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Tiny 3D Game Framework (C++)




This is a free, open source, minimalistic, cross-platform 3D game framework for the C++ programmer who would like to make games for PCs using a minimal set of libraries (glfw, glew, glm, png, zlib, gtest, ogg, vorbis, portaudio, freetype, bzip) and relying on C++ code to do the rest. It works on Windows, Linux and MacOS and supports Visual Studio, gcc (even MinGW) and clang for compilation.

It helps you by providing you with cross-platform rendering code based on glfw and OpenGL that can render wavefront models, animate them as frames, map textures on them, provide some basic lighting (Gouraud shading) and also render images and text. A very easy to use Sound object is also provided that can play ogg files on all supported platforms via a common interface. Basic collision detection has also been implemented.

The distributable contains all required dependencies and scripts to build them on all supported platforms. Build instructions for small3d, full API documentation and a tutorial are also included. Using small3d is very easy. Going through the README file to build the engine and create a first simple demo and then taking a look at the source code of the two sample games is enough for mastering all of its features.

Games made with small3d (available for download here)

Avoid the Bug 3D


Chase the Goat 3D


Separate Projects

Frog Remixed



I am maintaining this project as a hobby. Some history can be found in the articles below, even though some things described there have changed over time.



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    September 19, 2014
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Last updated 10/04/18
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