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Classic RPG #1 - Task 4

4: Adsense

Previous Task 3: http://www.gamedev.n...c-rpg-1-task-3/

Task 3 Update 8: http://www.gamedev.n...ask-3-update-8/


Task 4:

Task 4 will consist of getting the world map completed, and playable. Your inventory, equipment, spells, and journal screens usable as well. Enemies will not be currently present yet. Cities will be active in Task 5!

Task 4's Goals:
  • Complete the world map
  • Viewable Spell Book
  • Viewable Inventory
  • Viewable Equipment screen
  • Viewable Journal

Stay tuned!!!

Apr 17 2012 05:54 AM
Great work so far! I've followed this since you started development and it's come on leaps and bounds!
Apr 19 2012 04:10 PM
Its nice you set out goals, I should do that more often. A good way to actually see some progress and keeps you motivated. However, I fail to see the difference between these two bullet points though:
  • Viewable Inventory
  • Viewable Equipment screen
Shouldn't it be possible to merge the two? Keep us posted! =)
Apr 19 2012 05:22 PM
The inventory screen will show anything you can or cannot equip. The equipment screen will show all possible items you can only equip for better item management.
Apr 19 2012 05:22 PM
Thanks Lee! :)
Apr 20 2012 01:52 AM
Ah, okay. That makes sense :)

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