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Off-road futuristic racing(yes, it exists!)

game futuristic racing
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So, this week I've got a brand new video of a new Canyon track I'm working on, which is (semi) off-road, in contrast to all the previous ones which where more confined.

Here it is! (HD option included)

The number of weapons/items I've implemented have officially reached 8 as of today...and they include the basic laser cannon, speed boost, temporary Invulnerability Shield, guided missiles, the "Scorcher Beam", which is a direct beam that sets the enemy on fire for an amount of time(draining health and preventing them from enabling shields), the "Cryo Beam", which doesn't affect health but "freezes" the weapon systems of the enemy, disabling them for some time, Landmines, and a "Shield Disruptor", which destroys the enemy's Invulnerabiliy Shield.

One interesting, I think, issue is how would the "Scorcher" and "Cryo" beam would interact. If you shoot with Cryo at an enemy already on fire, I'm thinking that maybe it should still damage the weapon systems, but also put out the fire(the latter being for your disadvantage). If you are on fire, maybe using the Cryo should make it automatically apply it to your vehicle, again with the same effects(but in this instance, disabling your weapon systems would be the con, and puting out the fire the pro). And so on. Yes, I'm in this sweet period of developing where, besides hunting bugs, I've got enough game implemented in order to play around with this kind of things. Posted Image

So, enjoy the video, comment on whatever you like or don't like...you know the drill. Posted Image

Jan 10 2014 09:08 PM

Reminds me of the good old times of Jet Moto 98

Keep on it, and please notify me when the game (or any beta) comes out on PC!

Jan 13 2014 04:15 AM

awesome man.. looking forward to it on app store...

bdw, I was greatly motivate to make my own off-road racing game just seeing this. thanks a ton.

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