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About this blog

In this jurnal you can find various information about my two MMORPGs: Eternal Lands and Barren Moon

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While waiting for the EL test server to be tested properly, I was toying with developing for my PocketPC devices.
The tools are free, from Microsoft, but they are the worst programs ever.
For example, MS didn't really bother to implement some libraries in the emulated Pocket PC, so I had to download some 3rd party libs that had no documentation whatsoever, so it was a lot of guesswork involved.

Basically, I had to copy a DLL file in the root of the emulated Pocket Pc device.
That's not a big deal, however, the moron who wrote that emulator (because I can not call him anything but a moron) did not think it would be nice to actually be able to SAVE the files on that emulator. So what happens is, when it crashes (which happens quite often) restarting it will clear all it's memory, so you'll have to reinstall all the files again...

Now, in all fairness, it does have an option to save the current state. Only that using that option somehow prevents the IDE from connecting to the emulator...

No wonder there are not so many programs for an otherwise great platform.

Yesterday I've spent a few hours trying to get SDL to work on it. I couldn't, there was virtually no documentation, no nothing.
So I just gave up and decided to use GAPI, which is some low level, rudimentary API for accessing the screen buffer. There were some other libraries out there, but they were C++, and I was looking for a C library.

On a positive note, I've been able to compile a GAPI sample and get it running on the emulator, and on an actual device.
The problem with the actual device is that, if I keep it docked, it crashes my computer (the whole Windows freezes).
So unless I want to restart my computer every few minutes, I have to use that idiotic emulator that is a huge time sink, and a source of terrible frustration...

Some EL news

For the past 2 weeks, I worked at a new feature, called "hyperspace bags".
The hyperspace bags are basically item containers (up to 10 different items, unlimited quantities for each item).
They are permanent, and will last forever, hidden in the hyperspace, until someone retrives them using a special item.
Their purpose is to hide some stuff, like some potions, ore, etc. for later use.
They are not really safe, because someone can get your bag if he or she knows where it is. So the players are encouraged not to put really valuble stuff in there.
They are also very useful for contests, we can put some prize in a hyperspace bag, then give the players clues about the location.

So far, we are testing this feature on the test server, I want to make sure it works right before putting it on the main server. We don't want exploits or anything.
A few days ago I've ordered from tigerdirect.com the final items for my totally quiet PC.

They were a passive big ass, 45 USD heatsink, and a 450W PSU that had a 12CM fan. I've also ordered a nice refurbished wireless keyboard and [air] mouse.

Everything was OK except that the idiots from Tigerdirect shipped me the WRONG PSU. It is a 450W PSU, by the same company, but it has to fucking loud 8CM fans, that you can hear allover the house.
And from talking with other people, Tigerdirect does that pretty often.
I could send it back and get the right PSU, but I'd have to pay for the shipping to them, and it's an extra hassle. I guess I will just open the PSU, remove one fan, and put some resistor on the other fan to lower it's speed.
Pretty annoying though.

Other than that, my otherwise quite PC runs very nicely, I've installed Mepis Linux on it and I can view movies on my HDTV, listen to music, etc. And it will server as a local EL test server as well.

Speaking of hardware, Friday I got my Torq 120/Eten m600 GSM phone/Pocket Pc.
It's a very impressive device, I am in love with it. It has a few minor software bugs, but other than that it's great. Using Skype on it is a much better experience than using it on a normal PDA. The sound is perfect, and the other person hears me better as well.


In the last two weeks I worked at the merchant NPC, which is done now. The preliminary testing is also done, and I think they will be introduced on the main server in a week or so.

Other things we've worked at were more of behind the scenes stuff, such as increasing the players limit to 2K, the AI limit to 2K as well (so 4K entities in total), optimizing a few things here and there, a few new admin commands and ban related things, and switching to a asymetric ranging that I coded last year but wasn't used due to it being buggy.

Now I finished that code, and hopefully fixed all the bugs, although it does need some additional testing.
I am having some doubts on whether or not I should introduce the asymetric ranging in the next server update (which will be monday). I guess I will, and if there are problems I will switch back to a version that doesn't include that.

Last year I was working on some code that would allow the players to share their vision with other players in the same map, under some conditions.
Unfortunatelly, I had to remove that code altogether, because I realized it wasn't viable. Not only it might cause confusion but also consume a lot of bandwidth.
One idea I came up with is to give the players the option to make their IP public to their guild members, so that way they can have some sort of p2p network between the clients of the players in the same guild. This would allow them to share their vision client side only, without any server intervention.
But right now we do not have the resources to do that, it would take a lot of work, and currently we don't have any client programmer (all of them are either busy with their school or job, or just moved to other projects).

