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  1. Hello. I'm working on game based on Lua scripts, they control robots (simple AI). But when script is writen badly like that: while a=1 then do something end and it is endless loop, all my game hangs out. How to prevent bugs like this?
  2. I need to write program which gets graphic data (*.jpg, *.gif) from *.dat and *.rdt file. Is this possible? How to do this? I use C/C++. I'd bee grateful for any idea.
  3. Hey. I think now, that Kylotan is right. I did like You wrote, Michaelj, first I learnt how to bind lua with cpp, then designed AI. It was mistake, now I'm projecting AI, then I will make it work. Heh.. I ve got stupid question, what's AI module(what do You mean)? Greetings from Poland
  4. Aha, I see. It's look like i choose wrong AI model. I will try do that in other way. I've got working model for now but it doesn't satisfy me/ it works like (LUA) task(1) direction(12) go(100) task(2) direction(60) go(200) ... I did this ugly (task()) function in order to teel engine which is first and which is the next tasks. Engine in C stores information about it in arrrays. It's working fine to set up robot path, but for event like "contact" this model isn't good, maybe I'll try to combine with new, simply just add event control. I read about tag methods an other but maybe is better method. Now I go on practicing, it's the best for begginers like me. Thanks, anyway Greetings from Sosnowiec/Poland
  5. Hello. I don' understand the diference between ruled-based and event-based, could You explain me this? I thought about something like: ... if kontakt(direction, distance) then fire(direction,distance) ... Thanks
  6. Hello. I'm writing game using C++ and Lua. It's all about robots, two groups will fight each other, Lua scripts have to control robots( simple AI). How to do that? What is the best solution? I'll be grateful for any sugestions. Peace
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