorry for the crappy formatting). Then, when you want to sort the array, call Array.Sort (a static method of System.Array) and pass it an instance of your StringLengthComparer.
  8. janoside

    Another newbie in need of guidance.

    I haven't heard of or read that book, so I'm only qualified to answer the last question. The compiler that comes with VC# 2005 Express is good. There are not many C# compilers that I know of, the one made by Microsoft for a language they developed is sure to be good. Although I don't know about the book, I'm sure it will be of use if you have no experience. Hopefully it has some really basic tutorials that just help you run your first program. From there I recommend experimenting a lot. Change the code, see if it runs, what happens when it runs, etc. Try to work your way through the book as you experiment, and don't forget about these forums if something has you stuck. It can be confusing when you first start programming, but it can be a very fun and rewarding hobby. Good luck
  9. janoside

    Please answer my questionnaire

    Section A (For everyone) : 1. Have you ever heard of Python programming language? If yes, do you like it? Yes, I have used it a little and I do not like it. 2. Do you think it is possible/feasible to develop a 3D engine alone within 6 months? Depends on the scope/size of the engine and the performance requirements. 3. What do you think of game development hobbyists? Uhhh, I like them, I guess. I am one. Everyone here is one, and I generally like the people on GameDev. 4. Do you recommend developing a 3D engine for your own? Depends on your goals. I am doing it and I find it to be a very rewarding experience in terms of understanding the complexities of such a system. If you just want to get a game out the door, probably not. Section B (For those with 3D programming experience) 1. What is your programming language of choice for 3D programming? C# 2. What is your API of choice for 3D programming? DirectX 3. Have you created an open world environment to move around? Yes 4. how did you learn about 3D programming? Online research and trial and error. 5. Do you enjoy 3D programming? Very much. 6. Please list out any 3D Engine (that is not developed by your own) you used before. I have looked at OGRE, Axiom, and Irrlicht but not used any of them extensively. Section C (For those without 3D programming experience) 1. Are you interested in learning 3D programming? 2. Are you interested in learning Python programming language?
  10. janoside

    [java] Applet Security Problem

    Thanks bleb, that really helps. I didn't realize it was running on the user's computer. If anyone knows of a good demo showing an applet loading server-side files I would appreciate a link. Thanks
  11. I'm new to Applets and I would like to make an applet that will allow visitors to my site to view a slideshow of images. I want the applet to load all image files that are in the same directory as the applet (on my server). How can I do it? I understand that applets have a lot of security implications, but it seems like I should be able to read a local file. Currently I am getting the following error message: access denied (java.util.PropertyPermission user.dir read). Any help is appreciated.
  12. Quote:Well, then I don't understand why anyone ever would like to code in assembly! These days, most people wouldn't. Compilers have become very good at producing good low level compilations of high-level languages. As swiftcoder says, it's algorithmic improvements that will give meaningful performance gains. After all, you can only convert your program to assembly once. If the performance does not satisfy you then, what will you do?
  13. How should I set the sizing parameters in DirectX to make particles size the same way as other three-dimensional objects (i.e. get bigger closer and smaller farther away)? I know what each of the three sizing parameters (A, B, and C) are supposed to do, but what are reasonable values for them? I have copied the values from several demos, but my particles never seem to size correctly with camera distance. Specifically, the particles become very small when the viewer is close to them, and quickly grow to a maximum size as the viewer moves away from them. I set the sizing parameters to the same values used in the CodeSampler point sprite demo. Any help is greayly apprecitated. [Edited by - janoside on April 20, 2006 4:52:27 PM]
  14. janoside

    [.net] C# inheritance

    Mark the base class's method "virtual". You can then mark the derived class's implementation as "override" and still call the base class implementation using "base.MethodName()".
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