Finding new people to help us is pretty hard, a lot of them are very enthusiastic in the beginning, but when it comes to actually implementing anything they just lose all their motivation or something.

Sooner or later, we will have to actually hire programmers to work for us, and I have already started doing so. For example, one of the members of this forum is working at rewritting the sound part of the game, for 1K USD.

After that is done, I'll have to contract someone to do various special effects such as spells, missile animations, etc.

Before I start, a short disclaimer:
I am not responsible for anything in case this goes wrong. Do it at your own risk, and use some common sense.
I've tried this on various Ipaq devices and it worked pretty well, but I have no idea if/how well it works on other devices.

What is needed:
1. A PocketPc PDA with a broken screen.
2. Optional: some screwdrivers to open it.
3. The software Pocket Controller (30 USD, but has a free 3 days free trial).
4. A PC with Windows (should work with 98, 2K, XP and more)

A quick search on eBay will reveal many PocketPC enabled devices with various flaws, most common being a broken screen.
Their price is pretty good, usually about one third or even less than a fully functional device. However, make sure that the PDA comes with the following things included: Battery and docking cradle. A power adapter would be nice as well, although you can usually buy them separately from eBay. If one of those items is missing, do a search and see how much would they cost to buy, and see if the whole deal (broken PDA+ missing items) sounds good to you.
One other hint is to actually contact the seller before you buy it, and ask if the PDA does turn on despite the broken screen. If it doesn't, don't buy it.

The good news is that there is a way to use those devices, for many things such as:
1. Playing internet radio stations.
2. Using it as a portable phone with Skype.
3. If it has a camera, you can use it in conjunction with your WiFi connection to monitor various areas in/around your house.
4. As a 100% working emulator for software development.
5. All kind of servers.
6. Possibly other uses such remote control of a device via IR and various other things that require some electronics experience.

The first step is getting such a device. The best source is eBay, you can find good deals just about anytime.
Next, after you have the device, analyze the screen, and see if the digitizer is broken. You can check that by taping the screen and seeing if it makes any noise.

Step 2 [optional]. If it is broken, you might consider opening the PDA and removing the screen altogether, it's going to save some battery power and about 20 grams. An advantage to doing this is being able to see inside the device, which some people find to be cool. Nevertheless, this is an optional step and removing the screen might cause further damage if you are not careful or do not have the right tools. Speaking of the right tools, you will most likely need some special screwdrivers. I recommend getting them from a store hardware store such as Sears, rather than buying them online. The advantage of buying them from a store is that you can take the PDA with you and see which screwdriver fits.

Software installation:
Download and install Microsoft ActiveSync (free, might even come with the PDA if a CD is included).

The next thing is downloading and installing the software Pocket Controller from www.soti.net . It is not free, but has a 3 days free trial. I guess that you could always write your own software to emulate it, but I personally think that it's well worth 30 USD.

Now it's time to connect your PDA to your PC. Make sure the battery is charged, connect the cradle to the PC, then place the PDA on the cradle, and turn it on.

ActiveSync will pop up and say that a new device was detected. Follow the instructions and set a name for it and do whatever else ActiveSync asks you to do. At the end of this, the ActiveSync icon in the system tray will be green.

Start Pocket Controller, go to Tools, "Install Device Software". It will say something about looking on the PDA's screen to see if there are additional steps required. Ignore this.

Go to File, Connect, select ActiveSync(USB) (or COM, whatever you are using).

Now, most likely what you will see on the screen is some welcome message asking you to calibrate the device. Oops, that program actually wants input from the hardware digitizer (touch screen) and you can't do it with the mouse on the Pocket Controller screen.
No problem, just go to Tools, Explore. Once you are there, there will be a device "Mobile Device". Click on it, then go to the folder: Windows/StartUp.
You will find a file called welcome.lnk or something similar. Delete it.
Again, go to Tools, Soft Reset Device.
The Pocket Controller connection will be lost. Wait for a while, then reconnect again.
Now you should see the standard PocketPC screen, and you can touch it with your mouse.

