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Fraud Simulator

A business simulator with an emphasis on Fraud


Hello, and thanks for visiting my page!

I am developing a business simulator in my spare time and I'm here to share my experiences with you.

The reason I began making this game is because I'm sick and tired of playing games for the sake of running a business. No one in the world runs a business to simply run a business. We run businesses to give us agency in life to do the things that we want to do.

The core mechanic of the game will be to own businesses and make revenue, but for the purpose of changing the world, for better or worse. I want to code as much as possible to let you do everything that you've wanted to do, in a simulation, and hopefully teach you some ways to run a business as well.

The game will be wired up with full financial statements, employees, hiring with actual interviews, networking that allows you to have more opportunity for events, skills to advance that are apart from your company, different choices in the types of companies and industries you can start.

The main mechanic that I'm excited about is a scheduler to create the opportunity cost in the game. Do you spend time on your sales or marketing? Do you learn to play the guitar to attract friends or clean out your garage for more inventory space? Do you bribe a Congressman for favorable tax deals or just hire the cartels to get more throughput?

You don't have infinite time. Like all humans, your life will be cut short one day. What will you do with your time?


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Last updated 08/17/19
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