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  1. Yes, that is what I have also noted. I have now used them both.
  2. i have just tried that. i have motorola and don't see how i would click on a link using the interface. is there some special formatting i need or is my phone crap? i can't figure out the full name for my phone :(
  3. Of these two environments which one is better for developing games for mobiles? Eclipse with EclipseME or NetBeans with mobility pack? I have read an article recently (but can't remember where anymore) where developers have chosen NetBeans instead of Eclipse because they said the compatibility issues were taken care of more easily in NetBeans. Cheers dudes, Martin.
  4. Dutch? Can u have an English interface? I am interested in developing a small game for a mobile and will let you know if I have something. If you know someone who needs heelp with a game let me know. Also, what is your website address? Cheers, Martin.
  5. Ok, so far I wasn't able to use reverb before altering the sound too much. But I am going to work on it some more. However I have created a new version anyway. This time hopefully scarier. Only i am worried that it is perhaps too clutered. Here is the new version (619Kb). Cheers, Martin. PS: My wife and her sister freak out everytime i play it :) MXB Designs [Edited by - mbosticky on September 26, 2005 11:00:50 AM]
  6. Ok, so it looks like mobile game would requie a lot of effort even if it was really simple because of the variety of incompatible features on different mobiles. So i suppose i have to bring in more resources. Are the profits on mobile games worth even doing? Is there any indie market for it? I know i will have to do proper research ofcourse. Cheers, Martin.
  7. What do you mean u are selling mobile games? Do u do it for living or as a hobby? Are u a distributor? Do u have a web site?
  8. Yes, i have just discovered NetBeans on the internet and will have to try it out this weekend. To be honest I suspect that I don't really know enough about mobile devices and how to program for them. For example I still don't understand what is actually necessary for a mobile user to download and install a game on a mobile. Will have to research this. What about iPods? Martin.
  9. Yeah, i see what u mean about the cut off. I will edit and post one or two versions soon. Cheers, Martin.
  10. Hi I just thought i would throw in my little creation here to get some feedback. I was trying to create a tune for my game wich would have kind of dark and dramatic overtones. The hero is a partially sadistic and partly psychotick female. here is the tune (500Kb). Cheers, Martin. [Edited by - mbosticky on September 23, 2005 6:55:10 PM]
  11. Hi everyone, I am wondering if anyone here has experience writing games or applications for mobiles in Java. Is it a good idea to write a small game for the mobile market at this time? Any pitfalls? Any tips? Also, I am currently using Eclipse development environment which is free. Any recomendations on suitable tools for such development and how much would it cost? Any websites worth checking out? Any of your thoughts are very much welcome, Regards, Martin. http://www.mxbdesigns.streamlinetrial.co.uk/
  12. Thanks. I had a look at the maze generator and i have to say that it looks pretty well advanced. I will have to look into this further when I have more time. Cheers, martin.
  13. This is great, i will have to have a look into this soon. For now I am going to push with my mini game for the browser that I am working on using java applets. By the way DogCity, if you want I can send u my resumae. It is not an exact match for a Technical Director and I am kind of bussy right now with my own little creation, but you never know when I could be usefull to ya. I do have 5.5 yrs of C++ under the belt and 6 months of java on top of that. Cheers, Martin.
  14. Quote:Original post by DogCity Maybe i'm completely missing the point, but cant you just set up some macro's in photoshop? I've missed the point haven't I? No you didn't. That is exactly what i was thinking but i don't know how to do that. However i have experimented with 3ds max and discovered that the whole process can be automated without even writing any code. Only the images are perhaps bit too large (ie. not optimised for internet).
  15. Quote:Original post by boontje Quote:Original post by mbosticky I have lived in UK for last 3 years but come from Czech and Australia. One think I noticed about europeans is that they are very pro social in politics. Well the UK people are anyway. Meaning they like social support and governmant taking care of people and that kind of stuff. So depending on your opinion, you may be careful about what u say. However nobody will shoot you in EU for u'r opinions :) Cheers, Martin. True... we are very pro social. And no you wont get shot for u'r opinions... unless you are a famous person(Pim Fortuin, van Gogh... they both got shot because they had some opinions which certain people didnt like :( ) You are right. But still, I have this impression that you are much more likely going to be shot in US than EU. Is that true? martin.