You can do a lot of stuff here, just use your imagination. Google for PocketPC software and you'll find a lot of free and not so free programs you can use.
Most of the PocketPC 2003 devices already come with Windows Mediaplayer 9 so you can use it to listen to mp3 files and various radio stations.
Skype has a PocketPC version which works very nicely, but it requires a relatively fast CPU (400 MHz or more) and a WiFi capable device. Fortunately many devices do have such a CPU, and built in WiFi is pretty standard now.
I use such a PDA with Skype and it's really cool to be able to go around the house talking on the phone for free (or for little money).

Good luck, and if you have questions or comments please post them here.

Radu Privantu

Yet another new record

Today the new record of online players at teh same time was 645 human playes plus about 50 player run bots. So in total almost 700 clients connected to the server.
The previous record, from the last week, was 598 players.

The server can handle it pretty well, but we are looking for a new server.
I think I found some sweet machine that will cost around 2000 USD, and has a dual core AMD 64 4200, 2 GB RAM, and some fast HDDs. I have to buy it from France, and I have to see if I have to pay any VAT or not.

One other thing I might buy, by the end of the year, is one of those new Intel Macs, because that way I can compile EL to work for it so I can distribute a Mac installer too, maybe even an universal binary.

My current development time this week was focused on the guild merchant NPC. A lot of work done, but still a lot to go.
So far, I have about 1.5K lines written for it, but some lines are empty due to formating, so I would guess there are about 700 lines of actual code )excluding empty lines, {,} and else

Then I'll have to test it, and debug it.. it will be a lot of fun :)

Eternal Lands birthday

Today EL is 3 years old (since the first public release).
Actually, it was released at about 12 AM, on 14th of February, from Romania.
Which is 13th of February in the central and western Europe, and US.
It seems that we managed to aquire about 200 online players (at the same time) every year, the new record, as of yesterday, being 598 human players and about 50 player owned bots.
Not bad at all :)

The guild merchant NPC

Right now, I am working at the guild merchant NPC. Basically, there will be a small number of NPCs (about 10, but to be determined) which one guild can hire (one guild can have no more than one such NPC) and for a monthly fee that will be determined via some auctioning ingame system, they will act as the guild's store.

So a guild will be able to buy and sell items to other players.
Now, this NPC will serve the guild as a whole, not individual guild members. And the guild master will take the money, and it is up to him or her to distribute it across the guild, or use it for guild needs.
This NPC is not really difficult to program, but it's a LOT of work! So far I have completed only about 20-30% of the code, and a simple line count reveals 460 lines. Of course, many lines are empty, for formating, some lines contian only a "{" or a "}" or an else.
But still, it is a lot of code. Then there is the extensive testing and debugging, the auctioning system, etc.
I do however believe that such an NPC would make the game much more interesting and would add a new aspect to the social and economical interaction between players.

Later on, if this works well, I can implement some other neat things to help the guilds make the best use of their money, such as perhaps 'bribing' various gods for bonuses.
So, today we went to an accountant, to find out the latest information about this year's taxes and some clarification about our legal status.
He just confirmed what I knew already, and I am going to enumerate some rummors for other game developers:
(keep in mind that this is for US, and the legislation might be different depending on the state)

1. You need a company if you make money.
Bullshit. You don't need anything.
If you operate under your name, and you are the only owner of a game (or if it is a familly business) you can operate as a sole proprietor, and nothing else is required.

2. You need to register with the state.
Not really. Only if you operate under a fictitious name. If you use your real name for the payments, there is no need to register.

3. You need a federal tax ID.
Not if you are a sole proprietor. You can use your social security number.

4. You are not considered a business unless you register with the state.
Not quite. Acording to the IRS, you are a business as long as you start something with the purpose of making money, wether or not you actually make money.

On other news, I am currently working at implementing a guild owned and operated merchant NPC, so that the guilds will be able to have their own ingame shop, with them in control of the items the NPC buys and sells, prices, quantities, etc.

Update done

The update was done today. It went relatively smooth, although there were some incidents which were not really unexpected.
For example, the initial Linux binary crashed on most of the systems because of the latest feature we integrated, which is a semi functional auto update system.
A new binary was provided that now works.
Also, most of the animals and monsters were gone after the server was restarted, and after a little debugging and reading the errors log I found out the cause: Some of the new monsters in the monsters file had a wrong name, and the parser aborted reading the file in the middle (that's how it was designed to handle errors, it wasn't a bug).
So I fixed those problems, and now everything is fine, except for a few bugs in some map defition files that do not allow players to go in or out of some areas. The maps have been fixed, so I will restart the server again, tonight, to fix those issues.
And everyone loves the update, there are a lot of nice things in it (new maps, new monsters and animals, new items, new NPCs, summoning areas, etc.)

