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Female peasants and horse (video)

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Would like to show two of the latest models; a female farmer and a horse. I have modelled, textured and rigged these in blender.
Posted Image
I'm glad that I've got a decent blender workflow going. My only concern is that it gets rather boring to wait for the rendering of the all different frames.

Posted Image

On the programming side I have been trying out different behaviours for the non critical NPCs (for example friendly peasants). They walk around in the town and do their daily business using preloaded paths. I can switch an NPCs current path with lua scripting.

When testing I noticed that it would be necessary to be able to grab and drag objects. Sometimes a chair or a crate would get stuck in a corner after I had pushed it around a while. I looked up the bullet physics constraint object and implemented a basic grab mechanism which works pretty well. This should enable some interesting puzzle problems in the final game.

A short video showing the new models and the new grab mechanism:


Thanks for reading!

Apr 12 2013 02:14 PM
Looks good. I'd recommend changing the sound-effects when walking on wooden floors, they're quite loud. Other than that, game looks really well smile.png .
Apr 13 2013 02:44 AM
Thank you! I will look into it :)

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