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Undead Castle Dev Journal

Undead Castle Intro Video

Posted by , 25 March 2014 - - - - - - · 913 views
undead, journal, castle, survival and 4 more...
Just a little quick update via Video. Enjoy!

Please check us out at BLMdev.com and IndieDB.com
Follow us on Twitter.com/blmdev and Facebook.com/BrokenLimitsMedia

Quick Update: Still Alive

Posted by , 23 March 2014 - - - - - - · 847 views

Quick Update: Still Alive Hello followers and interested readers! I just wanted to give a real quick update to let you all know that we're still alive and that we plan on releasing our very first playable Prototype Demo within 3-4 weeks! Woot! If all goes well, I'll be taking the demo to PAX East in April!

Please check us out at BLMdev.com and IndieDB.com

Follow us on Twitter.com/blmdev and Facebook.com/BrokenLimitsMedia

What are we up to?
- Rebuilding our game website
- Animating Angry zombies
- Animating Asher (main character)
- Designing HUD and GUI (practically finished)
- Modeling Assets (never ending gig)
- Working on a Teaser Trailer!
- Cranking out Sounds and Tunes
- And other awesome game dev stuff

Thanks for reading! I'll update you again very soon.

Undead Castle Prototype Demo

Posted by , 12 March 2014 - - - - - - · 957 views
indie, demo, prototype, zombie and 1 more...
Undead Castle Prototype Demo
Alas! We’re closing in on our biggest update for the Undead Castle! Our first actual demo of the game. This will include a fully controllable and playable main character (Asher), basic / common Undead enemies, and an interesting game play area to explore and slay zombies in.

Tell me more!

Broken Limits Media is cranking out 3D assets, undead audio sounds, and game play elements every day! We’re now 10+ strong and making more progress than ever. You can bet that this indie dev isn’t going to die out like many of the other ones. I’m going to make sure of it, as I always have. We may lose members here and there and hit some of the usual indie roadblocks, but there’s one major difference in my team. Me < I’m stubbornly determined to develop games and make my mark on the world.

Enough of that. What about the zombies?

Well, the zombies… You’re all probably tired of zombies by now. Some of you may not be, but I’m sure many gamers and avid movie goers are tired of zombies. That’s not a problem if you want to check out the Undead Castle. Our game is not all about zombies. In fact, the zombies are more or less just your common enemy. Our game is about secrecy, government, fate, destiny, the afterlife, and much, much more. Oh, and if you didn’t already know this from previous posts, the game is set 3000+ years from now in a land called Unden, ruled by the Devotion Monarchy, a form of government which has banished technology and lives as if they are medieval. But, there is always a way around the rules and laws. Surely you cannot expect that after 3000 years this region has fallen under absolute obedience, never giving hope to the return of advanced technologies. Perhaps the major enemy, the Revolution (aka Revolt) will prove that not even the powerful Devotion can stop the ancient ways of life (hint: We ((in reality)) are Ancients).

Still not interested?

Come on… That’s not enough nuggets of information about our game? Fine…

So there’s this whole other side of the story. The Devotion are very religious people. Some might even say that the Revolt is a sub-sect of the Devotion, aiming to improve the lives of the people of Unden. So what do these groups believe in and “who” do they give devotion to? They believe in the Overworld. They devote themselves to a clean and righteous life so that when they die, their souls will have good fortune in the Overworld. Without going into too much details about the Overworld, I’ll tell you that souls from the Overworld may communicate with our game world and be of assistance or hinderance to our main player, Asher. The Overworld contains a vast realm of all souls of all mortals (no heaven/hell). In this place, deities exist and reign over lesser souls. Some deities have grown wicked and greedy with power. One of these wicked, Marz is blamed for starting the undead outbreak 3000 years ago. Another deity, Agapé will commune with Asher and collaborate with him to thwart the plans of Marz. And that’s I’ll I have to say about that. For more, you’ll have to wait patiently.