Regarding my side project, I did some work last night and a little today after the update. Now I have buttons that can be pressed and when they are pressed they call a function every so many MS (which is predefined in a variable).
Now the base view is almost done, and you can put new buildings, and allocate workers to build them.
Here is a screenshot with the superbe artwork that only a programmer and a 3 year old are capable of.

Ok, so since no big bugs were discovered in the last few days, and the discovered bugs being all fixed, tomorrow we will update the game.
The Windows packages (full game and update) have been prepared and uploaded in advance, and the players were notified to download them so when we update they'll just install them, rather than have everyone crowd the web server and step on eacother's toes, so to say.

Of course, there are two omipresent things in the Universe: The hydrogen and the idiots. For example, some idiots downloaded the update and extracted it in a stand alone directory, and were complaining they can't connect to the server. Well, duh, morons, it's an UPDATE not a full install, and it should be installed where the game is.
Our installer even finds the game directory by itself (assuming you didn't erase the registry entries where the path is stored).
But as Murphy said, once you make a product idiot proof, the nature keeps up by creating a better idiot.

Oh well..
Updating the server is a relatively easy procedure:
1. Send a message to everyone playing that the server will go down for an update in 20 minutes.
2. Get 100 private messages asking you idiotic questions, ranging from what's new to "will we keep our characters?".
While I don't respond to them, it is still annoying.
3. Log out, wait for those 20 minutes to pass, send a final message that the server is going down, shut down the server.
4. Make a backup of all the players and persistent data, just in case something goes wrong.
4.5 Make a copy of the server and it's data.
5. Copy the binaries and config files and all the data from the test server to the main server.
6. Restart the main server.
7. Look on the forums and wonder how so many idiots didn't manage to install the update properly.

Of course, sometimes there are problems, so a few times we had to restore the backups because some bug or another was found.

One last thing, we broke the players online record again, today, having 560 players on + 50 player owned bots.

Regarding my side project, I didn't get the time to work much at it, but I am compensating now.


The EL update is scheduled this weekend (Sunday, I guess), so in the past few days I was busy fixing some minor server bugs and adding a few new NPCs to sell some of the new items.
I am not really happy on the state the client is now (a few graphic glitches and it freezes on my computer every once in a while) but no one else (that I know) has stability problems with it so I guess it is a problem with my computer or ATI drivers.

Meanwhile my side project is going fine, I finished placing buildings in the base, and realized that I need a type of buttons where if you keep them pressed they will call for a specific callback function, so I have to make those buttons in order to be able to increase or decrease the number of constructors working at a building (by default, no constructors are allocated, the player has to chose how many should work).

Once I finish that, I will post a new screenshot.


January seems to be the month of 'renewal' for me. I just updated my Gdnet+ subscription for another year, recharged my T Mobile prepaid account with 100 USD (and it was a few days too late so I lost my previous minutes), got new shoes, a nice leather jacket..
So much for saving money this year :D

Anyway, while waiting for the EL maps to be fixed and tested on the public test server, I am working at my side project (which is still without a name).
I managed to finish the "add building to base" thing, although there is still some work to be done, such as the allocating works to them so they can actually be finished, and various other things.
I will post some new screenshots soon, perhaps by the end of the week. Of course, I still have no real art, so the game looks like crap. I guess I will have to invest about 1K USD in art, perhaps on the CGtalk forums or something. There is no way I can get quality art for free.


Yesterday and part of today I worked exclusively at EL, as we are going to update pretty soon (hopefully this coming weekend).
I fixed a few trade related bugs, added a lot of new items, and in general boring stuff that has to be done. Nothing really creative.

Speaking of EL, the new human players online is 551, the previous record, last week, being 548. Counting the player run bots, we had almost 600 connections. The server is runing at about 20% CPU, on a dual P3 1.1 Ghz. However, our server uses only one CPU.

Now I will start working at my side project, hopefull I will finish adding structures to base today.

