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A small, cross-platform 3D game engine




This is a free, open-source, minimalistic 3D game engine, developed in C++ and using OpenGL with shaders.

Games made with the engine (also attached)

Avoid the Bug 3D


Chase the Goat 3D



  • Runs on Windows (Visual Studio and MinGW builds), Mac, Linux (tested on Debian, Fedora and Ubuntu).
  • It works with GLFW.
  • Uses OpenGL 3.3 and defaults to 2.1 if the former is not available.
  • Uses C++11.
  • You can tweak the engine's shaders, as long as you keep the same incoming variables and uniforms.
  • Plays sounds from .ogg files.
  • Doesn't hide GLFW or OpenGL from you. You can set up your main game loop, inputs, etc, however you want, use its functionality, but also code around it making your own OpenGL calls for example.
  • It can read and render models from Wavefront files, including animations. Personally, I use Blender to create the models.
  • Texture mapping.
  • It can render any image in any position (for example to be used as the ground, or the sky).
  • Gouraud shading. You can set the light direction and intensity.
  • Simple rotations with matrices.
  • Simple collision detection with bounding boxes.
  • It renders text.
  • Very permissive license (3-clause BSD). The libraries it uses have been chosen to have a permissive license also.


I am maintaining this project as a hobby. Some history can be found in the articles below:





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    November 18, 2014
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Last updated 06/04/18
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