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Game in 7 Days, Day 6: Cleaning up and unexpected developments

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So, another day of coding has passed. I was quite sad at the fact that I don't have any awesome new screenshots, seeing how I spent it finalising gameplay. Nevertheless, writeup is required, to keep you guys posted.

Posted Image

I have started by adding support for all weapon-related things. Limited and unlimited weapons, delayed weapons were the first feature to be added. After that weapon properties - explosion range (foreground and background, but for now I disabled the background explosion as it didn't look as cool as I hoped), explosion damage, and offset for making the worms jump higher in the air when hit by explosion.

After that I have added the kill conditions - damage and falling below water level. With that I have added win con (at most one team surviving damage calculation) and that was it. Whole game. At least, theoretically. Everything was a spaghetti test code that I invented as I went along. So, I took all that and started reorganising: Divided match into proper independent phases between which I could jump, say DamageProcessing or BeardlingPlacing.

Speaking of which, I forgot to mention this the previous time, at first I thought it'd be really hard. After some thinking I had the idea though:

1) Pick a random column of pixels in the level (with some margins so that your beardling doesn't spawn halfway off the screen say)
2) Go through each pixel. If it's top edge pixel (that means: pixel at (x,y) has its opacity not equal to 0 and pixel above it has its opacity equal to 0 add to 'potential spawn points'
3) Go through each potential spawn point. If beardling character could fit in the place above it, keep it on the list, if not, remove from the list
4) If the list is empty, go back to 1)
5) Go through each potential spawn point. If there is no other beardling within certain radius (so that spawned beardlings don't overlap), keep it on the list, if not, remove it
6) If the list is empty, go back to 1)
7) Pick random point from the list. Place beardling there.

I also found a solution for drawing the concrete slab: Why rotate pixels? I rotate 'blueprints', and then iterate over a normal texture. Still looks good, and it's way way faster than rotating individual pixels, without the hassle of having to draw the concrete slab in different positions. Here's the texture I will use for it, pretending to be ground texture:

Posted Image

But most cool of all: When I was working on the game, my girl has shown me some of the pictures that she drew as a kid. I was blown away, she really draws great! And, since I'm not a great 2D artist, I asked her if she wants to join me in the quest to create games, so that we'll become rich faster ( ;) ) and she agreed! She has draw concept sketches for the beardlings, and they were awesome. She has no experience in digital art, but she's willing to train. I have also asked her to try and draw some terrain textures for the game, and after never having drawn tiles in her life, she's created this new ground for my battles to be fought upon:

Posted Image

If this is her art after first day, I'm looking forward to the future. I've asked her to create me a bunch of textures for different level types, so the game will be more interesting, and she'll get some experience under her belt. Everything is going great.

See you on the last day, when I'm finally adding all the pretty explosions, menus, animations, sounds and whatever else I'll manage.

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Jan 12 2014 04:23 PM
your progress for this week has been pretty awesome to read! =-)
Jan 13 2014 09:16 PM

Agreed, fantastic effort! :)

Jan 17 2014 08:16 PM
I'm the guy who never got invited to play liero on the school computers with the other kids in junior high. So I hate this.
Jan 18 2014 10:50 PM
Just checking in to see if we'll get a Day 7 or a recap of everything, loved to hear about the final outcome.
Jan 18 2014 10:52 PM

I'm the guy who never got invited to play liero on the school computers with the other kids in junior high. So I hate this.

I wonder why...
Jan 19 2014 03:36 AM

slicer4ever: I got some time off at the work, so I probably will be working on 7th day progress very soon.


I know that not knowing the schedule is annoying, and I'm sorry for not working faster, but I just didn't have time earlier. I sometimes wish there'd be RSS feed that I could subscript for some blogs on gdnet.

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