Some screenshots

In the last few days I worked a lot at my side project.
Right now, I am working at the "display base" thing, and "build new building" stuff.
I have two screenshots for you, which are work in progress, with my 1337 art. Please note that my bad art is done like that on purpose, so the text in some places is not very visible. I am doing that to test various colors, backgrounds, etc.
When I will use real artwork, rather than stupid mockups, I will get rid of the alpha blended windows in the base view, and have an actual approperiate background for the text.
Colors and fonts are subjects for change.
The base info thingy does not display everything yet, just a few stuff so that I can get a better idea on how much space I have, etc.
Ok, so now after all those disclaimers, here are the wonderfully cool (j/k) screenshots:

Base View (buildings not placed yet, they will be placed in the middle upper area that is currently white.

New building placement menu.
Note how the right middle display area changes from the standard base buttons to an info field about the structure under the mouse. The colors are:
Almost white means a building that cna be built now.
White is as above, but slected with the mouse.
Grey is a building you lack the money to build.
Red means that building requires some other building first that you don't have built in that base.

The map thin in the top right corner shows a zommed portion of the earth map where the base is (the base is in/near the center, but decided not to display it as a dot there). It is basically to give you an idea where your base is, in case you have like 15 bases.


Yesterday and today we worked at the update, rectifying various bugs and stuff like that. Most of the bugs were problems in the map definitions, such as maps were not connected properly, doors didn't work and so on.
Today I found some time to work at my side project, I made a few GUI changes, such as removing many buttons from the main interface and placing them to the Base View interface. I didn't do that yet, but I managed to finish a few base view things. I will post some new screenshots when there will be something to show, rather than very crappy work in progress.
Today (actually, late last night but still today) I put the update server and client patch online, so that people can test it.
As expected, many bugs were observed, especially a client crash due to bad map definition files (one entry to a cave had an invalid map id which caused the server to crash whenever someone tried to go there).
Other bugs were related to some typos of mine (for example, using the term reactive_weapon when it should have been active_weapon). That occured because I copied and paste some other item definition, which was reactive_aromr, so I just replaced armor with weapon. That bug took me quite a while to figure, and just a few minutes to fix.
Xerafax (the lead programmer for the client) fixed a bug which caused some objects in the client to dissapear, so now, one day later, we are ready for yet another update test.
I don't have much hope that this will be the final test, because I am sure many other problems will be discovered, but that's how things are done, one step at a time.

Unfortunately, until the update is done, I will not have much time for my secondary project. I am still looking for some artwork for it, if anyone is available.


Eternal Lands:
Today I make almost all of the preparations for the 1 week tests, and I guess that we will start it tomorrow, unless something special happens.
My plan is to get the update done first, and then start adding various items to the game on a weekly bases (adding them all at once is a bad idea, it is better to add them a few at a time, and see how they affect the economy). Additionally, it is better for the players too, keeps them interested in the game, wondering what new items will be available next week.
Learner (the developer that aquired the license last year) implemented a minimal auto update system that will be able to download files that changed and thenr estart the client. However, this will be the first time we test it, and it is not really refined.
And a big middle finger to ATI for not fixing their drivers. The frame buffer object thingy is very poorly implemented by ATI, it crashes a lot, freezes, etc. Not really nice, I wish they were releasing better drivers.

My other project:
Now I am starting working at the base structures. So far I am defining the data types, loading the structure definitions from files, etc. Soon I will start displaying them and actually build a base. Of course, I still have no art so I will make my crapy testing art. I will post some screenshots when available.


Eternal Lands: Right now the client developers are submiting the latest small patches that will enter in the update (in theory we were under a feature freeze, but as long as the patches are minor they are OK). Sunday, if everything is OK, we hsould have the update test running.
I was also talking lately with another former developer who licensed our engine last year, and he is still helping us with many things, including code sharing between our projects. Together with him and the client lead programmer we were talking about implementing missiles in the game. We can to the conclusion that the best option would be doing a 'ray tracing' collision detection, by tracing the path of the missile and see if it hits a 3d object box, in which case we do a polygonal collision detection check.
We thought of a new additional map format for the server (so far the server loads the client maps and a definition file for the map). This additional format will hold only the 3d objects that will have a collision flag (that is, solid objects such as tree, houses, etc.) while skipping the insignificant 3d objects such as small rocks, small bushes, etc.
We are not going to start implementing it until maybe April, and I will provide more details at that time.

