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  1. nilkn

    (Insert Wii pun here.)

    Wii Sports Tennis is by far my favorite. Bowling is the runner-up. The other games seem to have lots of potential but they just lack the finesse and polish of Tennis and Bowling. I agree that boxing is the worst. I hope the poor controls are a result of poor or rushed implementation and are not representative of any inherent limitations in the Wii remote.
  2. nilkn

    Out of... depth? (short entry)

    Here's a belated congrats on your ACT score. I took the test for the first time in October and got a 32.
  3. nilkn

    It now belong to da orks!

    You are ridiculously productive. [grin]
  4. nilkn


    Checkpoints were really needed. The first level was long. As for making jump height proportional to the time the button is held down, this is how I would probably do it. First decide on some parameters: the maximum jump speed (maxSpeed) and the time the button must be held down to achieve this maximum speed (maxTime). Now, record the time at which the button is pressed (t1) and the time at which it is released (t2). Calculate (t2 - t1) / maxTime, clamp the result to the range [0,1], and call it normalizedTime. Now use this as a factor to interpolate linearly between 0 and maxSpeed; that is, have the character jump with speed normalizedTime * maxSpeed. Alternatively, you could interpolate the jump height directly rather than the jump speed. From the jump height you would need to calculate the speed necessary to achieve that height (assuming you are physically simulating this with gravity acting linearly on the character's vertical speed). Edit: On second thought, I think I may have misunderstood exactly what you are trying to do. Eh.
  5. nilkn

    Try to break the camera!

    I like it. However, shouldn't there at least be a little vertical scrolling when I'm bouncing up and down on the spring thing?
  6. nilkn

    Ok, I'll forget the water!

    Be sure to sign up for the beta program at Microsoft Connect.
  7. nilkn

    Why my kids will be home-schooled

    I have little to add to the discussion, but I must say that I thoroughly enjoyed reading this and Daerax's journal entries. I've always felt the same way about the educational system as it currently is, and it's very relaxing to see that I'm not alone. [smile]
  8. nilkn

    Blocky Man is using Game Genie!

    Quote:Original post by MarijnStevens Nice gfx style, but is that done on purpous ?? Stompy is famous (or infamous?) for his programmer art. [grin]
  9. nilkn

    Blocky Man is using Game Genie!

    Quote:Original post by MarijnStevens Nice gfx style, but is that done on purpous ?? Stompy is famous (or infamous?) for his programmer art. [grin] Edit: WTF? This post shouldn't be where it is, considering it was posted after the posts which succeed it...
  10. nilkn

    Blocky Man & C# shananigoats!

    If you're interested in learning a lot about the math behind 3D graphics, you should probably pick up a book on that as well. I recommend either 3D Math Primer for Graphics and Game Development or Mathematics for 3D Game Programming and Computer Graphics. In my opinion, the first is easier to follow at the expense of rigor, whereas the second one is more rigorous at the expense of ease. Pick your poison. [wink]
  11. nilkn

    Blocky Man & C# shananigoats!

    Well, I wouldn't worry about it too much. Really the math level of the book is extremely low compared to other books. Just think of matrices as mysterious objects that represent linear transformations with multiplication and you'll be fine. [wink]
  12. nilkn

    Blocky Man & C# shananigoats!

    I've read that book. I liked it: informative and to the point. Just a heads up: it helps to have a tiny bit of experience with 3D graphics prior to the book. Things such as matrices aren't explained.
  13. nilkn

    Numbers: Part 1

    That was an interesting read, Daerax. I look forward to more of your writings. Quote:Original post by ApochPiQ Therefore, everything reduces to 4, and 4 is all that exists. All of mathematics is a lie. 4 is the supreme number of the universe!
  14. nilkn


    C# rocks my socks off. I just began using it as well about a few weeks ago.
  15. nilkn


    Excellent suggestions ApochPiQ. For completeness, you could also use a signal-slot framework (see Boost.Signals) to handle the interactions.
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