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Reimagining of Sierra On-Line's Outpost




What is OutpostHD?

OutpostHD is a game inspired by OUTPOST that adds the missing advertised features, improves gameplay mechanics by removing a lot of the unnecessary and tedious micro management, interface choices that make a lot more sense, an enhanced research tree and a planned but as of yet undeveloped multiplayer mode.

The core of the project is to provide a fun OUTPOST game that has all of the advertised features and provides better feedback for things like resource lines, mining/factory/laboratory reports and colonist opinion/morale.

Project Goals

Primary Goals

  • Develop a new, modern code base that can be built and run on multiple platforms including Windows, MacOS X and Linux.
  • Implement the core gameplay mechanics from OUTPOST
  • Provide a better interface from which the user can get better feedback from their Colony.
  • Add the ability to establish new colonies on the same planet.

Secondary Goals

  • Develop new visuals to replace the old graphics using modern rendering procedures and alpha transparency (something impossible at the time the original game was built).
  • Add additional planet and star types.

Tertiary Goals

  • Implement a multiplayer mode where other users can establish colonies on the same planet or different planets/moons within the same star system.

What Platforms are supported?

OutpostHD is primarily developed on Windows but will run on macOS X and Linux (has been built and successfully run on Arch and Ubuntu flavors).

Is the Source Code available?

Yes, most definitely. Source code is hosted on GitHub.


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    July 6, 2018
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Last updated 09/08/18
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