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FPS Maker

First Person Shooter Game Engine




What is FPS Maker ?

FPS Maker is an FPS game engine/editor with no coding knowledge requirements designed for absolute newbies in game development.

Paint your rooms on a grid, place entities and test your map with just one click. Share your final game as a standalone game (no need to get the editor) in a few clicks.

Import your own assets an make your own game in a few time.

FPS Maker is written in C++ using Irrlicht for the rendering and openAL for the audio.


Wants to try a game made with FPS Maker ? 2 small game demo have been aded in the download section. I would recommend the second demo, the horror game is the latest demo and has more features ;)

Note that this demo has been made with a young development version of the engine, all game features are not present but there is some base.







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Last updated 07/24/19
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