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#5105160 Looking for feedback on programmer portfolio.

Posted by Pepe Camarasa on 28 October 2013 - 03:18 PM



I've finally decided to make my own web and use it as portfolio so I can show my work to potential employers. It would be nice if I could get some feedback on the way I'm showing my work, so I won't give a bad impression. The site is still under construction, but I want to get some advice from you guys before I go on so I can correct my mistakes or improve things:




Things I'm worried about:

  • Is it getting too long? This specific project is pretty big and I still have some more parts to write about.
  • Am I using the proper format? Is it okay to link to the source code the way I'm doing it or is it better to embed smaller parts on the page?
  • Is the video demo actually helping? Is it a good practice?
  • I'm not a native english speaker. Am I expressing myself correctly? (I'm aware there are some gramatical errors which I'll definitely clear up before going live.). Do my points get across or it just reads like a lot of gibberish?

Thank you so much for your time.


P.S: This is an unrelated question, but don't want to flood the board with topics. I'm going to apply to a job and I must provide an introduction letter and a covering letter and I can't figure the difference between the two. Any ideas? If it's wrong to ask the question here I'll edit the post and create a separate thread, thanks.

#5095431 About to finish my CS degree. What's the next step?

Posted by Pepe Camarasa on 20 September 2013 - 05:59 AM



I've just spent a while reading the FAQ's proposed on the sticky post and I must say it's been a really good read. However, I'm posting this because I need some advice on my specific situation.


I'm Pepe Camarasa, a Computer Science student from Spain. I've finished all the courses and only my final project remains before I finish the 5-year degree. Currently I'm working on it at my university in a research group (http://www.ai2.upv.es/en/index.php) as intern on a project about food quality control in C++/Qt/OpenCV and my contract ends at the end of november, which means a couple of months later I'll be ready to pursue my gamedev career.


While it has been offered to me the chance to stay there and work towards a PhD, game development is where my passion lies, so I've already contacted my superior and explained to him that I won't continue with my work there. Having taken this decision, now I can't but wonder what should be my next step.


Sending CV's is probably the most obvious. However, having read a lot of stories, advices and tips about breaking into the industry,it seems like my chances are fairly low. One of the most common things I've heard around the internet is that finished projects help a lot, so while studying, I decided to work on a couple of gamedev-related projects on my own during 3+ years. The results? A C++ 2D engine+editor (https://code.google.com/p/alegria-engine/) and an Android game (https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=seq.game).


With the savings I earned by working here at the university I can spend some months focusing almost exclusively on getting a job. So my specific question is: Given my background, what would be the best thing to do during that time in order to land a job?


Should I complete more projects before sending CV's (gamejams, learning existing engines...)? Or should I send them right away? Any tips regarding interviews? Am I lacking any obvious knowledge (C# maybe)? Should I specialize on a specific area? Any tips on getting to know people from the industry?


I know it's a vague question, but as my first contact with the industry I'm a bit overwhelmed. I've worked hard and I plan to do the same until I get a job, but some guidelines would be extremely appreciated, so thank you very much for taking the time of reading this!