If this game interests you, please leave us feedback. If you’re excited about the release of this game, please show your support. Visit the following: www.facebook.com/brokenlimitsmedia, some of Undead Castle’s Art, and our Blog.

Quick Update: Animating Asher

Posted by , 19 February 2014 - - - - - - · 871 views
undead, castle, indie, animation and 2 more...

Hello gamers! I'm just going to leave a quick update about the Undead Castle game project. Please check out our Vines giving updates to the game. Keep checking in there for weekly updates.

Lately I've been messing about with the animation for our main character. Honestly, I'm a newcomer to modeling and animating, but I think I'm getting the hang of things. I'm really just trying to help out so the better members can focus on building more assets and getting them into the game. Those Asher animations you'll be seeing more of, they're my attempts at animation. Be nice ;D

We're probably going to make a big announcement soon, so keep checking in for that. We don't want to make it a definite, so I can't let it out just yet.

We hope to hear more from you all! Share this project with your friends and like us on Facebook! Thanks!

The Undead Castle - Game Premise

Posted by , 06 February 2014 - - - - - - · 963 views
undead, developer, journal and 4 more...
The Undead Castle

Unden is a country thousands of years old, with the peaceful Devotion monarchy that seems too powerful to topple or appose. The founder, Roman Haas, left behind strict religion and documented his life and laws through the Devont, the Devotions bible. This land of Unden, rich with history, will make a fantastic play world for our game, the Undead Castle.

Unden Valley is a region in Unden with mountains surrounding a large open area and two cities, Ryhart and Oltin, at either end of the valley. These cities are iconic and ancient. Ryhart is threatened by the Revolt early in our game and a hero must arise. Asher is the servant of the baron of Ryhart, Edwin Bernal.

Asher knows very little of his destiny, but the deity Agape sees that he holds the future of Unden in his fate. She communicates with him and instructs him to do her works for the betterment of the kingdom. He is properly motivated, but we will save that bit for later, so as not to spoil the story in the game.

The biggest features of Unden in terms of story:
Unden - A country sustained for thousands of years during a zombie apocalypse. Vast history.
The Devotion - A religious force with ancient knowledge and everlasting dominance.
The Overworld - There is not heaven nor hell, but the Overworld. All souls reach this place.
The Revolution - A divided group split from the Devotion. They seek to overthrow the Devotion.
Asher's Fate - Who is this young hero? How will he affect Unden? What will he become?

There will be updates and sub-stories as we develop the game. Keep checking in.

If you liked what you read about Unden, Asher, and The Devotion, please share with the world!
Keep your eyes open for an update on when we're going to release our first playable game demo! (Hint: It will be soon)

