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Gnoblins - Development journal of an indie game


Closed test session, could need some helping hands !

Posted by Ashaman73, 06 February 2016 · 325 views
Gnoblins, Test
I want to start a new closed test only available to a small, dedicated group of testers. If someone has interest in helping me out, send me a PM and I will give you the download link http://public.gamedev5.net//public/style_emoticons/default/biggrin.png  Gnoblins is a dungeon building game, similar to Dungeon Keeper and to some extend to Dwarf Fortre...

Preparing my engine for Vulkan API

Posted by Ashaman73, 27 January 2016 · 383 views

Looking at the vulkan api so far, it could solve many of my rendering performance issues in my engine. My engine was based on OpenGL 1.2, followed by a transition to OGL 2.0 and lot of extension later left me with a more or less modern deferred render engine. Still, there exists some really old and ugly rendering code, most famous the GUI code. My gui cod...

January update: large creatures, polishing and preparing a closed test

Posted by Ashaman73, 22 January 2016 · 186 views
Welcome to the January update.
The focus of the last two month was the transition of the game from a developer version to something you should give someone for testing. That is polishing the art, the interface, play testing, tweaking the game mechanism, finishing all the incomplete stuff like guides, descriptions, animations, missing items and a lot of ba...

September update: the new mining interface

Posted by Ashaman73, 27 September 2015 · 587 views
Here is the September developer log. This time I'm showing off the development of the mining interface over several versions. Even if the current interface version seems to be a logical way to approach the interface, lot of constraints and limitations often ensure, that you need lot of design attempts until you come up with a suitable solution.

The real...

August Update (Version 0.2.40)

Posted by Ashaman73, 29 August 2015 · 646 views
Here's the august update. This month I worked on improving the accessibility of the user interface. A lot of the more complex features have been moved on the main screen, especially the mining map has been removed and integrated directly in the game world now. I will show off the improvements next update, after testing and tweaking it a little more.


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