My new project is going well, I changed the way the buttons are added, displayed and checked for the mouse clicks/overs.
Before each button had it's very own 9 global variables (x/y pos and len, and the start/end u and v + a variable to denote if the mouse is over it). It was a pain in the ass to add new buttons, and new buttons, and the code was looking very messy.
Now they are all in an array of a structure that looks like this:

typedef struct
int mouse_over;
int pressed;
int x_start;
int x_len;
int y_start;
int y_len;
float u_start;
float v_start;
float u_end;
float v_end;
int type;//dissregarded unless type==what_to_display;
void (*func)();


Tomorrow I hope I will add the "select location for the new base", for when you start the game. More details about it tomorrow.
And still no one to actually provide some art for me...
So today I almost finished the encyclopedia (there are a few more things to do).

First, the list of categories and which entries each categoty has:

Obviously, it will look much better when I'll actually have some artwork. The right menu will have, in some instances, images rather than a semi transparent black box.

This is how an entry will look like:

Looks very 1337, right? :D

My new project

I was thinking for a name of the new project, and althought I did come up with a few names, I am still thinking about it.

Today I almost finished the encyclopedia thing, will post a screenshot tomorrow (which will look like utter crap because I lack textures, so I had to make some mock up texture that look worse than the black boxes I use for text).

Eventually I think I will have someone to do the artwork, which is a shame because the game will be free. But oh well, some things require sacrifices, that's the way life is.


Eternal Lands: We are preparing for the update, pretty much everything is done except for some alst moment changes, testing, and the update itself.
Hopefully, next weekend we will start the pre update tests so that by the end of January it will be done. We have a lot of new items, but have decided not to introduce them all at once but maybe 2-3/week.

My new project.

Here is a new screenshot (the buttons change their colors if the mouse is over them, but for the time being they do not do anything else).

Now, they are implemented in a very messy way (each button indidividually, rather than an array of buttons and states and stuff). In the end though, there are only ~15 buttons (not all are done yet), and most of them ar eimplemented already, so wtf, I am making a game, not an engine.

The buttons are made by me, I found a cool program (which is free) called "Buttonz". So I made the buttons and my wife placed them in a single texture for me.
The color change is done the OpenGL way, I do not have a different set of buttons (the time buttons do have an alternate state of buttons though).

Since no one seems to be interested in helping me with the 2d art (no response to my thread in the Help Wanted forum), I guess I have to bugg my wife every once in a while to do this or that for me :)

P.S. Some of the buttons will change, both their location and caption.
So I came home today from 8 hours of work (I had to stand most of the time so I was dead tired), I open my ICQ client, and the first thing I see is a message from one of the admins (the only one except for me and my wife) telling me things are FUBAR because today was a random event day (the day of rare manufacturing) and the chances to produce rare items were very high.
First I thought he exagerated, but then people were saying stuff like: "I created 80 enriched fire essences in 5 minutes". Now, that was not supposed to happen. Normally, creating an enriched fire essence is a chance in 1K. The way I designed it, with some special perk and that more rare items day, the chance should have been maybe one in 500, but not 80%!
One admin command was used to change the random day to some other day, only 16 minutes after it started, but it was already too late.
I took a quick look at the items stats log (where it shows how many items entered and exited the game) and to my surprise, about 6K enriched fire essences were created. If leaving things as they were, that would have totally and irrevokably fucked up the whole ingame economy.
So we had to do a rollback to the last backups (about 18 hours lost, 2 days lost for some other players who were online continously for more than 18 hours).
Most of the players understood the need to do that, but a few were bitching (which was not really so unexpected). Half an hour before the rollback, I told them that since we will have a rollback anyay, they might as well get their best items and go have some fun in the main PK map. Which they did, and it was interesting to watch them all wearing their best gear that is usually only for the show :)
After the rollback was completed, I manually set the current day to the "day of more experience", with a 40% experience increase, in order to somehow compensate for the damage.

Now everything is OK, but still, I couldn't do any useful stuff today besides for solving this problem (fixing the server and doing the rollback).


Eternal Lands stuff:
In the last few days we had to take some decisions regarding the structure of the team, reasigning some of the tasks previously fulfilled by the two developers that left, and so on.
The quests writting (done via the Pawn Script integrated in the server) is now assigned to 3 moderators/admins. They already started to learn the scripting language, and now I will have to provide them with a sandbox test enviroment.
In the last few days I was talking with the client lead programmer about the update. Some bugs were fixed, and some final improvements were added, but we still need to test them for a while before actually updating the game.

My new side project is going fine, but there is nothing to show, as I worked mostly at the inside stuff, such as defining data structures, functions prototypes, and so on. More about it later, when I will have something new to show you.
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