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Back, How did we do the last 2 years!

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Wow has it already been 2 years ago i wrote my first and last entry!
But here is a update, or maybe a better description "A look back!"

2 Years ago the first game we made Star Memory we got 7 game copies sold in those 2 years. But on the bright side almost 4000 people has played it!
1 months after Star memory we released Combi Memory, this game has sold 5 copies till now and 3000 people has played it.
We got quite disappointed but we where still dreaming we can make a living out of this.
So we took all our hopes and created Theme Slots released it in July 2012, first day we got 120 installs on Google play so we where really happy! With some ups and downs of the installs we currently have almost 30000 installs and around 400 active players each day!
After that we created Theme Slots Horizon(12000 installs) and Theme Slots Autumn(9800 installs)
So around 50000 people have played one of our games and that feels amazing!
A question i got alot can we make a living out of it?
NO, but we earn 5 Euro's or 6 Dollars each day so that is nice but really not enough......

The real lessons we learned:
1. We need a marketing person.
2. It is really cool to make games, but it is even cooler that people around the world are playing and enjoying YOUR games!

We have some other games created in the past year. but they where also not a real succes so i do not mention them here!

We are working on a new game, and we hope to show the first pictures soon.

May 15 2014 02:33 PM

Sounds cool. At least you were somewhat successful, from what I can tell. Just not very much so money-wise. But good luck on the money part in the future, hope you do better.

May 16 2014 01:37 PM

Thank you for sharing, I think it's important to show the stories of less than stellar success.  Though I wouldn't think of it as failure yet, that would only happen if you stopped.

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