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A turn based strategy game with card game mechanics, *sigh* I know... exciting. I've had this on the back burner for a long time and just never brought it to light. Just messing around with art some more I redid all the original 1st grader art. Not really a huge improvement, but atleast it has consistancey and everything is not just solid colors. blah blah blah here is a quick screen at the beginning of my test game.

Posted Image

The game board is just like that of a checkers/chess board. Each 4x4 corner is owned by one of the players. The player can play the cards in they're hand to place tokens onto the game board, but can only place tokens in their area. once on the game board each token can move once a turn, moving into an occupied space will make each token fight. The beginning of each game, each player can pick were in their area they want to place a castle. The goal being to attack the other players castles until they get destroyed.

Like everything it still isn't finished, and is missing some fundamental mechanics for attacking and using the abilities on cards. So you basically just place tokens and move them around till you're out of resources.

Till next time ... uh.. I forget.

Dec 05 2011 01:12 AM
Love those graphics, looking awesome.

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