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The Fire of Ardor

A submission for the Gamedev.net dungeon crawler challenge




The game takes place in a world which is infested by the curse of the daemon lord Ardor. Burning like a fire and spreading like a plague, the curse causes people to become greedy and grudging, some of them even turn into bloodthirsty monsters. By reaching out to reign supreme, the fire of Ardor burns its way into our world. The player is a nameless warrior who crested the silver mountain in order to enter Ardor's world and defeat him. To open the dimension gate, the player has to defeat a dungeon and obtain the soul stone that is hidden inside. During the game you won't confront the daemon himself, but obtain the soul stone from the dungeon and bring it to the wizard Randuras, the last resident of the doomed town at the top of the mountain.

Update - Continuing Development

Four months after the end of the dungeon crawler challenge, the game has changed a lot. Read more about it in the newest development blog post:



Finally got to play this, linux version works great, only slight bug was it didn't change the screen resolution when fullscreen so the gameplay was in the topleft, but apart from that it worked great! :) Well done!

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thank you for your feedback! I had a similar issue during development and I thought I fixed it by faking fullscreen mode (it works on Kubuntu 16.04).

May I ask what distribution you use? Maybe I can reproduce the bug and fix it.

BTW: I just uploaded a Windows build

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I'm interested in composing soundtrack music for this game.  I will do it for free.  Link below is my portfolio of work.  I've been playing videogames and writing music all my life as a hobby, but now want to take it to the next level.  I am willing to make any and all kinds of music, I have the tools and resources to produce many genres.

Let me know, my email is norourke71@outlook.com.

Thank you,

Neil W. O'Rourke



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  1. Developer
  2. Category
  3. Genre
    Role Playing
  4. Status
    In Development
  5. Release Date
    January 29, 2019
  6. Platforms
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Development Team


Last updated 07/22/19
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