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Game Design Document

Posted by , 12 January 2014 - - - - - - · 1,311 views
game design document, gdd and 5 more...
Undead Castle's Game Design Document
A Game Design Document means a lot to a game. In fact, it IS the game. Without it you can become lost in a big mess of ideas, random sketches, and designs that might all fit very well, in several separate games! So when you're writing a Game Design Document you've got to know it will hold up the integrity of your entire game. I've been learning that a lot lately. Broken Limits Media has been working for 2 years now. We know our first game project Cubicle Chimera wasn't a fantastic game, and we know it's because it was lacking in so many ways. I take it personally, because I was the one in charge of the Game Design Document and in making sure everyone understood it. The document was a mess! Trust me, I just looked before writing this post. It's still a mess!
So what should I do about our latest game, The Undead Castle's Game Design Document? I've been working on this Game Design Document for a long time. I took a class through the writing of this document. Listen, I wrote about 40 pages or so for the game project, the Undead Castle, and then I started the Intro Game Design course at my community college. I rewrote 80% of the Game Design Doc and added about 10 pages! The instructor didn't want to read my draft very much. She was... Overwhelmed...
We're hitting development of the Undead Castle pretty hard in this New Year of 2014! I'm stressing over the Game Design Document and tearing those 50 pages up! I've already written the game once, nay, twice! What more could I do you ask? Well that just it! That's the question I'm going to be asking myself throughout the entire life of development of the Undead Castle game. Game Design Documents are living things that need fresh air, love, and hugs every now and then. They need to be maintained and treated like the team pet or some such being. The Game Design Document for the Undead Castle has gone through birth, childhood, and now we're at the point of adolescence. It's ridiculous at the moment and it's giving me a hard time. But, I still love it. =D
The reason I say the Game Design Document is stressing me at the moment is due to the major changes we're making in the entire game. I'd like everyone who is reading this and interested in Game Design to realize that game projects will succeed if you let them breathe and grow. Don't cloud your mind so badly with the Big Dreams and Goals that you can't see your game suffocating and dying away. Your game may very well suck terribly and you have so much faith in it that you cannot realize the damage you're doing and the time you're wasting on the project. What if no one plays it at all because you've added features you think will take to the market, yet in reality they will sink to the bottom of the ocean and no one will care? That would be very unfortunate and that's why I've decided to completely rewrite our Game Design Document.
I'll explain how I changed the Game Design Document soon after this post, but let me know what you think and if you've ever made such a huge change in development like this. I'd like to know of your successes and failures. We can learn from one another.

Quick Update

Posted by , 15 November 2013 - - - - - - · 808 views
update, game dev, undead, zombies and 1 more...
Quick Update Hey everyone. Just a quick post to redirect you to our IndieDB profile!

Please! Check us out in IndieDB.com and read our post!


It's just a little update. Also, we're at 136 at the moment. Hope those numbers get even better! You can make it happen! Go visit the page =D

Indie Game Developers

Posted by , 07 November 2013 - - - - - - · 3,090 views
design, game design and 4 more...
Indie Game Developers
So what qualifies Broken Limits Media as an indie game developer? We're a small team, we don't have a lot of money, and we're passionate about developing indie games! That's what counts in this corner of the gaming market. We're not out to make millions. We're not able to turnout games with the best graphics and movie-like cutscenes. But, we're going to make a difference. Indie game developers are on the rise and we're along for the ride. With the creative freedom indie game developers have today, we're able to work on games on the side, express ourselves creatively, listen to our audience of gamers, and crank out a really fun to play game.

Another qualifying factor is a track record. We've developed one small indie game called Cubicle Chimera. It's a true indie game. It's simple. It's fun. It's free. Play around with it a bit and leave us some feedback. We know it's not an AAA game, but that's alright. When we started making indie games together we agreed to build a quick, small, free game to test the waters as a team and see how things go. Well that's exactly what Cubicle Chimera is all about. We believe all indie game developers should start out this way. Test the waters. See what works for your team.

Posted Image Main Menu from Cubicle Chimera

Only Tony Stark can say something like "Sometimes you gotta run before you can walk" and get away with it. Chances are, you're not Iron Man. Chances are, as an indie game developer you're one person or maybe a team of two or three. If you're like us, you've got members who have lives, you need to make an income to support your needs and wants, and you're playing too many games! We can't afford to think we can take on the world right away. Those big MMO's I always hear about from new indie game devs, unrealistic and outrageous. Please, keep it simple and make games! That's what's going to qualify you as an indie game developer. Not "Oh I'm working on a game where..." Blah blah blah. Gamers like to play games, not hear about them.

Good fortune to you all. We hope to see a lot of indies rise over the next 5-10 years. Hopefully the gaming industry continues on its current path.

Investment Pitch In Maryland

Posted by , 23 October 2013 - - - - - - · 1,135 views

I recently had the opportunity to pitch to investors in Maryland, US. Please view the video and upvote it so I have a better chance at getting an investor interested in my project(s). If it is voted up enough I'll move on to the next stage in the pitch competition. Either way, pass it around and I'll have a bigger chance of outreach and exposure to the Undead Castle and our other game projects! If you're interested in helping out, just drop a line at brokenlimitsmedia.com/join. If you're interested in helping out financially, brokenlimitsmedia.com/contact. Thanks everyone!

