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Dukandia - Small Check Up

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Over the past few weeks Dukandia has been planned and a few decisions have been made. The first one is that we will stay with Java, this decision was made final. Final planning is finished, however we have decided to not make these plans public due to an unfair advantage that these would give potential players when said features or items n what not are made to be hidden, I will discuss creating a Public version that merely hints at the fact they exist at all why not saying what they are, as to give you more information on the game itself.

Dukandia Updates:

Window Mode support has been added
Double Buffer has been added updated to work with both modes
More Items that use to lag the engine up have been moved to separate threads
Menus re-size from the master size of 2500 x 1875

We are looking into the idea of a Day-night menu system with various particle effects to help add some "Pizzazz"
Menu Music is being developed

We are looking for server host services, or actual servers to purchase.

Jun 16 2012 12:34 PM
A small logo has been made for Dukandia
Jun 18 2012 10:05 AM
Nice banner/logo. I think the book part of it especially looks very nice.
Jun 18 2012 11:45 AM
Thanks for the opinion, I was worried it would look cheesy.

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