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Project Taival

a Psychological horror game.


Hi all,

I'm currently making assets for a new horror game (final name TBA), which is going to be HUGE! Okay, Trump jokes aside, please visit my project sites and let me know what you think - what could be done better regarding marketing or if you know anywhere where I could find people interested in helping out on some of the asset creation for the non-generic stuff and possibly textures and website graphics, or especially - Marketing! If I could find people to handle marketing with me, I would have more time to spend on the assets of this project and complete this project on a faster timetable. The 3 Years is a prediction based on IF I need to do this game alone. Then it might take 3 - 5 years from start to finish.

The game is going to have a deep backstory, with mythological elements from a life philosophy of the Finnic peoples of ancient times, which have slight similarities with the Japans Shintoism in that every living thing has it's own kind of spirit.

The horror comes from carefully thought out placement of dark, spooky and outright scary elements. My aim is to NOT go over the top with jump scares - only where it really adds to the horror and keeps them unpredictable as much as possible. 

As an example, imagine this - you come home at late evening, it's cold and dark winter and everything seems normal and you are happy to have arrived at your home. But when you put your key to the lock of your front door, suddenly you hear a slight, cold breath on your year. You are a little startled, but brush it of thinking it was probably just a draft. You get ready to bed, brush your teeth, a slightly spooky calm music playing in the background and you as a player anticipate something to happen when he closes the mirror cabinets door in the bathroom, but nothing happens - yet. You go to bed, everything is normal - to the main character at least, but you see something is not right with the lighting - something translucent and without definite shape is blocking some of the street lights that shines through the windows. The main character falls to sleep, but when he wakes up, everything seems normal at first, but finally you notice, things are not as it should be.

Just a little taste from one of the segments how the game will probably start out. The atmosphere is in the main role of the game and most of the scary elements are tied to it one way or another. Strange noises, some might be dangerous, some are not, but there is also going to be an element of unpredictability. I'm aiming at making a game that even I wouldn't want to play in the dark, despite having quite high resistance for horror games and movies.

I'm also going to hire some helping hand, at least part time, the moment I can afford it. I'm also planning my first crowdfunding run at #mesenaatti ( https://mesenaatti.me/en/ ), which is part of the Nordic crowdfunding alliance ( http://www.nordic-crowdfunding.com/about.php ) the largest "kickstarter" -like campaign site in Finland. Anyone who doesn't have restrictions on their credit cards can participate.


My personal goals for this project are;

• Get better at 3D modeling on more various selection of modeling software.

• Learn to make presentable music. • Study on how to make animated videos from scratch.

• Get to know some basics about several game engines, before choosing the one that I will use.

• To improve my storytelling and compilation skills.

• Bringing to fruition a marketable end result and registering a Game Development company.

For all the latest information, you can subscribe to these social media sites;


What regards marketing, before you do lots of it, try doing some market research. Here is a very good example:

I love the game idea, but you should note two things:

  • when the player hears a dark-themed music, notice the player hears it, not the actual PC/Player Character,... even if it did, one would be seriously freaked out if he heard a voice inside his head, let alone a creepy melody; as opposed to being slightly intimidated, as in your case
  • do not clone latest three Doom games(Doom 3, Doom, Doom Eternal): the first game is based on scaring, the second on demonic atmosphere and even though it is not actually a horror game, and is heavy action-based, it creeps the hell out of as you almost feel like you live in the future where you are the only single thing which can save the world from total destruction and/or Hell on Earth(the sub-title of the Doom 2 is exactly this phrase), as for the third it is based on large amount of enemies and it is quite creepy-intense...so why you shouldn't clone them? Let's be honest, they are great games and you can find their state of an art-piece design as an important inspiration to your games - nobody likes game clones. I mean there is a certain barrier which makes the innovation extremely hard to implement(code-based and game-design-based) you should not copy the style of other games. It is on thing if you are not innovative, it is acceptable, but if you clone other games, it is the contrary of a great game. To summarize, my advice is buy Doom 3 and play it. The farther into the game you get, after the 10% of the story where you encounter the first enemy, the more scary and hell-like the game gets. So after you played it for a couple of hours or in my opinion even better after you have beaten it on the second difficulty, you'll get a basic idea how to make a game scary. My point is here not you don't have the basic idea of how to implement scary elements into the game and there are a lot of jump-scare occasions, the game is based on unpredictability, which you prefer. It is based on the vision of hell. At first you see creepy monsters which send shivers down your spine, but as soon as you get into the - say 60% of the story there is an intense and notable shift in scare-factor. You see vision hallucinations, even more creepy enemies, with epic bosses which want to in a way convince you in a way your Doom has come. And this is most certainly my definition of scary.
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This is a very good example state of art song by Linkin Park song named Papercut of how paranoia and fear works in a real-world example:
Linkin Park - Papercut - lyrics

The name of the band is based on the name of  Santa Monica's Lincoln Park, now called Christine Emerson Reed Park, which is in my opinion means (the actual name of the band) their pride of the president Abraham Lincoln as the former president of USA. So there might be some correlation between the human pride and human fear as well, based on how I interpreted the lyrics in this song and the lyrics of other songs of the same band.

The citationed facts:


The band's renaissance culminated with another change in name, this time to Linkin Park, a play on and homage to Santa Monica's Lincoln Park,[22] now called Christine Emerson Reed Park.[31] 

Linkin Park - Wikipedia

I do not know however 100% sure(or factual), if the band was really named by and towards Abraham Lincoln, as the actual documented Lincoln Park is in Chicago, which is states away. The only current Lincoln Park is the one in Chicago and is the one which was named after the fore-mentioned president of the United States.


Lincoln Park is a 1,208-acre (489-hectare) park situated along Lake Michigan on the North Side of Chicago, Illinois. Named after US President Abraham Lincoln, it is the city's largest public park and stretches for seven miles (11 km) from Grand Avenue (500 N) on the south[1][2] to near Ardmore Avenue (5800 N) on the north, just north of the Lake Shore Drive terminus at Hollywood Avenue.[3] 

Lincoln Park - Wikipedia

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Papercut is one of the songs of the top-selling album Hybrid Theory, so if you want a little background:


Recorded at NRG Recordings in North Hollywood, California, and produced by Don Gilmore, the album's lyrical themes deal with problems lead vocalist Chester Bennington experienced during his adolescence, including drug abuse and the constant fighting and divorce of his parents. Hybrid Theory takes its title from the previous name of the band as well as the concept of music theory and combining different styles.

Hybrid Theory - Wikipedia

An interesting note: I know you meant no harm, but I really don't like it when people make jokes of Trump.


please visit my project sites and let me know what you think - what could be done better regarding marketing or if you know anywhere where I could find people interested in helping out on some of the asset creation for the non-generic stuff and possibly textures and website graphics, or especially - Marketing!

Well I have to say good job on having multiple resources of announcements/game info, so if people search for "horror game" input in a search engine(not just Google's, but the also of the ones you linked), they will more likely find a relevant game they want.

2D art assets

3d game assets

Royalty-free game music

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