Time for Change

Posted by , 15 September 2013 - - - - - - · 687 views
indie, game, studio, developer and 5 more...
Time for Change Well, it's time for some change in the way we're doing things at BLM. Unfortunately, some of our members have departed and others are not functioning at their best, if at all. This isn't the kind of thing followers want to hear, but I think it's fair to give an update and my personal assessment as to what is happening here. There are probably other indie teams out there that are going through the same things as we are, so this information might be useful to them as well. Many gamers interested in indie games are well aware of the fine wire indie devs walk upon. Sometimes, it's only a matter of time before the studio completely halts a project and eventually breaks off, never to finish the project. But this is Broken Limits Media LLC and I'm Allen Lambert, a dedicated, growing game developer with strong intention to change the way games are made. I'm not going to let anything stop us.

Broken Limits Media has been operating for two years and we have one game out called Cubicle Chimera But, we've struggled. We've had a lot of members come and go, but when we went through hard times I got busy and searched for answers. I would either find new members to join our efforts or learn how to do the work on my own and do it. The function of Broken Limits Media is to help students of the industry (like myself) gain experience on a real, working team and potentially earn a profit in royalties when we sell the games. That's my goal and expectation of any member of the team. I'm passionate about what we do and I look for other passionate individuals.

It's a hard blow to the moral when something goes wrong in development. We had a bad deal a while back and we've struggled ever since. I'm trying to take a new spin on things though. For the first portion of development of our game, the Undead Castle, I'm going to have the team focus on just one portion of development. The programming and audio departments of the team are going into a stasis while the art team develops concepts for characters and the overall game world, 3D models/assets, basic animations, GUI art, and anything else art related. I'd like to see the team finish a very big portion of the art, up to the point where we could do some demo videos of potential gameplay and teaser trailers. Only then will we bring in the programmers again. The coders will be able to flesh everything out with momentum rather than wait for each piece of art to be completed. As for myself, I will continue to develop what I call "reference art" (as I'm not as good at drawing from memory as I am with still-life) and I'll continue working on the Game Design Document, which is great at the moment, but needs about another 50 pages, doubling its size!

One more thing. Traditionally, we've had students from around the world join the team. That's still going to happen, but I'm seeking talent in the Columbia, Maryland area or within range. I've already found a few local students interested in helping out and I see good potential in each of them. To the other indie studios out there, you might be able to do something similar. Look for students at nearby schools. There's talent out there, it's just a matter of finding it. I plan to make a stronger effort finding game dev students in the area. We will be able to meet 3-4 times per month in person, or more frequently, to hold discussions, work on our current tasks, and punch through development with precision and swiftness. Along side of this plan, we hope to reach potential investors in Maryland. I had the opportunity to pitch the company through a group called http://www.startupmaryland.org/. My pitch will be introduced to investors looking for a good startup. We don't have fund at the moment, but the money we could get from backers would go towards licensing fees, testing equipment, and (if we hit the jackpot) office space (have to be ambitious...).

We're going to get things done. I refuse to allow the team to slack behind and die off like so many other promising indie developers out there. If I have to learn everything myself and build the game on my own, so be it. Phil Fish of Fez did it. Notch did it. I might not be that talented now, but anything can be learned. And I'm not saying that's what it's coming down to, I'm just saying there will never be an end to Broken Limits Media. I'll see us through, and if you're a struggling developer, I hope you see it through as well! I hope this update is encouraging and uplifting to your team and morale. As for our followers, you're going to see a high quality zombie game developed by BLM. Probably not within this year, and maybe not within the next. But, you'll get a taste of indie innovation from our team. I promise.

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