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    can you interchange? VB/C++?

    ok, well, im not ready for college, but i would really really like to make a 2d game, i dont want anything fancy but if there is a (14y old friendly) tutorial or book, or maybe even a person willing to waste a hour talking with me Were could i get some information on .NET programs, that would be easy to understand, i dont really like thanks you all for your help Steelgripz
  2. Hi im pretty new to coding, and im making a small game to show off to my parent (im 14 and live with them), and im curious if i could make the windows form in Visual Basic, and then transfer the form over to C++ were im more familiar to coding? i cant make the form in C++, (dont understand) Maybe a tutorial to teach me about c++ windows forms? or someone telle me how i could transfer a form from VB? any alternatives? besides switching languages edit: Thanks Steelgripz
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